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Yes I have a Mac, where to go from here...

Started by whatapiper, May 22, 2009, 09:08:41 PM

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Those were fine when I was ten but I have arthritis and just want the letters to happen.


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Quote from: rowjimmy on May 02, 2020, 07:11:03 PM
Those were fine when I was ten but I have arthritis and just want the letters to happen.
You can actually get some very low actuation force switches for them these days, and you can stick with a "linear" switch instead of the bump or click that most of them have. Very easy to type on. Plus you don't have to bottom out the key for it to register which has actually relieved a bunch of the pain I get from typing all day.

Now I'm just imagining you dictating everything you post here, haikus and all.

Quote from: emay on May 01, 2020, 05:02:28 PM
These are legit
Vortexs are pretty nice. I have a few that I built, they're really strange though, non-standard layout and less buttons so I don't have to move my fingers as much. I'm a very lazy person.

One has Nordic runes instead of the regular alphabet.

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My 2015 iMac went belly up. The internal drove toasted.  I have it all on time machine but I couldn't get the internal to boot/mount for the life of me so now it's a 27" paperweight.  Got the M1 iMac and it's great. I wish they had the 27 out but the 24 seems fine so far and it smokes the other unit speed wise.  Downside, only 4 ports (2 USB-C and 2 x Thunderbolt) so dock adds to the cost and these things don't come with any internal storage now.  I think 1TB is the biggest drive you can get. So here's my question: storage is cheap, so I am going to shelve my old time machine drive for redundancy, and get a new one and start fresh, probably just a 5TB external. But I am going to need another drive for new photo library, new music etc. Do I spend the extra $$ on an SSD for that or just get another 5TB external for $120?  How do you guys back up (cloud/external?) and what do you use for your day to day drives?


I had a similar problem when I replaced my 2012 Mac mini, I opted for a 500GB drive, then I use externals for photos/music storage, no need for SSD.

For Backups I use ARQ, and I backup to Amazon Glacier Storage, it's super cheap - like $1/month/TB.



I use a MacBookAir as my primary machine and it doesn't have shit for storage. I like these little san disc 500GB/1tb SSD externals. They're quick and small and not very expensive.


I think it's worth getting a decent SSD, but not too big - just get an external for backup or added storage.

all of the above are good options. I have a Drobo 5D which allows for a separate Time Machine and backup partitions. you can increase size just by adding drives. all of it has built-in redundancy, in a next-level kind of RAID setup. drives can fail and no data is lost, and I've had a few of those happen in the 8 years since I started used it. they have newer NAS versions to consider, but those get very expensive.
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