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R12/W03: 1994-04-24 Grady Cole Center, Charlotte NC

Started by rowjimmy, July 11, 2011, 07:11:06 AM

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G. Augusto

My Friend - Good composed section with a playful outro. Always a welcomed opener.

Ya Mar - Echoey!! Mike kinda forgets where to come in with the lyrics. Both of these things are kinda the theme throughout the show.

Axilla - Some more lyrical confusion.

Maze - Love these Spring '94 versions. Trey is super noisy throughout his solo and brings it to a BIG peak.

Gin - Like Page's intro! More lyrical trouble! They settle into a nice groove from the jump. Seewhatididthere? This jam paves the way for a really sweet transition into >>>

Jump Monk - Make your signs, kiddies. Nice deconstruction and speed up back into the Gin.

DFB - From the album "Eating. Drinking. Fucking and Fighting."

Silas - 1 of 5 versions from '94. '94 was also the last time the song was played more than twice in a year.

Ice - 1 minor section was shaky, but pretty tight otherwise. Like most '94 versions, this one has a really funky breakdown section. Really nice return to the end, too.

Slave - FUN FACT ALERT. Slave had only closed a first set one other time prior to 04-24-1994. When, you ask? 04-24-1987.  :-o Just blew your mind. On to the song...The fuck was that during the intro? Step into the ECHO-PLEX. Patient jam with a nice build to a proper peak.

Demand - Apparently, someone was yelling for Tela, hence the Tequila teases throughout the set. I *LUV* Demand. I think someone should corner Trey in an elevator and tell him that the band should play it again. >>>

Bowie - Short intro. EKKo. Tequila tease to start the jam. Starts to stray from the main theme ~7 in. Gets dark around the 9 min mark and then returns to the theme ~11. Quiets down at 12:30. I like the super slow build up to the peak and the reoccurring them throughout the final section. Pretty good version.

Mango - Took a stroll.

Julius - Again, *LUV* the '94/'95 versions. As expected, this one is crisp and snappy.


Bird - It ain't as fluid as Superblow, but it was good.... :roll: Really liked Trey's flourishes before the ending section.

Chalk - Nice placement. Trey gets DERT to start his solo as Mike follows. Does it's thing.

Contact - Tequila. I hope they aren't condoning driving and drinking. Really hope not. Page on the Rhodes for the breakdown! Nice!

GXBX - Fiery.

Adeline - Somewhat odd to close with just an a Capella tune, but yeah.

First time hearing this one, and was a tad underwhelmed.
I give it a B.
I still love you, RJ.


Quote from: G. Augusto on July 18, 2011, 10:07:22 AM
First time hearing this one, and was a tad underwhelmed.
I give it a B.
I still love you, RJ.

Quote from: rowjimmy on July 12, 2011, 07:42:16 AM
Went into this pick cold...

I settled on this show for my pick without listening first. My criteria for selection were these:
a) available on etree
b) 1994
3) not picked before

Thing is, I'd say you're doing pretty well when you can pick any old show from a year, while excluding the widely agreed-upon "big-shows" and still land on a "B".

I do think the encore smells a little of the weaksauce on tape.

I hear that. Personally, I find a lot of April '94 to be kind of spotty, aside from the obvious big shows.
I'd still take this show over most 3.0.


Can someone re-up set one for me??  Been having problems trying to grab it

Thanks in advance!
If this is love, I'm never going home..


Quote from: GBL on July 20, 2011, 05:10:34 PM
Can someone re-up set one for me??  Been having problems trying to grab it

Thanks in advance!

set 1 lossy
We are all and we are all we are
Far flung bits of Sun and bits of Stars
From the  ocean from the land from the
beginning to end
Backwards forwards back toward
we belong


If this is love, I'm never going home..


Review was saved on my desktop but I guess I forgot to post. 


Grady Cole Center, Charlotte, NC


MFMF - Oh its this type of show ehh?  Love me some spooky opening tune.

Ya Mar -  very cool work in this, trey kills it.

Axilla II - SUMMER SITTIN OUT BY THE POOL!  CLOSE YOUR EYES!  I love part II, nuff said.

Maze - YUM!  This set rulez already. 

Gin - Lyrical flub, lol.  Dives right in, and I love the jazz theme throughout.  The jazz jam at the end is killer.

Dog Faced Boy - Cool tune.

Paul and Silas - Bluegrass FTMFW! You shall remember poor me! 

It's Ice - These april 94 ices fuckin rule!  The jam kicks so many asses.

Slave - REALLY?!  Set keeps steppin up and knockin em out.  Beautiful playing from trey is really hittin some spots.\


Demand - TEQUILLA!  I love throwing beer cans down the stairs.

BOWIE - MOAR TEQUILLA!  It just keeps beating my head.  Trey gets all reprise-ish towards the end, love that.  Def a new favorite bowie of mine.

Mango - Oh yeah?!  Tonight is just packed with awesome. 

Julius - RAWK!!  Nothing but RAWK!!

Forbin>Naration>Mocking Bird - AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!

Chalkdust - Rage fest.

Contact - Funk amidst tires.

GTBT - Love me some Zepp

Adeline - Cool way to come down.

I was pumped right from the get go listening to this having never heard it. Great show start to finish.  Everything ruled but def really liked the gin, ice, and bowie.  Thanks for the listen RJ, shit ruled.
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