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R12/W04: 11-23-1997 Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Winston Salem, NC

Started by whatapiper, July 18, 2011, 04:04:12 AM

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Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Winston-Salem, NC


My Soul - I can enjoy this song, but I think it works better as a take-it-or-leave-it, keep-the-flow-going mid-set number. It just doesn't grab me the way an opener should (see last week). Still, it's passable with nice work by Page and Trey.

Theme From The Bottom - Love this tune, but I need something with a little more balls (no homo) following the throwaway warm-up. Trey almost plays the ascending riff and they go into a solid type I jam (or as Mike would say, just a jam) with lots of Trey trilling. I got kinda distracted at the end because Page's synth is a little too loud but then his piano is too low. I feel like I'm still waiting for the show to start.

Black-Eyed Katy - In response to another thread, BEK/Moma is my favorite "standard" song: it might not get out there, but that funk is just so damn dirty. Starts out a little rough, but when Trey hits that loop ~3:30 they begin to settle in. It builds nice and slow until the end which is straight fire. Bitchin'.

Sparkle - While it's nice to hear Trey play this with speed and (some) precision, I'm left looking for something to do for 5 mins. My Soul would've worked better here.

Twist - Wooo! They find this chilled out groove that I dig, but they never really connect on anything. Trey tries to add something, then Page, but they just keep pushing that laid back jam (not that there's anything wrong with that). Page is beautiful at the end, but it loses momentum and then just fizzles out.

Stash - Not perfect but solid composed section gives way to a sick jam that is somehow laid back and raging at the same time (don't ask me how). Some nice tension, led by Mike ~8:30, but there's no real release which is a major deduction from me. They start the vamp thing ~10:40 which goes on entirely too long IMO, but it does lead to some really cool spacey noodling. There's a slick little segue into NICU, but overall I feel kinda hosed.

NICU - Nice pick-me-up as I try to figure out how you could have a Stash with no peaks.

Fluffhead - This is a great spot for this song, but this version is not easy on the ears. The outro is always fun, but so's TTE.

Character Zero - Sure it may be a closer cliche, but so what, this shit rocks. And the bitches love it.


Bathtub Gin - This one takes its time to get moving and it's not until ~9:30 (i.e., a 3.0 Gin) that they start to wander off the path. It drags on for a bit until Fish starts to push the jam ~13:30 and everyone follows suit. It rages for a while (like 10+ mins a while), but it feels kinda stagnant, just plowing along but without any real sense of purpose. ~26:35 they reprise the theme they have been clinging to this entire jam. Then, in keeping with the show's theme, it just peters out without any conclusion as it dissolves into...

DwD > Low Rider > DwD - They come out of the gates hard and fast and for the first time tonight sound like they're getting after it. ~10:00 they start up a Can't You Hear Me Knockin' jam -> rage -> Low Rider. I could do without this, but it is representative of the playful and spontaneous stuff we're clamoring for today. The funk following the Low Rider lyrics is pretty tasty, and they dip back in to reprise DwD to let you know it's over (finally, some closure).

Bold As Love - Great closer, nice work by Trey, but I'm going home scratching my head.


Julius - Audience proves it's impossible for 15,000 people to clap in unison. Trey laughs. Fish screams "YEAH!" a lot. They stretch this out, but I'm reminded of Stewie clapping his hands and shouting "YES YES!! I LOVE REPETITION!!".

OK, I didn't hate this show as much as it may sound. There were some really cool moments in just about every song. But overall, when it was time to kick the shit in high gear they just kept playing with me like my daughter plays with her broccoli. Highlights for me were BEK and DwD and I was underwhelmed by the Stash and Gin. I'll give it a B-.
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I'm drunk but that was epuc

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The Line still sucks. Hard.

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well boys, we fucked up by not being there.


Quote from: VA $l!m on July 19, 2011, 09:03:17 PM
best gin ever. period.

I'd take the Gins from either of the past two weeks, myself.

Good to see you on the paug, tho, bro.

Quote from: whatapiper on July 19, 2011, 08:52:00 PM
I had a feeling this show would elicit some interesting responses, Trey getting "wanky" is a phrase I will not soon forget  :hereitisyousentimentalbastard

I most commonly used that expression in reference to Trey in 99.


not one to talk but where are the reviews!?  Ill get mine up by Tuesday, real life'd
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Quote from: whatapiper on July 23, 2011, 08:32:48 PM
not one to talk but where are the reviews!?  Ill get mine up by Tuesday, real life'd

I'll have mine up tomorrow. got my notes written out, just too lazy to type them up
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sure we tend to ramble, but that was a 3 page off topic tangent on crack and doses for breakfast?

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Hey, I don't know anything. Please help.


yeah just finishing off the show tonight. I'll get it up tomorrow! Busy week for me, but I didn't forget!
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I know these are a little late, my bad.

Set One:

My Soul: I like this as an opener. Eases into the show, sort of. Between 3-4 min Page starts showing everyone whose house it is. Seems like he's driving the band, I love it. Trey answers back with some rippage of his own around 5:45. Sets the tone for the show (in a good way)

Theme: A little early for this song maybe? nvm, hate unwarranted. This one starts getting cool almost immediately after the lyrics end. Love what trey's doing around 4:45 and the subsequent near-unison of ideas that the band is playing (very different things that coalesce quite nicely). Like the brief weirdness/darkness around 6:20 and the sort of chaotic thing they get into about a minute after that.

BEK: Rockin', I love how tight and cohesive they sound. A little practice goes a long way, huh? Love the way Mike and Fishman work together on this one. Everybody starts rocking out at the end, and I'm sitting here grinning like a damn fool. Love this song.

Sparkle: decent, i suppose

Twist: Yeah. That's what's up. Feels patient. Page plays some super cool shit @~7:00. The clav is an awesome touch, and I like what Mike's doing the whole time this is going on. Like the building/receding waves of sound, followed by weirdness, recapitulation of main theme, then

Stash: Good. Gravy. That cool/soaring shit @6:45 is some of my favorite phish.

NICU: Love this tune. Version's no slouch.

Fluffhead: I mean, yeah it's a little spotty, but it still sounds damn good.

Zero: Fun tune. Hate if you want, I'd have been getting down.
Quote from: guyforget on November 15, 2010, 11:10:47 PM
sure we tend to ramble, but that was a 3 page off topic tangent on crack and doses for breakfast?

Quote from: AuthenticAccount on July 10, 2014, 07:02:33 PM
Hey, I don't know anything. Please help.


Sorry it's late, lost power due to storms last night! Better late than never right?

11.23.1997-Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Auditorium-Winston, NC

Set I:

My Soul: Always love this as an opener. Getting the mood set!

Theme From The Bortom: Nice, well played. Vocals sound tight.

Black Eyed Katy: Whoa. First set h33t? Delivered. Trey really playing with the versatility of the scales/modes. This is a really good example of locking down a solid tonic base, and then some wild exploration outside the comfort zone, all the while bringing us back to the tonic from time to time. LOVE.

Sparkle: Okay. Love this tune when Trey can hit his arpeggios, which he does here (for the most part). 

Twist Around: Wow, kind of forgot about the first emergences of this song. I like, but I usually love this song anyway. Cool version.

Stash: Good, solid version. Nothing really popped out too much other than Fish's drumming. Spot on. 

NICU: Page!!! Kills this thing. Leo seems to be having fun, and really hamming it up. They are having fun.

Fluffhead: Place going bananas. GORDO! Mike is doing work to keep the composed section locked. Trey almost loses it, Mike to the rescue in a big way. 

Character Zero: Nice peaks, brought the already high energy to a boil! This song is not doing it for me right now though, even with a quality performance of the song.

Set II:

Bathtub Gin: Not much needs to be said other than: gauntlet. Slim might be right, this is SER. The thing that makes me all gooey for this Gin is not just the exploration, but the cohesiveness, and deliberate playing through the multiple layers of this thing. I could probably write an entire paper on every minute of this Gin, and still not say everything I want to, but I'll offer a few key points. Early on in the jam, Trey seems a little uninterested in jamming this proper, just going through the motions until like 6:55 when Mike moves outside the jam. Trey follows almost like a dog chasing a bone. This is IT. Now that Trey sees the vision, it's like the other guys just switch into search and destroy mode. Through the murk at 14:30ish and again at 21:00, Trey pushes the band to new heights. Strong, unapologetic fire here. This is giving me chills. Definite keeper.

Down With Disease->Low Rider->Down With Disease: I have to review this as one, because I want to talk segues. In the opening > DWD, I knew this set was going to be fire.  Mike is killing shit, obviously still feeding off the vibe of the Gin. Trey is obviously down to plunge into a set properly, but almost letting Mike drive the thing especially around 7:30. Trey pushing around 12:00... The > is money. Fluent, and gentle nudge by Trey. Crowd very much responsive. Pretty sure this was unplanned, and just kind of worked itself out. Again, awesomeness. It's these segues that I miss. Just when you're thinking they are closing it out... BOOM >DWD!! Insane. 

Bold As Love: What a way to end this killer. Pretty standard, but I don't think anybody expects the monster jam here. 

Julius: I love this song as a closer. Especially when it's played in a show as dope as this. Rawk peaks galore, wish he would have stretched them even more, but that's way picky. 

KILLER show. Very much loved this one.
If we could see these many waves that flow through clouds and sunken caves...


Set I

My Soul - Now that it's not played every other show I can dig it.   Nice work by Page and an rockin way to start the show

Theme - Love Theme although like the placement more later in the show.    You can really hear Mike on the ascending riff by Trey, solid and powerful with great solo overall by Trey.   

BEK - Not sure where the hate is, love the thick funk grooves and placement right after Theme finishes.   Finally Mike out front and Page adding cherries on top.    Trey is laid back letting the groove lead.   Loved it then and still love it now.   Having seen 3 of the 7 seven played I will take it.   Trey's loops kick in around 3:20 and he builds the solo from there.  3.0 this is not.   Nice slow build to the peak and Trey is just all over this with Fish building the tempo perfectly behind Trey then......BAM!  SOLID

Sparkle - quick potty break

Twist - like the mid first set placement and page rules overall.   Continues the overall laid back Sunday feel to this show.   Fish really having fun with the rhythm and Low Rider tease at 7 min by Page, short, funk and to the point

Stash - Meat, love this version and easy set highlight for me now and at the time.   Dark and sinister.  Reminds me of the 10/30/98 version in places.   Fish really at his best here.   Love that Trey keeps building the tension at the 9 min mark.    We get into Timber territory briefly then the meat starts around 11+ and liftoff into the rafters then >

NICU - sweet segue and fiery work by Page.

Fluffhead - Great placement, everyone pretty pumped at this point.    Only version of fall tour and only five for the year.   Not perfect but loaded with energy and solid finish

Zero - It happens

Set !!

Gin - Very slow build then Mike seems to help kick start the jam.   Everyone comes through really well on the tapes, theme changes throughout with a little meandering by Trey.    Things start getting crazy at 12-15 minutes.   SER BIZ!   Too many highlights to point out, cool theme at the end that melts into >

DWD > Low Rider > DWD - Mike's time to shine, beautiful jam and great segue to Low Rider.   Fun, worked with the flow of the set and funked out ending was a nice surprise pure $$ before going back to finish Disease

Bold As Love - only the 3rd of the year and unexpected to close the set

Encoe: Julius - rocking but could have used something else to finish such a monster set

I will always have love for this show, diverse set list, plenty of jamming and great overall vibe.  A Bowie encore would have been pretty sweet though  :wink:

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Lawrence Joel Vet Memorial Coliseum, Winston Salem, NC


My Soul - Love this as an opener, energy right off the bat.

Theme - Love this song and beautiful trills from trey really move me.

Black Eyed Katy - 97 funk at its finest.  This kicks moma dance in the face and walks off grooving.

Sparkle - Still being the boys amidst all the funk.  Love this band. 

Twist - Its kinda hard to review these tracks because ive just been grooving in my seat too much to think of notes.  Love the spaceyness of the twist though.

Stash - Love the darkness that comes into play towards the end.   

NICU - Awesome deep space going into this.  After that, same as it ever was.

Fluffhead - Love me some first set fluff.  End the ending peaks are so fukin high.  GREAT.

Zero - One of my fav set closers.  ENERGY


GIN - It just kills, I danced way to hard to keep any notes.

DWD>Lowrider>DWD - Totally gross.

Bold as Love - Great cover to end set.

Julius - Rip into the night. 

Been a while since I heard it.  Still like it a lot.  I love the gin though.  Fun re listen.  Thank you.

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It's like BJ Galore over here!

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I use records for that and don't have to justify it to my friends.


Where's the August hatereview for this Gin?  I've been waiting to read that. 
Can we talk about the Dead?  I'd love to talk about the fucking Grateful Dead, for once, can we please discuss the Grateful FUCKING Dead!?!?!?!

VA $l!m

i find any hate for this show 100% hilarious.
to each his own i guess.

this is a majorly underrated show IMO.

the second set is in the running for my favorite set the band ever played.

comparable to 4-3-98 II 'jam-wise' in my book.
-I'm still walkin', so i'm sure that I can dance-


I wasn't hating but it's not my cup of tea...

It's well known that I don't find the Fall 97 thing to be all that.

VA $l!m

this show is a rarity for me in that i enjoy it more on tape than i did in person.

after my normal phish show dr00gz protocol for the previous 2 nites @ hampton, we drank HEAVILY @ this show.

i never really enjoy shows i'm drunk at.

that being said, we had a blast selling Cuervo margaritas on the lot. holy drunkeness batman!

i have to say the second set might be my most listened to set since. totally rips my head apart. in a good way.
-I'm still walkin', so i'm sure that I can dance-


Definitely underrated, if we got this show now on a Sunday(or any day) this board would be blowing up.   Smooth Funk Butta
We are all and we are all we are
Far flung bits of Sun and bits of Stars
From the  ocean from the land from the
beginning to end
Backwards forwards back toward
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