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R13/W06: 17April2004 - Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas NV

Started by susep, November 13, 2011, 09:16:39 PM

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Soul - high energy from crowd. Not much else to report

Haley's - breakdown seems like things could go somewhere.  Trey definitely on point more than previous nights.   Heavy antelope style jam here and build.  Trey really going for it then a force into >

Tweezer - wildly sloppy intro but sweet placement.   Raw and funky b4 settling into a jam barely reminiscent of the 10/30/98 monster.   more Trey shred as he seems to be only one pushing himself

Ginseng - with that long a break you'd think they would nail the intro.   Page sounds nice but pretty flat.  

Horn - I remember by this point being let down already by this show and over the run as a whole.   Trey's vocals all fuct and solo botched.

Sample - losing more steam despite a descent solo

Piper - exactly what this set needs and crowd feels it.   Quick intro before taking off .   Everyone seems to feel the urgency there for a moment before just letting Trey noodle into oblivion.   Dead space no one has ideas,  fish sounds like he could roll into Bowie.  This is sad, Trey gives up and takes initiative but no one really sounds like they care.   Forced into >

Frankenstein - worst intro ever? No one is playing this right, holy shit worst version? >

Bowie-  short intro and botched.   This is not Page's night, he seems worse off than anyone.   Composed a mess and solo off as well as uninspired.   Manteca tease b4 forgets how to play guitar.   Fish only one listening but ouch this is painful.   Train Wreck'd Finish Taboot

Meat Stick- At the crowds request...fuckers.    

Pebbles - I was stoked for this at the time despite fact even a new song couldn't be played correctly.   
Extreme cringe worthy moment once jam gets underway.   Jam goes no where really and sounds like "piper take two". Page then leads into >

Caspian - the show from Hell.  Solo actually kinda descent from Trey.   >

Simple - love simple.  Slow, laid back solo that never gets a true footing >

Friday - painful version that just slit this runs throat

Ghost - nice, but slightly worried if this stays par for the course.  No one sounds like they want to play.   No ideas really get developed and just boring all around

YEM - most shows this closing combo would leave an enormous hole in the roof, but not meant to be here.   The composed section follows suit And is rough on the ears.    Drum solo adds to breakdown but meatstick lyrics really?! >

Tweeprise - how can you fuck this up?  Well, they did,  one big meat stick up our A$$.

Wolfman's - I still remember the look of horror on my buddies face.  Descent funk with some teases but odd placement here.

Coil - painful composed section but a fair way to end the worst run in phistory 

I hold serious hate for this run and this show delivers just that.  D- only for the fact Trey did try a bit in that first set.  The Haley's > Tweezer could have worked...

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