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R14/W01: 07-23-1993 Jones Beach Music Theater, Wantagh, NY

Started by Augustus, November 28, 2011, 03:23:55 AM

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Buffalo Budd

I haven't listened to this show in a dog's age and was psyched to give it a whirl.

Buried Alive – Great start and enjoy Trey screaming with his solo, you can tell they're ready to rage this shit.  Straight into the opening riff of >

Rift – Love the confidence behind Page's voice.  Pretty much note for note perfect and just adds to the fiery start of this show.

Caravan – Again quickly starts and well played.  Would be a huge bustout nowadays but not as big back then.  Page has a great little run for his solo as does Trey.  Don't think Trey is out of tune as much as he just misses a note towards the end of his solo. 

Nellie Kane – Straight forward, one of my less favourite bluegrass tunes but fun nonetheless.

Maze – Quick intro.  Solid work by Trey on his solo, Page now takes the reins and gets funky.  Man, I miss when Trey could fill in without drowning the others out and play such tasteful fillers.  Back to Trey in shred mode with what sounds like a mini tease of Caravan at the 6:20 mark (my ears could be mistaken though).  Great build by everyone to hit the peak.  Decent version.  Finally a break so the Trey can grab his acoustic.

The Horse > Silent – Extended intro, Trey sounds so great on acoustic.  Mike hits an off note to start the lyrics but I just love this tune (Horse force and all, sorry RJ).  Crowd cheers for the Silent lyric 'exact thing happened to me just last year' as they had played almost a year ago to the day (July 12, 1992) at Jones Beach.  Standard version.

PYITE – Back to raging, Trey is a lot quieter in these early PYITE intros.  Not as much rock as I prefer, but you get to hear more of Page.  Really enjoy the start stop part in the Landlady section, it actually throws them off in a couple places. 

Runaway Jim – Like the rolls by Fish starting at 1:23.  Straight rawk throughout this concise version, nothing too much to write home about.

It's Ice – Quiet, subtle guitar playing by Trey.  Annoying clapping from the audience during the intro to the instrumental section, love Page's lick in the slow part.  Pretty much note for note perfect.  Cool voice effect by Trey during 'downnnnnnnnnnnn!' part.

Lawnboy – Pretty comical version with Page singing off of Trey's notes.  I wish Trey and Mike would each take a turn at leads with this tune.

Cavern – Pretty straight forward.  Sounds to me like a 'Purple Haze' riff following the first verse at 0:56 in but abandoned just like the Caravan tease in Maze.

End Set 1
Onto Set 2

2001 – Fun, trippy intro and we're off with a bang.  Can't go wrong with a 2001 opener.  Short and to the point.  Right into >

Poor Heart – Now here is one of my favourite bluegrass tunes.  Really fast version with great playing from both Trey and Page.

Antelope – No break again, starts right up.  Such a smooth build with a couple of different themes the boys lock into.  Notice Mike kind of loses Trey's idea for a minute but gets back on track.  Missed the cue on 'have any spike man' to start back in.  Fun version with tons of energy from the band and the crowd.

Faht – Cool, would be pretty sweet to see Fish playing guitar.

My Friend My Friend – Great segue into MFMF with the sound effects and on the acoustic taboot.  Hiccup by Trey on the lyrics in the 2nd verse, nothing serious.  Fun ending with Trey playing a riff along with the singing.

Uncle Pen – Another bluegrass tune, solid playing.

Big Ball Jam – One of those 'had to be there' moments although solid playing from Fish.

YEM – You hear the ball come close to the mic during the composed section and batted away.  Composed section is flawless.  Cool effect played by Mike (?) during the build to the vocals.  Funky jam with Trey and Page syncing up.  Trey displays a lot of patience here and the other's join in the jam.  Sweet segue into ->

BBFCFM - Love that they skipped the vocal jam to segue into this tune.  Standard rawk.

Chalkdust – Cool to see a late 2nd set CDT and you can hear the audience going nuts.Not what you'd expect after BBFCFM.  The riff that starts at 3:22 is off a Dude song 'Crimes of the Mind' I'm pretty sure.  I should check when that was released to see if they came up with that riff from this version.  Shorter version but would have revved the crowd up.

Highway to Hell – Standard fare, would be fun to be there.  Good soloing from Trey.

Amazing Grace – Anyone see the irony of following H2H with this.  Gotta love Phish pranks.  I can just see Trey writing out the setlist and laughing.  Not sure what's more annoying the cheering or the shhh'ing.  I may be in the minority but I enjoy the barbershop stuff.

Daniel – This is another favourite bluegrass tune of mine.  What's that now, 4 bluegrass tunes.  No wonder they decided to get formal training in that art.  Very well played and a fun way to end the show.

Quite a few tunes I never had the privilege of seeing live.  Aug, sincerely jealous of this one, would have been an incredible initiation to the  :phish:

If we're giving ratings, I would give this show a B+ upon listen and an A if I had been there.
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This was probably one of my first tapes.  I listened to this a few weeks back on casette in the car.  Always enjoy this one.

Buried Alive - Love this opener and THEN
Rift - love moving into another energetic song to begin
Caravan - so much awesome here.  I've always been a huge fan and enjoy it anytime I hear it.  I like Trey's playing during this quite a bit. 
Nellie Kane - Early bluegrass.  Pretty standard and good placement.
Maze - Yeah, page!!!  Then Yeah Trey.  Build tension nicely several times!  Would have like for it to build a little more, but still great work.
PYITE - Pretty basic and short opening, but I enjoy the simple Piano playing.
Runaway Jim
It's Ice - Really like the middle jam piano playing.
Lawn Boy
2001 - Nice funky way to get started. 
Poor Heart
Antelope - Some solid playing here.  High energy throughout.
Faht - What can you say...nicely segued into
MFMF - acoustic.  Solid version and a good outro
Uncle Pen - More bluegrass to pick up the mood.
Big BJ - These never translate too well but its good
YEM - Nice jam with great energy into
BBFCFM - suprised the roof doesn't blow off.  Awesome decision to forgo the vocal jam for this.
Chalkdust - short, sweet and raging
H2H - Pure rock! 
Amazing Grace - Always been a sucker for this song and the barber shops
Daniel - Nice way to end a solid show.
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We bought Section A orchestra seats a few few before and made our way to where we were supposed to be sitting, but being that our section was pretty sparse, we moved up a few rows and rocked it about 8 rows back, directly in between Mike and Trey for the whole show.
I kept thinking all night that Trey's fingers looked like spiders and this show kind of started my obsession with wanting to play the guitar. On to the show.

Buried - Now that's how you kick off a nearly 18 year run of shows. Love the sustained note Trey holds while he screams over it.

Rift - The 'ol 1-2. Mike gets a tad lost at the end, but whatevs. This is a different kind of Round.

Caravan - A few songs from this night were the only times I saw them performed and this was one of them. Fishman is sounding ultra awesome and Trey is already super limber, taking his guitar for some nice, long runs.

Nellie - Played well and serves as a breather before...

Maze - More heat. Trey does some more sustain and vox. Pretty straightforward version for the time which meant that it was quite fiery.

H/S - My only acoustic Horse (I think?). Brief noodling by Trey beforehand.

PYITE - My first time ever hearing this song was earlier in the day ( :oops:), so I was pretty pumped that they played it. I knew when to go WOO! Extra playful Landlady section.

Jim - Summer '93 was kind of when they started using this in slots other than the opener. High energy.

Ice - My only time I saw them use the gliders (Youtube it). This might have been where my "spiders" thought came from.

Lawn - Awesome Page/Trey solo! Band seems super relaxed and stoked to be playing the beach.

Cavern - To close out a tight, showcase kind of set.

2001 - Debuted a week prior and pretty much opened EVERY second set that Summer.

Heart - Holy Trey solo! Cohesive and fluid!

Antelope - Jam gets hot straight from the jump. They bring it down ~4 in. A few little peaks away. Not much to report, but blistery. Feedback into >>>

Faht - My only one. I remember how loud the animal noises and shit were that night. Thought it was rad. Effects into >>>

My Friend - Again, I think this was my only acoustic version. Little shaky for a bit, but this was my favorite Phish tune at the time, so I was stoked.

UPenn - More bluegrass showcase stuff.

BBJ - Like I had mentioned earlier, I'm almost positive one of the balls wound up in the Bay that night. Was fun to track each ball with each player and served as a good set divider before they melted faces with...

YEM - You never forget your first YEM (unless it was forgettable.) Crowd is pretty rowdy during the nirvana section. Jam gets underway and they link up nicely on a solid groove. Band and jam just sound so effortless. It's cool when the crowd is still eating it up at this point whereas these days, YEM usually signals me to start making my way toward the exit. Buttery segue and key change into >>>

BBFCFM - Some dude is yelling for Suzy during one of the pauses. Really liked that pairing.

Chalk - Keeping the fire lit. Band hits a huge Crimes of the Mind "tease" and then drops back into the standard Chalk rippage.

Hell - Trey is so fluid during his solo. YEM > BBFCFM > Chalk > Hell?! Hell yeah!

Grace - Truly rounding out the showcase with the obligatory a Capella tune.

Daniel - Still my only version. Pretty much 2001's bookend during this Tour. Great tune.

Was stoked to have this as my first.
I still rank it in the Top 25 of attendeds.

I give it a meaty A.

Pholy M. Pia

Never had heard this one before, and thinking of it as a first show, I'm enjoying imagining listening with "beginner ears".

Buried Alive -  This song sets such an off-the-rails pace to a show, and this is definitely the case here. Minecart rollercoaster careens into>

Rift - Freaking sweet tightness, lush Page, Fish all over this one, everyone sounds like they're bursting with energy. Ah for the days of inspired young minds and supple knuckles.

Caravan - This tune makes me smile. What a combo! Also saw it once, also in '93. This version is very differently toned, and I dig that. Spellbinding solo by Trey on this one, just the kind of Trey that gets me backing that shit up to confirm what I just heard. Will be revisiting often.

Nellie Cane - Bluegrass effectively executed. A little fun to loosen it up.

Maze - Back to business. Serious, dark business. Something makes the crowd happy during Page's solo, (any memories?) then they peak it nice and hard. So locked in. Trey getting exploratory, then bringing it in quick to the next peak. Solid version.

Horse > Silent - I have to agree with everyone on the nice, extendo-acoustic intro. Even though it's never been my favorite combo, the wife loves it, and it's fun to have sing-along with her. Tight playing from all. "This show is good!" says the wife.

PYITE - Nice Page cascades during intro. Dancing shoes, on. The audience sounds incredulous. Fish is just driving so smooth and fast, this whole show so far he is just all over it. Trey gets abbreviative during Landlady. Oh man, going off like busting springs. Trey is hitting hard this evening.

Runaway Jim - The slow down after the first verse seems like the first moment of calm since the show started, and there is Fish, with crazy precise work. Nice build, getting trance-y following each other for a moment and then into Treys solo riffs, getting again locked in around a rotation and then slipping uphill a few more winds of the path to the rolling, rounded peak. Dude in audience sings out of tune and causes feedback.

It's Ice -  Super slap funk, Mike backing things up solidly with out flash. The band makes this one very precise composed section. Nice tension space straight into hot piano escalation! Pretty hot show thus far, I'd need a cool down at this point...

Lawnboy - Aaaaaahhhhhhh..... That hit the spot. These people are goofs.

Cavern -  Good placement on this one. Mike sounding deep and hollow. A little Jimi daydream during first trey break, and they just get wilder, his tone is so good right here. Advanced lick improvisation. Trey in god mode. One of the best Caverns I've heard.

Set Break

Also Sprach...  - Getting this party back up and going, nice funky ride into >

Poor Heart - Yeeeehaaaw! I bet the joint was jumping. Mike, then Trey, then Page taking excellent solos.

Antelope - And here we go, you can hear the audience digging out the gear and settling in for the fun. Nice tumbling work with Mike interjecting clods of brown to make it weird, vault into the jam, bright shining sound from Trey and Page. In and out of tension and resolve, 4 really great peaks,  the second being particularly crisp, before beginning the descent down to the scratching funk layer that is the balm to the Antelope's bumpy ride. Then we all jump up and down.

Faht - My first couple of listens to this were in the background and both times I didn't catch what was going on here, spacing out, until the monkeys and traffic started. Very cool stuff. >

My Friend My Friend - Love the blending. This is a particularly fine thing on the acoustic, and the recording captures it well. Fish is just going the extra mile with his fills. The beginning of this song is my favorite part. The lyrics happen, most of them anyway, and then the scary climbing noise happens. Trey catches on fire at the end in some genuinely contorted ways, and some nice tease of something during the end chant. Almost Addams family-y.

Uncle Pen - One of my favorite bluegrass numbers, Trey is nicely elastic in the first half of his intro fills, stumbles a bit, and then Mike and Page take turns punching cows. Trey's end solo keeps up, and they whip the end into >

BBJ - My Sweet One that never arrives.

YEM - Perfect placement. I love shows when you feel already deep in the second set, fully saturated with the sound and experience, and then they pull out the YEM,.You know there is still a nice long road ahead.
People sound obviously, appropriately euphoric during the nirvana section. Page comes in very sweetly, with fresh sounding energy, Mike taking a moment to wax pensively in the spot before they bounce toward the scrambling jump into Trey's choice. One held, one nice riff, and they make the drop into a good jazzy jam section. Page has colors of "Spill the Wine" floating through the tramp section, Mike ominous, Fish keeping things solid and flashing. Some nice funk as Trey comes in on the rhythm  and Page just lighting up with flourishes. A little too quickly they spin out of control into Trey's solo, starting it out silky dark smooth playing. Again a somewhat quick slide into a repeating chord and rhythm rotation which takes over, being driven by all members, into a really spirited guitar peak. Back to rotating follow, untill >

BBFCFM - Hardcore happens. Everybody mosh.

Chalkdust - They are starting to sound a little tired. Still on it, just spent. Mike still having fun, taking advantage of the gaps to bop it. I spaced out for much of this.

Highway to Hell - I'm not sure Trey and Page doubling up on the lyrics works for me, but what the fuck. I'm sure it would have been a blast at the time, in that place.

Amazing Grace - Adds more special!

Daniel - Appropriate toe-tapper from the time to get you prepped for the reluctant shuffle to the exit. Has the nice pause to reflect and thank before a last mini-rip.

This is an easy A for my less expansive range, getting better with every listen.

Thanks for sharing this, I've got to say August, for a first show you sure got a heater! It is totally clear why you are here. I'm curious, how familiar were you with the music before you made it to this one?

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This was a fun show.  We were all dragging ass from the ride down from Vermont from the Stowe show (which was sick, with a ton of thunder and lightning) but we pulled it together.  I don't remember too much from this show, so thanks to Aug for getting me to drag it out.  We were on the back of the floor on the very edge of the venue, Page side.  This is a good spot 'cause you can see the water.  Jones Beach is a decent enough venue, but back then I always hated on it for lack of beer and the biggest crew of goon/asshole/jock bouncers ever assembled in one place.

This show is typical Summer '93 goodness with a couple rarer tracks to make it standout.

Buried Alive: My favorite opener, bar none, and this is a great version.  I wish they took the tweaking further after the 2:00 mark, but still good.
Rift: Good placement, well played.
Caravan: I love when I hear the drum beat and I can;t figure out what it is and then I realize it.  One of only 8 times I have seen this song and I love it obvs.....When is it coming back?
Nellie Kane: OK...
Maze: great version, this is how it should be played. Lifts the energy of the whole show.
Horse: I like the part before he actually starts the Horse theme....
Silent: OK, if it's your thing
Punch You in The Eye:  When this started, I was thinking "eh, typical version" but they play it with such speed and precision.  They freaking tear through it and the ending solo sections are burning.  HOT version IMO.
Runaway Jim: Good version...I really like Jon's snare work during the first breakdown.  jam is decent.
It's Ice:  I can take or leave this song.  This is a typical '93 version, well played. Love the way they drop into .....
Lawn Boy:  They drop into this nicely and Page's vocals are funny/awesome
Cavern: something had close the set and this is a good version

2001:  good 3 minute version
Poor Heart:  This went by so fast I think I missed it.
Antelope:  Now we're talking.  I liked this one and I love when they drop into...
Faht: Very cool....wish they would bring this back....Love the placement
My Friend, My Friend:  Nasty version, the jam gets pretty the ending
Uncle Pen: soldiers joy......well played...some majorly tasty country licks from TA...he doesn't play it like this anymore....
BBJ: lot of talking on my source...
YEM: Good version....nothing stands out for me (cept for lack of vocal jam), but great segue into...
BBFCM:  I will take this anywhere, anytime....Love the way they blast out of the YEM jam into this.
CDT: HAwt...what is that jam they go into around 3:25?  Isn;t that one of the Dude of Life tracks? Crimes? Decent but short version
HWY2Hell:  Great set closer, and this is a good version....seems a little thrown together and abrupt but it works.  The jam pwns....
Amazing Grace: An easy call after the Highway to Hell...OK version if you like it
Daniel: Great version of a song that had only just came into the rotation.  Love the way the break it down.

A great Summer 93 show that I don;t think I have heard since I was there.  All short versions mostly (it is 93 after all) but a lot of the tracks have that extra something special.  Plus, there are enough kick downs to make this one a winner.  Any show with Buried Alive, Caravan, Faht, BBFCM and Daniel has got to be good.  I can imagine this was a great first show, even if there was no beer inside.

I'll give it a B++


I just saw over at that:
QuoteWhile there is no evidence it was recognized at the time, this is believed to have been the band's 800th show.