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Crazy News That Hits Close To Home

Started by aphineday, May 31, 2012, 09:56:21 PM

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Just wanted to share this with everyone.
This happened right next to my home town.
I went to church with the husband when he was a small child, and I know his family (not well, but they are good people).
Regardless, I've seen stuff like this in the news before, but it's much different when it happens this close to home with people you know.
Actually has really messed me up lately.
Crazy, messed up world :/
Makes me happy to know such a good group of people in my own life, and (regardless of how seemingly sparse we have become lately) all of you around here.
If we could see these many waves that flow through clouds and sunken caves...


Damn. That's messed up on several levels.
Is this still Wombat?


That's fucked up... One time I was talking with this random bartender in Austin who was from this town near where I grew up in Jersey and so we started playing the name game... The first name I threw out there she turned white and said, "you haven't heard?" This kid was a good friend of mine back in middle school... apparently he was shot dead by a cop who had come to his apartment in response to a domestic disturbance call. The kid was 21 at the time. Way fucked up.

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