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R16/W01: 11-19-1995 Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC

Started by Augustus, September 17, 2012, 10:19:44 AM

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Great November '95 stuff right here with top versions of Hood, Tweezer and Theme.

Charlotte Coliseum
Charlotte, NC

Source: Neumann KM184 (no other source info)
Transfer: DA-20 mkii> Delta Dio 2496 (resampled on highest accuracy setting 48>44.1) > Soundforge 4.5 > CDWAV > SHN
Transfer by: Brandon Johnston

Disc 1:
Set I:
1.Makisupa Policeman ->
3.Poor Heart* >
4.Rift >
6.Strange Design
7.It's Ice
8.Hello My Baby
10.The Squirming Coil

Disc 2:
Set II:
1.Theme From the Bottom >
2.Also Sprach Zarathustra
3.The Curtain >
5.Billy Breathes

Disc 3:
Set II Continued:
1.Scent of a Mule
2.Harry Hood
3.Suzy Greenberg
4.crowd noise
5.E: Life on Mars? >
6. Tweezer Reprise

* debut of slow arrangement



Nice pick!  But now I'm back to the drawing board as my two selections for contention were also from November 95. :shakehead:
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Quote from: whatapiper on September 17, 2012, 10:43:19 AM
Nice pick!  But now I'm back to the drawing board as my two selections for contention were also from November 95. :shakehead:

Doesn't matter.
Pick whatever you like.


Que te vaya bien, que te vaya bien, Te quiero más que las palabras pueden decir.


11-19-1995 Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC


Makisupa  - ususally a good sign.  Oh yeah, and its Novermber 95.  0% chance you won't get your face melted tonight.  Quite a crowd roar in there.  Nice dark seg into...

Maze - seems to be faster than usual in the beginning,  Mike playing with authority.  Trey and Fish are locked in as Page comes in like a crazy man for his solo.  I wish Trey would lay off Pages solos, but alas.  Trey's solo is very non linear while Fish and Mike pound some rhythm in your face.  Wow, the final build there, Trey kills it.  Yup, thats how Maze should be played.

Poor <3 - slowed down cowboy version FTW.  I forgot how cool this was.

Rift - no fuck ups.  Nice transition into....

Stash - last verse real quiet and cool, setting the tone for the beginning of the jam.  A driving, percussive jam ensues.  Whats that I hear?  James Bond theme??  Cool!  Comes back to the Stash theme and then gets weird again a few times. Fast, sparse jam with Fishman going nuts here, and the jam keeps on going.  I wonder what ever happened to the guitarist that used to playin this band?  Great Stash.

Strange Design - nice placement.  One of the few Phish ballads I can keep down.

Ice - love me some rift heavy first sets.  Page goes deeps with some effects to start the jam, but then settles for some high piano tinkering.  Decent Ice, nothing incredible.

Hello My Baby - hello

Julius - I could smell that coming, and its not a buzzkill in '95.  Swung.

Coil - Good version.  Real chill, good solo.


Theme - Oh good, another dark set.  Trey keeps it nice and tense with some effects wizardry.
Builds to a fitting cacophony for 2001 to come out of...

2001 - Whoa, some crazy effects starting this off.  Really great space psych intro.  Everybody takes a turn fucking up after the first peak while Trey dicks around on the mini-kit.  That kinda kills the enrgy on this one and the final peak is out of juice.

Curtain - nice and quick.  Smashes, in a good way, right into....

Tweezer - Jam starts out with a nice, hard shuffle.  Maybe I have read too many gumbo posts lately, but I swear they are channeling the Bangor Tweezer here for a while.  Turns into a slow rocker.  I dig whatever synth effect page is using here that he used a lot in the fall of 95.  Page switches to piano and still leads the jam whilst Trey returns to dicking with the mini-kit.  Now page is on the organ!  C'mon Trey, this jam needs you, though it is a fun little groove with Treys loop droning on in the backgroud.  Start/stop jam over some spacey effects.  Comes back rocking to the main theme which Trey leads a nice peak on.  Comes to a slow but heavy end.

Billy Breathes - haven't heard this in a while so I kinda enjoyed it, though most of the singing was painful.

Mule - this tune shows up A LOT in show club, or at least the rounds I'm in.  That's ok though cause I like when Phish shows off.  Like, check Page off!  Damn, he's going to damage his piano hitting it that hard.  Here comes Trey showing off his scat skills.  Dude can even beat box, who knew?!  Back to the mad scientist who completely loses his mind on the keys.  Fun stuff!

Hood - this feels like its got a little extra something right off the bat.  Some flubbage in the composed parts and into the beginning of the jam, but not major.  Beautiful hood jam builds slowly and surely.  I liked it.

Suzy - Love the Tweezer teases.  Page just destroys this jam.


Life on Mars? - Great encore pick and well played.

Tweeprise - Nice.

Really good show, I enjoyed listening to it.  Thought the 1st set was as good as the 2nd.
Giving this show a solid B, grading on a Fall '95 scale.


Listening to this at work today.

Makisupa- Love Makisupa openers :smoke: nice groove and sinks into a sweet dark jam right after the "woke up this morning" dig the aquatic feedback from trey and clav work from page

Maze- nice transition. fishman starts to take offf! really dig treys tone in 1.0 and esp 94-96 era. Love the rhythm guitar work by trey. I cant get over how crisp and awesome it sounds.

Poor Heart-Dig the slower versions of poor heart, wish they would play it like this more often. Cool solo by Trey. Mike follows with some nice bass licks.

Rift- Solid

Stash-Nice fast start. Awesome work by fishman in the jam, manteca-esque teases from trey too, very nice. Great Trey/Fishman interplay here. Cool theme jam from Trey. Good explosive jam towards the end. james bond tease :hereitisyousentimentalbastard
This stash gets a B/B+ love these 95 stashes!

Strange Design- ::Reflects on travels::  Solid version. :smoke:

Its Ice- Nice version. Awesome work by Page during the spacey jam. Page continues to kill it throughout the rest of the song too.  :clap:

Hello My Baby-interesting placement, dont mind it though.

Julius-Dig some 1.0 Julius. Good stuff, def gets me moving  :banana: Nice ripping solo from Trey.

Coil- Love coil! This needs to be played more in 3.0 as well. Nice spacey jam > blissful playing from page. Love the piano outro.

Onto set 2 after lunch...


Theme-Good 2nd set opener. Sweet build up section.

2001- Sweet drop into 2001. Love the synth reverb effect from mike.  Trey on the mini kit, nice clav/rhodes work from Page. Solid 2001.

Curtain- Nice licks from trey inbetween the "please me have no regrets"
Standard version, still very good though.

Tweezer- Good intro. Band is on point! More sweet aquatic/synth reverb feedback from trey, really like that effect! Needs to bring it back. Short and sweet Uncle Ebnezer part, and the jam drops into full effect right away! Band is synced in and taking us to the outer reaches of the galaxy! Trey and Mike get some nice snyth interplay going and then trey comes out shredding! :music: Nice theme from Trey before then slip into a rocking/dark jam! Heavy metal riffs from trey  :rawk: Trey starts to hit some wah chords and mike and page carry this jam into a space groove! Really like how this jam has evolved. Mike and jam carry the jam pretty well with trey's feedback loop. Trey starts playing guitar again and start to seep into that dark/feedback jam, trey brings back the Tweez theme and then does some good themed shreddin'. Nice sloooowed down ending to this tweez.

Billy Breahes- Awesome harmonic intro from trey. Soothing version. Great chill song after that tweez jam.

Mule- Page kills the solo in this! Cool vocal jam by Trey. haha awesome beatbox jam from trey too!

Hood- Great intro. Very good composed section. They drop into the jam and I instantly feel like im floating on a cloud through that arena, crowd is almost dead silent. Gives me goosebumps listening to it. love IT. The band is firing on all cylinders, fishman is doing some great work keepin this jam afloat, great snare work. Trey does some blissful noodling while page creates some beautiful musical landscapes with his piano. Trey switches up the tone a bit, awesome. Trey starts to shredd this jam and page follows with the feelgood theme  :music: Rest of the band follows nicely and brings us in for a smooth landing. great hood, A-/A

Suzy- Channels the energy perfectly into Suzy. Awesome tweez teases and funk chords from trey. Great wah use during page piano solo too. El Fuego!! Great suzy jam. 95 is a good year for Suzy

E. Life on mars - flawless version. great selection for encore
tweeprise- :rockout: :rawk: Trey/Page start it off nice and Mike brings the explosion. Rawk!

Great pick. havent listened to this one in a while, used to listen to the Charlotte 96 show a lot. Id give it a B+ overall.


I used to have the tape of this second set in my car non-stop back in '97ish.
Wore it out.

Makisupa - Usually a telling sign. Wakin' up 40 minutes to 5. Chyeah! Some subtle mini kit over some space. Mike throwing out massive delay repeats. >>>

Maze - Dude?! M Show?! Chyeah! Last time this combo opened a show was 12-08-1994 and we all know how that went. Great tension all throughout this one. Love that Fall '95, Leslie-soaked Trey tone. This one hits hard and peaks all proper-like.

Heart - Slow debut. I like this styling.

Rift - Placed well in this slot and keeps the energy rollin'. >>>

Stash - Little slip up during the Mike and Trey foot shuffle segment. Love when Fish doubles up ~7 in a la the 12-02-1995 Tweezer. This jam definitely feels like a Tweezer. Some 007 teases by Trey slipped in. He starts peaking this thing at 9:30, but keeps them coming for another 5 minutes. Brings in down slightly before a YUGE peak to close it out. MC Hammer - "Proper."

Design - Still new and serves well as the breather of the set.

Ice - Little slip by Trey before Fish stands on his seat. The breakdown is extra spaced out and longer than usual.

Hello - Adding to the showcase feel of the set.

Julius - Y'all know how I *LUV* those '95/'96 versions, but this one doesn't set itself apart from the rest of GOOD versions from that time span. Not bad, just GOOD.

Coil - They cruise through the composed sections with ease. They briefly hit on some nice accents before fading out. Again, a longer than normal Page solo, which is great. Always love a Coil closer.

Theme - Last time used as a 2nd set opener. Really dig the tempo on this one. Really gives the jam a sturdy backbone and plenty of breathing room. The peak builds slowly, but when they hit it, they crush it. One of my favorite versions. >>>

2001 - Great intro spaciness. Short, funky version with some more mini kit.

Curtain - Played well and like most other Fall '95 versions, this ones slams directly into >>>

Tweezer - Some vocal stylings by Mike during verses. They deconstruct the jam early on with some palm mutes but keep it rolling along well. The touch on a rad theme at the 6:45 mark. Bringing it down ~10 in and modulate this baddy. oPe! Here comes the FUNK! Fantastic wah work by Trey as Page KILLS the synth. Such funky stuff for '95. Trey lays down a loop > drum jam. Spaces out at the 17 mark and then quickly turns into a heavy Tweezer jam. Return to the main riff complete with the slow outro. One of my top 10 versions.

Billy - Still new with the harmonic intro. Nice cool down after that Tweezer.

Scent - I Hate Scent, but actually like this one. Page is absolutely owning this one. Trey does some fast scatting over his 1st solo. Sorry, Trey...Page is about to maim his SECOND solo ('member when that was how this went?) and make the ladies moist as a snack cake down there. Trey even owns his fast section afterwards and Mike extends his vocal section by a bit.

Hood - Nice work during the composed segments and the jam starts out just all chill. You can feel that they're gonna be patient with this one and they are. There's a point where Mike hits a dud note and Trey immediately follows. Not planned, just coincidence. Trey turns on the chorus pedal ~9 as they start driving this one. The band slowly picks it up as they head toward the double peak note! Always loved this version for that note and sometimes hear it in my head as I listen to other version, much like the Cavern horns. Great Hood right there.

Suzy - Much energy coming outta this. Tweezer teases by Trey during both of his breaks. Page just steals the light during his second solo. Also, this is one of the few Fall versions that didn't feature the mini kit. Perfect close to a monster set.

Mars? - Super silent crowd as this starts. The nail it, tho.

Rep - To cap off a great show.

One of my faves from the month.
It gets an A.



Set I

Makisupa- Once common in the opening slot this one gets spacey and slightly "Free" like before getting back to the Makisupa theme and >

Maze- Slow transition from Makisupa with Fish riding the reggae beat as long as possible and only time these two were paired in 95.   Trey and Page really dialed as Page smothers the organ before Trey's solo.  God I miss this tone from Trey, no cats being torn apart by a paper shredder just big red slaying dragons.   A ripping finish that has me envying everyone in that room. 

Poor Heart- First of the slow versions and opened up the Hampton show thereafter.  Trey really seems to be enjoying his solo quite a bit and it gives Page a little extra room on his own.  Early in the first set is where this baby belongs.

Rift- No problems remembering how to play this one and a reminder of how much I used to love this song when I first got into this band.  Fish crushing this from the beginning but just nails the end.

Stash- Right around 5+ minutes in the jam starts and finds direction quickly with Manteca teases then gets dark on a turn of a dime at 7 in.  Finding balance again within the Stash theme the tension builds and releases before again meandering out of the box.  Big tension build and a nasty climax before settling into >

Strange Design- Not my first choice after that delicious Maze but time to get in line.

It's Ice- Tight intro and composed that takes a psychedelic dive at about 5 minutes in.  Page aching to get in there and it's obvious why, his build up to the breakdown is masterful and Trey seems just fine allowing him to shine. 

Hello My Baby- Their younger voices are a nice complement.

Julius- Heater to set up >

Squirming Coil- My favorite year for this song by far as the composed typically unfolds rather effortlessly and this one does not disappoint.   Page delivers a unique solo riddled with creativity before the familiar keys preceding his finish.

Theme- Love this song just about anywhere in a show.  Pre jam has a Free feel to it before Trey nails the ascending lead into the jam.    Fish hammers home the finish to roll perfectly into>

2001- This set is off to a great start!  Some thick space funk with Trey on the mini.

Curtain- Another favorite, seems a little bumpy in the beginning but they find their footing quickly.  Fish is all over this and again I am blown away by Trey's tone, where did that go?!   Gotta love going into>

Tweezer- I love the faster pace of the versions from this era.  Gets heavy right out of the gate with Page getting a nice foundation down for Trey.   Mike somehow fills all the holes with Fish attached at the hip.  Seven minutes in and I'm remembering how long it's been since I heard this Tweezer.  Funk coming in at 10+ as Page lays it on thick with the synthesizer.  12:35 and Trey starts a theme with beautiful added texture by Page.  Fish really knew how to fill the holes then, more mini kit action with Page on the grand.  Quality!  And this finish!

Billy Breaths- Quick breather to hit the head

Scent of a Mule- I don't mind scent in the slightest and this one shows why, Page shows once again his ability to steal the show. 

Harry Hood- Excellent composed and everyone in the room seemed ready for this to go down.  Faster tempo with the intro garnished nicely with little gems.  The quality of this pull really shows off here.  Perfect Mr. Minor section with Trey blazing through.  This really develops as good as any Hood holy shit, 12 minutes in is the thing of dreams.

Suzy- Well played and more Page!  Tweezer teases by Trey!

Life on Mars?-  What's not to love?

Tweezer Reprise- Exclamation point to an insane set.

First set doesn't quite do it for me but the second is a monster from start to finish.  An easy A and most the show will remain in rotation.
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Charlotte Coliseum
Charlotte, NC

Set I:
1.Makisupa Policeman - Great opener... always! Nice and spacey with a slick segue into...

2.Maze - Page's solo is legit. Trey's solo is ok - I feel like he nailed the tension and release a lot better in the 92-94 era and by this time he's searching for new things to do in Maze. This one is not that successful, imo. The peak is sick, though.

3.Poor Heart* > LOVE THIS - the shuffle Poor Hearts are the best! Bring em back!!

4.Rift > When it gets to Trey's solo, you just can't believe how fast their playing this tune and he's still keeping up. Wow. That's the Trey I remember!

5.Stash - Doesn't take this one long to get interesting with a definite theme that gets repeated then left behind only to be brought back a few times. I love it when they do that. It's spontaneous, but then they recall it later in the jam. So much of that is about listening.

6.Strange Design - Takes me back... to 1995. I was a skinny kid with long hair seeing Phish every chance I had... you know the story.

7.It's Ice - Love the Page-centric break-down

8.Hello My Baby - yup. they sang it a capella just like a barbershop quartet would.

9.Julius - Machine Gun Trey. Rock and Roll. Trick set-ender!

10.The Squirming Coil - Ahhhh... A breath of fresh air. Also, really cool to have a second Page moment in the set (after that Ice).

Set II:
1.Theme From the Bottom > I love this song, and most 95 versions do not disappoint. I also love it when the end is held for an interesting transition - this transition was short but sweet into...

2.Also Sprach Zarathustra - yes. nothing much to comment on other than yes.

3.The Curtain > Love it. Especially when it leads into...

4.Tweezer - Lots of descending themes. I love it. then about 11 minutes in they break it down and let Page get funky with Trey hitting a simple wah pattern then getting starting to add to the groove before it heads back into more traditional 95 territory with Page on piano and organ and Trey hitting the percussion kit. Dig it... but it kinda drags. Trey is messing with pedals and drumming while Page runs out of ideas and the whole thing kinda doesn't go anywhere until it breaks down to almost nothing but ghostly sounds. Not as successful as the Halloween YEM jam, but similar in style. Then they build back into the Tweezer theme again and bring it home with an old-school Tweezer "slow-down" like they used to do in like 93. Great Tweezer. Hard to complain other than it loses steam at one point.

5.Billy Breathes - Hard to believe I've only seen this song once. not sure what else to say about it. nice jam toward the end. Love Trey's tone with the Leslie speaker in full effect

1.Scent of a Mule - I love the Page breakdowns in 95 - I remember hearing some complaints of people getting sick of this tune back then... I was never one of them. Especially as the fall moved along and Trey started doing fun stuff with his segment. This one's not as cool as the Auburn Hills Mule from October 95, but it's definitely fun. I mean, I guess people complain that Mule takes 12 minutes late in a second set, but it's entertaining as hell, imo.

2.Harry Hood - still, as fun as the Mule may have been, you can't beat hearing the intro Hood from Fish. Yes! Again, Trey uses that Leslie in the 9-minute zone for a bit and it sounds beautiful... I love the contrast of with and without Leslie he does for a while there. Great Hood!

3.Suzy Greenberg - Rager... dig the Tweezer teases - the rest is all Page as it has been all night!

4.crowd noise - sounds fun

5.E: Life on Mars? > I love this tune.
6. Tweezer Reprise - rock. I love that it just ends like it used to - no additional big held out ending after that last note. Such silliness they do every time now.

So, when I was noob I would sometimes walk out of a show saying things like "tonight was all about Page (or Mike, or Trey, or Fish) because I would spend so much of the show focused on one of them over the others. The more shows I saw, the less I would do that. I could take in all 4... but this show really is all about Page. Trey is pointedly taking a backseat a lot of this show. He wants Page to shine. I love that. Great 95 show. B+.

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