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Cutting the Cable... Advice sought on getting rid of Cable TV

Started by twatts, May 06, 2013, 12:58:04 AM

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We dropped cable for youtubetv a few years ago and I think it's great. The only issue I have is that they dropped the local sports network (NESN) about 6 months after we made the move, which means I can no longer watch Red Sox and Bruins games at home, at least until playoff time. As I no longer have the time nor the need to watch EVERY game like I used to, I am ok with that.
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another YouTuber here as well, the $60 price compared to $200+ was all I needed

I would say it takes a little getting used to, especially the channel guide, but once you get used to it AND customize it it's awesome

not sure if anyone mentioned this either but having unlimited dvr is a huge plus, and it automatically saves your shows that you favorite
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Damn I didn't even consider the unlimited dvr.  Good shout
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Cut the cord in February 2020. We have had Hulu live on and off since then. No issues at all, it's been great.

While not necessary, a newest version amazon fire stick or TV will make the streaming much smoother w/ less buffering.
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