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R17/W3 1993-08-28 Greek Theater, Berkley CA

Started by emay, January 27, 2014, 02:08:16 PM

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Greek Theater
Berkeley, CA

Source: SBD > Cass/1 > DAT
Transfer: ARCHIVE Python > vDAT > 16/48 wav (**16/48 masters are archived**)
Mastering: 16/48wav > Wavelab 5.01b (pitch correction, editing, level/pan adjustments) > FLAC16

Transfer, mastering, FLAC16 by Marmar-
Thanks to Rusty @ On The Fly Recording for the source DAT!

-Set 1/Disc 1-
2.Bouncing Around the Room
4.Ginseng Sullivan
8.The Squirming Coil
9.Crimes of the Mind

-Set 2a/Disc 2-
1.Also Sprach Zarathustra
3.Run Like an Antelope
4.The Horse-> Silent in the Morning
6.It's Ice->
7.Big Ball Jam
8.Purple Rain-> HYHU

-Set 2b/Disc 3-
1.You Enjoy Myself->
3.Chalk Dust Torture
5.Amazing Grace

Show Notes: Crimes featured the Dude of Life on vocals. Antelope included Brady Bunch theme teases and a Simpsons Signal, while It's Ice featured Random Note, All Fall Down, and Oom Pa Pa Signals. Amazing Grace was performed without microphones. Also, while several versions of YEM have teased Oye Como Va, this version featured an all-out jam of the song. Contact segued out of the YEM vocal jam. During Daniel, the band introduced and thanked each member of the crew.

**Mastering Notes**
The DAT was running flat. This was corrected in wavelab using the Time Stretch feature of the Audio Montage with used as the tuning reference. That same source was used to patch the cassette flips after Fluffhead, the end of the Big Ball Jam, and the encores.

pretty energetic show, caught my eye/ear last week while relistening through it.
nice antelope, stash, yem, its ice.


If this is love, I'm never going home..



I've been coming to where I am from the get go
Find that I can groove with the beat when I let go
So put your worries on hold
Get up and groove with the rhythm in your soul


If this is love, I'm never going home..





Saturday, 08/28/1993
William Randolph Hearst Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA

-Set 1
1.Llama - Right off the bat I love the sound of this SBD. I know the merits of AUDs, but I love a crispy SBD - especially from this era!! Everything is so up front in the mix. Organ, Piano, Mike, everything!!! Rocking' start with Llama!

2.Bouncing Around the Room - This Bouncin' really smokes!  it starts off with just Fisman drumming; after a few bars Mike joins in.  In another few bars the lyrics start. The music continues to be just Mike and Fish, until Page does a little trill on the piano and then joins in. If Trey is hitting chords or playing at all, you can't tell.  His subtlety is amazing!  After two verses, Mike starts singing his "That time then" part.  Soon thereafter, Trey starts singing his part. After Trey does his part twice, Page starts singing "I awoke" with great emotion. In about
a minute, Trey starts playing this incredible triplet thing that repeats over and over. Eventually the singing stops and Trey's triplets are all that is left.  Incredible!  Get this tape!

3.Foam - They are so tight at the end of this tour. Just playing with fire and precision.

4.Ginseng Sullivan - again, tight and fire and precision. Love this tune. Always have, always will.

5.Maze - Here's where the SBD shines. Page's organ solo pans left and right as the Leslie rotates between the two mics. I love that shit. Then the Trey solo is straight fire.

6.Fluffhead - again with the tightness, the fire, the precision. I love listening to shows like this from this era. Even though a Fluff is a Fluff, this one crackles. Trey's solo at the end is pristine!

7.Stash - yes. Coming out of that Fluffhead I would be so psyched to hear the opening notes of Stash. Man, I love 1993 Phish. Look at this first set... and having been to the Greek, I'm just picturing this Stash at sunset and it's making me smile. And the Jam just dives into straight fire. then at about 6:30 it mellows a bit. By 9 minutes it's getting back to the normal tension of a Stash jam. Wow, this is so good. The last couple minutes are just intense. Great Stash!

8.The Squirming Coil - Beautiful Page solo at the end. Absolutely gorgeous.

9.Crimes of the Mind - A treat. A very rare treat, indeed! Rock and Fucking Roll!!!

-Set 2
1.Also Sprach Zarathustra - WTF is Trey singing at the beginning of this? I recognize it but can't place it.  BTW, if anyone saw outdoor shows in the summer of 93 they almost always opened the second set with 2001 to show off the new lights. This was the first tour with "moving" lights (not just par-cans). Greatness!

2.Rift - yup

3.Run Like an Antelope - Brady Bunch theme all over the intro. Fun! 5 minutes in and this thing is going off the rails into some craziness, but by 6 minutes it's pure raging 'lope then back into the fog. I love 'lopes like this. into and out of the craziness repeatedly. by 9:30 it's broken down to almost nothing when trey throws in the Simpsons signal. Great 'lope. Highlight reel worthy!

4.The Horse-> Silent in the Morning - Love the acoustic Horse!! I wish Trey would bring out that acoustic on the stand for stuff like this again.

5.Sparkle - pushing the Rift tunes!

6.It's Ice-> Great breakdown with secret language fun!

7.Big Ball Jam - fun in person... I can totally picture this at the Greek.

8.Purple Rain-> HYHU - If you don't like this tune and appreciate Fish singing it, I can't help you.

1.You Enjoy Myself-> Wow - the YEM jams with the best of them. Of course we all love a little Carlos fun, but it's the big peak it eventually gets to that is what this YEM is all about. Serious business. And I like how the vocal jam sort of seques into...

2.Contact - Wow! this breakdown is funky as shit!!

3.Chalk Dust Torture - Short but sweet CDT. No complaints as a set closer. "See you next spring... or New Years or something."


4.Daniel - I love this tune and have not seen it since 07/31/1993... I would shit myself if I caught one these days. Also, I love when Trey says in the middle of rambling "I hate to take up all your time like this, but..."

5.Amazing Grace - Perfect closer... of course, they did it without mics, but you can hear it pretty well on the SBDs.

Overall this show is freakin' solid. A- show for me. In 1993 they were playing a ton of Rift material every night, so you kinda have to forgive them loading the 2nd set with that Horse>Silent>Sparkle>Ice combo. The Fluff and Stash make the 1st set a keeper. The 'lope and YEM make the second set a keeper. Tour closers used to be no-brainer great shows, eh?

I've been coming to where I am from the get go
Find that I can groove with the beat when I let go
So put your worries on hold
Get up and groove with the rhythm in your soul


This will be easy for me to review since I was 50' from the stage and have heard this show over 100 times.  Gotta get to the Germany show first.  Gonna spin that one now....nice pick.


Haven't chimed in yet but this show rules.  Honestly one one of my least listened to aug 93's but that being said, I can't wait to sit and take it in.
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It's like BJ Galore over here!

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I use records for that and don't have to justify it to my friends.


I'm late as shit, but here we go...

Set 1
LLAMA – Holy shit, so much manic energy to kick it off. Page is shredding the fuck out of that organ! Then when Trey takes his solo, it sounds like he's barely controlling the howling feedback, but he controls it. There's how you get a show on the road...

BOUNCING – Tight and nicely played. Everyone's tone sounds as good as it ever does.

FOAM – I don't think I've ever heard a Foam that didn't slay me. No exception here. Nice little silent jam in there, and the crowd goes wild when they bring it back up. Jesus, the amount of control Trey had over his tone during this era! This performance is such a perfect blend of precise playing and that frantic energy I was talking about in Llama, and it also really showcases how much improvisation they can fit into even the most tightly arranged pieces. Hall of Fame version here if you ask me.

GINSENG – I like this song. Nice version, cleanly played.

MAZE – Good, standard Maze. Energy is high and Trey and Page are still taking turns ripping faces off.

FLUFFHEAD – Just your typical brilliantly executed Fluffhead. Nice, cathartic Arrival.

STASH – This is where the goods are kept. Creepy, driving, free jazz gurgling madness, chaotic but won't let my mind drift away. The jam starts to bring it all back around with about 2 and a half minutes to go, and then drops off again and keeps the chugging train going for a minute, before wrapping it all back up. Amazing version.

COIL - Nice and perfectly played. I like how long Fish and Mike stick with Page at the end, and then his solo section is long and beautiful. Excellent.

CRIMES – Rocks, and I guess I'd be stoked if I was there. Not something I won't skip every time after this.

Set 2
2001 –  What's that he's singing before it starts? Anyway, it's short but it does what it's supposed to do.

RIFT – Boom! Nicely placed, does a good job of propelling the energy they created in 2001.

ANTELOPE – Fun and playful intro. I like when they take it all the way down to silence to build tension, then jump back in with the jaunty intro riffs. Brady Bunch teases here and there. Never strays too far from Antelope, but explores some pretty interesting themes. Some little previews of '94-style heavy, weird, stuttery turn-on-a-dime style jamming, and a sweet Simpsons signal. Pretty good Antelope, albeit just average for the month this was played in...

HORSE/SILENT – I like Horse. I don't like Silent. Both are typical and played well.

SPARKLE – Uhh..I must have blanked out while this was playing.  :?

ICE – Now this is the real peak of this show, in my opinion. Holy shit this is on fire. We have a brand new driver working for us, really young, goofy dude, and I had this playing over the brewhouse speakers this morning. It's after the verses, before the "OW!" part, and he comes up to me with this stunned look on his face. "Who...what's controlling this?" I ask him what he means. He points up and says "The music. Where's the music coming from?" I tell him from my laptop. "Who is this?" It's Phish, I say. He just stands there and stares into space for a second with that same stunned expression. "That is.... fucking DOPE!" I kind of laugh and he just shakes his head, "That bass player, oh my god..", and walks away. Fucking bomb-ass It's Ice. Shitloads of secret language too!

BBJ – Eh, whatever. I bet it was fun to be there.

PURPLE RAIN – An awe-inspiring emotional rollercoaster.

YEM – Pretty standard version, I love YEM but it doesn't change that much. I can dig it. The Oye Como Va part is cool.

CONTACT – Nice segue. Standard outing.

CHALKDUST – Nice rocking set closer, does the job.

DANIEL – Fun song, lots of band thank yous, and a sweet light solo.

AMAZING GRACE - ...aaand goodnight.

Overall, a fucking great show. Lots and LOTS of energy, and a generous portion of improvisation. I like some other August '93 shows a whole lot better, but this is no slouch, and if they were tired on the last night of the tour, they didn't show it at all.

Edit: Here's what Trey was singing before 2001, at the start of the second set-
I'd rather dwell in some dark holler where the sun refuses to shine, where the wild birds of heaven can't hear me when I whine.


Trying to catch up on the shows I owe reviews for (including my own)...

Llama-Nice comping from Trey, Page is RAGING after the first chorus.  Always a welcome opener, and this has good energy.  And Big Red finally enters the fray at 2:15 with a whole bunch of hammer-ons and trills and such.  While not a shrager, there are still a lot of guitar notes here.  Not too shabby.

Bouncin'-Umm...the Llama wasn't that good.  Probably a good call to get the bathroom trip out of the way now, as they must be up to something...

Foam-I fucking love 93-94 Foams.  It's like home to me.  I hear Mike's opening bass notes and I am immediately transported to my happy place.  This is just nailed.  Breakneck pace.  There is just so much happening and it's moving so fast.  I love the drop into nothing at 4:50ish.  Based on the crowd reactions, it sounds like they are doing a silent jam (a la 12/9/95, aka the best show EVER!!!!).  And the drop back in at 6:15 is so tight.

Ginseng-Perfect spot for this dose of normal.  OK then, let's return to the face melting.

Maze-Not wasting any time getting into this.  All business, no teases, no frills.  Page at 4:30...whoa, that's awesome.  Trey waits patiently until his cue at 5:40, then lets out his inner fist-pumping rock and roll god.  Whatever trick he starts doing at 7 minutes, I need to learn.  He does the same thing in Brother a lot.  Sounds like he's playing 3 guitar lines simultaneously.  Oh man, Trey keeps threatening to peak this Maze and coming just short so that he can drop back into the well and do it again.  Hilarious when he does finally peak it at 9:00, he just kinda misses it.  Anti-climax.

Fluffhead-Ha...this is the "break" from the jams.  What can you say?  It's Fluff.  I do enjoy when Trey scats along with his guitar.

Stash-This is standard awesome.  I love the weird 93 style jam at 6-8 minutes.  Is that atonal?  I don't know what you call it, but it was a big part of their sound back then, and it always hooks me.  Same with the Airplane jams at 10 and 11ish.  And shortly thereafter, I think I picked up a DEG tease.  I'll be honest...this took me out there and I had a hard time focusing on listening vs. enjoying.  So that's all I've got on that.

Squirming Coil-Nice as usual.  Also cool to not be a set-ender.

Crimes of the Mind-Sounds like some good rock and roll.  Not too familiar with the song.  It may be shallow, but something about "The Dude of Life's" name seemed lame to me, and I always avoided his stuff.

This set is amazing, but there's nothing mindblowing.  It's just so very very very good.  Standard for the time.  Can you imagine getting a Llama opener, and a Foam, and a Maze, and a Fluff, and a Stash in the FIRST SET?  The good old days.  I'd give this set a B+.  No crazy jams, just a perfect list and perfect execution.  What a first set should be.  I would have LOVED to have been there.

2001-LOL'd at Trey singing Constant Craving.  That song played during every shift I worked at CVS when I was in HS, and it couldn't end soon enough once it came on.  Anyway, this is a short and sweet version that slams into...

Rift-Standard version.  Seems like the band is warmed back up.

Antelope-Standard great here.  It seems to be coming unglued (in a good way) at around the 4 minute mark.  By 7 minutes, Trey is revving up the airplane and all of his other tricks to show off.  By the 11 minute mark, it seems to be way out there, and Mike is playing this weird repetitive note that would have shattered my grip on reality if I had been there.  Yeah, good song.

Horse>Silent-This is pretty standard, though I am a huge fan of when Trey would play Horse on the acoustic.  That part is always tasty.

Sparkle-Shit, I took my bathroom break during Silent.  Beer, anyone?

It's Ice-From the first note, this version is totally on point.  Along with the Foams of that era, I really loved the Ices from the mid-90s.  Page seems to be having fun on the vocals, especially the dark ones.  Sweet secret language in here too.  Just all around awesome.

BBJ-Had to be there.

Purple Rain>HYHU-Fun.  Probably my favorite Fishman cover.

YEM-Good version, cute Oye Como Va teases.  I like the weird ambient keys sound at 3 minutes.  I laughed at how fast they raced through the boymangodshit sequence.  Vocal jam is a bit long for my tastes.  But it leads right into...

Contact-Nice little reality shot here.  I love the set dynamics of following big jams and crazy compositions with what I would call reality checks.  This one cooks nicely through the breakdown.

Chalkdust-Rock and Roll.  Leave them wanting more...

Daniel-Gawd, another song I love.  Walk, walk walk walk.  "Despite the fact that you're Canadian, we still love you."

Amazing Grace-Is what it is.  They obviously really wanted to rock this at the Greek.  Cool way to send yourself off to a 4 month break.

Good second set.  Again, would have loved being there.  I think I'd only revisit the Ice and maybe the Antelope.  B-.

Overall, I wish I had seen them that summer.  For whatever reason, I was too caught up with graduating high school and heading down to the Jersey shore to a house my buddies and I rented for the summer whenever I wasn't working.  Oh well.  All I missed was a band firing on all cylinders.  This show is an average great B show for me.  All the jamming was close to the vest or within the compositional structure, nothing open-ended.  But it was tight.

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8/23/93 Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA



BATR - There it is.

FOAM - Love these old foams.  Nice work but nothing to really write home about.

Ginseng - Heads to beer line.

Maze - Killer version.  Rift stuff is on fire this summer.  Page and Trey just destory it. :rawk:

Fluffhead - Great playing thoughout.  Page killing it.  Awesome end peaks.

Stash - Starts off normal and great, love treys tweaks around the 7th minute. Little break down before coming back to finish strong.

Coil - Love it.

Crimes of the Mind - Always liked this song and I always forget it exsists.  Cool set closer.


2001 - Sets that begin with 2001 are all awesome, it's truth.  These short versions are just great power hitters.>


Antelope - Keeping the machine guns running.  DOH! Love the sped up reggae section.

Horse>morning - there they are.

Sparkle - piss break.

ICE - MOAR RIFT MEAT!!!!  Love the jam, page is mvp again.

BBJ - Yup

Purple Rain>HYHU - Easily my fav fishman cover. 

YEM>Oye Como Va>YEM - Love when boy man god shit segment is all quick like this.  Trey rippin the como va segment is fantastic. Cool little D&B to close it out to the vocal jam.

Contact - Always good.

CDT - Fakeout, some more ripping to close out set is nice.


Daniel - Love this tune.

Amazing grace - Yup

Overall I have always loved summer 93 and this show is no exception.  I don't listen to it as much as early august but it's definetly an awesome listen every time. Maze, Antelope and YEM highlights.  B+
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It's like BJ Galore over here!

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I use records for that and don't have to justify it to my friends.