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Keller Williams w/ The Kimocks 2013-12-26 The Old Silk Mill- Fredericksburg, VA

Started by rowjimmy, April 05, 2015, 02:43:56 PM

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Keller Williams with Steve Kimock & John Morgan Kimock
The Old Silk Mill
Fredericksburg, VA

13th Annual Benefit for the Fredericksburg Regional SPCA

Superlux SMK-H8K/H > KindKables Black Stealths > Busman T-Mod FR2LE > .wav (24bit/96kHz)
Minor Edits (Fades, DC Offset Removal) via WaveLab
Dither/Resample to 16bit/44.1khz with Voxengo R8brain
Tracking via CDWave > Flac Level 8
Recording by rowjimmy (http://www.rowjimmy.com, @rowj)

Keller Williams Solo

01. Cookies^ >
02. Cadillac^ >
03. Drop >
04. Cadillac >
05. Loup*
06. Above The Thunder
07. Moving Sidewalk
08. St. Stephen >
09. Positive
10. She Rolls
11. Tish
12. California

Set 2:
Keller Williams - Vocals, Bass, Occasional Synths,Loups & MIDI Guitar
Steve Kimock - Guitars
John Morgan Kimock - Drums

01. Scarlet Begonias^
02. Scarlet Begonias (cont.) >
03. Fire On The Mountain
04. Hillbillies On PCP
05. Doin' It Right
06. Tangled Hangers
07. Freeker By The Speaker
08. 5 B4 Funk
09. Buena
10. Ice Cream
11. Eyes Of The World

01.  This Must Be The Place (NaÔve Melody)

^ Brief cut due to a memory card failure
   (The end of Cookies & beginning of Caddilac are cut, amounting to a few minutes of music.
    A shorter dropout occurred nearly 10 minutes into Scarlet but less than a minute or so was missed.)

For the Kimock fans, Here is the guitar info that I noted:
Tracks 01, 02, & 11: Cripes
Tracks 03 - 07: Cream Strat
Tracks 08 0 10: Explorer



Thanks, rj!

I f'n love Tangled Hangers! Every time I her that song I smile.
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Quote from: mistercharlie on April 05, 2015, 04:07:35 PM
Thanks, rj!

I f'n love Tangled Hangers! Every time I her that song I smile.

I was pretty psyched when they started playing it.

Buffalo Budd

Thanks for posting RJ.
Not only for this show, but it led me to your AK pulls, which have been just blowing me away.
Man I miss that band and your recordings sound so much sweeter to my ears than NYC taper's (no offence to him personally).
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