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Sub Woofer for Home Audio System Recs

Started by anthrax, August 30, 2018, 07:57:17 AM

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it's time for me to get a new sub woofer for my main home audio system.  it will be turned up to 11 during couch tour, but it will also be on daily when we watch tv/movies/sports/etc.  don't want anything too overpowering in case one of us is watching tv while the other one is doing something else.  low end always tends to carry throughout the house.

not looking for anything that will break the bank.  i currently have a very inexpensive jbl and it's been fine for a decade.

what do you recommend?


Much like you, I've had the same Onkyo set up for over a decade and the sub is still more than I'll ever need.  But it's certainly nothing special. Keep in mind I don't get to turn it up to 11 very often these days.  I really appreciate the fact that the entire system still sounds great(to me) even after all these years, multiple moves, etc.
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I've got a Klipsch 12-inch which can get very loud if I need it, but typically keep it dialed down.  They have 10" options for $300 these days, probably can't go wrong with that... 
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Paradigm 12" 300watt powered sub....fucker is tight....cost is an issue though, as is size.....its the size of an end table and weighs about 45lbs....paid $550 for it...

Velodyne makes good subs as well.....again, a little on the high side for cost....

JBL, Polk, Klipsch, Cerwin Vega....all decent quality product.

Let me suggest focusing on the amp. Make sure it has a good x-over, and manual phase adjustment....for those times its in a corner 180 deg out of phase to your mains, you'll want to be able to fine tune that so you don't lose the punch of your mains.

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