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Podcast app recommendations

Started by VDB, July 10, 2019, 06:52:31 PM

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Finally think I'm done with the iOS Podcast app. I never loved it, but now I extra don't love it after finally getting around to updating to iOS 12 (from 10).

Superior options? A big priority for me is a single, easy-to-access feed of the most recent episodes from all my subscribed podcasts, with titles and enough episode info to make a decision without having to navigate into interior pages. Apple's app at least used to be OK on that front, and now it ain't.

Many thanks and praises.
Is this still Wombat?


Check the ones on spotify. They have most on there and the formatting for the series is better. I do have premium too though.
I dont "follow" a lot of podcasts, so I am not sure how they will organize which ones are more recent, but I imagine if you followed a bunch they would have a "Release Radar" playlist tailored for you and the new podcasts would be in there. There might even be a way to customize a New Podcast playlist for yourself to have all the new ones dump in there.


A good friend who is heavy into podcast listening uses Downcast.


I use pocketcasts and I swear by it. It costs like 5 bucks but is worth it. Really nice features like auto download when charging and on wifi makes it so I never forget to download any.


I've thought about Spotify but their interface has me suspicious that I'd get the simplicity I seek with podcasts. I'll check out Downcast and Pocketcasts, thanks. I don't have much use for auto-download, though, since I follow lots of podcasts but don't listen to most of the new ones. I do like to always see what they have that's new, though.
Is this still Wombat?