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R18/W02: 02-17-1997 Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL

Started by ytowndan, March 27, 2020, 05:30:09 PM

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Buffalo Budd

I put the Europe 97 shows really high in Phish's historic career. They are absolutely ripping and the band is trying new things every night. I finally hopped on the bus after this tour to be exact.

Set 1:
Soul Shakedown Party – What a bust out. I can't think of a better cover to start a show.

Divided Sky – And here we go. It's interesting comparing the tone in Trey's guitar for this tune from the 94 show. I prefer the softness to the 94 tone but Trey nails this one and the band is in fine form.

Wilson – Another Divided Sky > Wilson. Short intro and some serious rawk with one of the cooler breakdowns before the blat boom that I've heard. Straight into...

My Soul – Bluesy goodness. My daughter and I jam this all the time with her on the kit.

Guyute – Composition is played pretty well, Trey getting a little loose with confidence. It almost feels like it's going off the rails at points.

Timber – Ho! This set is juicy. Goes a few places with Trey leading the charge. Fish's drums sound incredible here.

Billy Breathes – If this is the breather of the set, I will take that any day.

Llama – Back to your feet people. Straight forward version.

Gin – Gets going right after the last verse. Decent jam until 10 mins or so when Trey just starts hammering away while Page accentuates his notes (even teases Tequila). Trey starts the refrain and they "segue" into...

Golgi – Typical set closer.

Set 2:
Squirming Coil – Trey really botches the lead before the final verse and never fully recovers. Page shines in the outro as peer usual, which slips into...

DwD – Settles in nicely at the 7ish min mark. The whole band syncs up with a sweet groove ater and take it right out into funk land. Mike appears responsible for it as he slows down the beat and Page backs him up. Fish lends some fills as they launch into some funk, Mike adding some effects to his bass lines. Cool segue into...

Carini – Debut of this classic. More lyrics than the current incarnation from what I can tell. As soon as the song's lyrics dry up, the jam leaves the gates and just soars. Fluidly moving from one idea to another, it takes on a life of its own. Love the feedback and loops in this while the other 3 just chug along, then dissolves into some start/stop jamming. I'm guessing a YEM tease is a rare occurrence and a welcome treat in this stellar jam. >

Taste – Really well played and a cool DwD refrain thrown in, which kind of stumped Fish but they pulled it together.

Suzy – Mini kit action.

Caspian – Dedicated to PG.

Sleeping Monkey – Love this song and a perfect way to bask in the glory of this show.

Rocky Top – Another RT in the encore slot, wtv, this show was the tits.

The song selection for the entire show can't be beat and Carini just rips. The sound in these tiny European venues would have been glorious for these guys in their prime.
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I've been coming to where I am from the get go
Find that I can groove with the beat when I let go
So put your worries on hold
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First got a copy/bootleg of this show in June '97.  A local radio show, WTOS had a Phish hour on Sunday nights from 9-10pm.  Often times they would play live shows.  At 105.1 Mhz, the audio quality was quite good.  With Maxell XL IIs in hand, I recorded this show over successive Sunday nights. 
Not having listened to a lot of Bob at that time, Soul Shakedown Party was new to me and inspired me to seek more early Bob.  The blue disc, disc one on the Songs of Freedom box remains my favorite music in Bob's catalog.  Mellow Mood anyone?  Followed by a blistering Divided Sky.  Like 10/27/94, this version is one of my favorites.  Literally exploding out of SSP, this version is tight, focused, beautiful psychedelic music.  Trey's sustain in his outro solo is magnificent to say the least.  Timber is the only other first set highlight coming off a high energy Guyute IIRC? 
Coil to open the second set is an interesting choice especially the ambient improv to open.  The Down with Disease that follows is monstrous.  Back in the Summer of '97, DwD was getting a lot of airplay mainly from my 10/31/96 bootleg, sourced from the same radio show.  The Paradiso version continues its onslaught as a now major jam vehicle. They are so locked in early on.  Much like a '73-74 PITB.  They modulate led by Mike's nimble bass work before slowly decanting into the debut of Carini.  Didn't quite know what to make of this new song?  Carini had a lumpy head?  The jam that comes out of Carini is one of their best, period.  Starts off funky, Page on his clav early on.  It picks up steam, like a runaway train.  This continues before Trey leads the band through another transition.  Truly breathtaking.  You can hear Page comping like a mad man before he and Trey find their footing in this new groove.  This continues for a bit before this too breaks down and we hear the lovely nirvana esque section of You Enjoy Myself.  Fish's ride work solidifies its genesis.  Absolute brilliant improvisation. 
I will not bore you with the rest but to say this is Phish at their improvisational peak.  In a year full of absolute highlights, Carini might be at the very top.  Spellbinding. 


Spun this one from top to bottom last night while I was making a big dinner for the family.  Amazing show and one I have not played years.  I listened the Relisten source, which sounds like an AUD.  Great sound.  Solid opening combo and I remember the buzz at the tome when Soul Shakedown was introduced to the catalog. Lots of solid playing that achieves real lift off by Timber Ho.  Love the Timber jam, so sick.  Gorgeous Billy Breathes. Llama and Gin also top shelf versions.  Dug Golgi too.  The second set is just a monster.  I love the transition from Coil to DWD.  The Disease is beyond.  This whole set just shines.  Disease and Carini my highlights, what an amazing section.  Taste amazing too. I lost a little focus after Taste, but this is an amazing show all the way through.  A+ all timer.


This show fuckin smokes
Soul Shake down - very nice, gets the vibe going. The soundboards sound so good.
Dsky - good version here, nothing too crazy.
wilson - they are having fun tonight, rockin version.
my soul - only played one other time before this but they are enjoying this tune and playing it out well.
Guyutue - the build up part is sick, little foreshadowing for later in the night
timber - nice version, interesting placement but fits well. transitions nicely into
billy breathes - beautiful version
llama - picks the show back up to speed, love the gamehendge tunes this set!
gin - jam gets going but doesnt take off. Good playing though standard type 1 trey shreddage, mike lays down some nice groove work too.
golgi - pretty fast version after that jam, love how quiet the outro is solid first set for sure

will spin set 2 here after this conference call.


set 2
coil - I like it as a set opener. gets the set off running, the full band jam starts out nice and pages closes it out beautifully
DWD - like how the band brings back the distortion and feedback at the end of coil outro, BOom in DWD, here we go! Jam gets flying, Trey hits some great notes/theme around the 10 min mark and takes it from here. The band really comes together in a groove and I think Mike throws in those meatball filter/envelope effects which gives it some flavor. Trey has some wah going on which seeps nicely into
carini - man this jam really goes out there. Trey and fish take this one out there and the Mike and Page hold down groove thrusters in the rear. the start stop jamming is great > the quiet bliss yem build up tease > almost sounds like man who stepped into yesterday but just a great gentle build up from the band. Trey finds a great theme before capping off this amazing jam.
taste - another good transition here, jam builds with some furry into
DWD - ANOTHER great transition back into the DWD theme. Trey doesnt really stop on this one, would be sick to see a vid of this show or part of the show! (cough cough marmar?)
suzy - keeping the dancing and party going! great wah funk from trey.
caspian - little breather
sleeping monkey - love this tune great slot
rocky top - quick and rowdy closer.

stellar show.


Set 1:

Soul Shakedown Party - Love this tune.  It's such a great cover for them, and this debut version is pretty much perfect.  Excellent opener.

Divided Sky - Beautiful version here.

Wilson - Roaring along!

My Soul - Why not?

Guyute - Not perfect, but very well-played overall.  This tune is always welcome, IMO.

Timber - Not the longest jam, but it goes places pretty fast.  Still keeping a quick tempo, a very energetic set.

Billy Breathes - A needed cool down.  Such an amazing version.  Beautiful vocals.

Llama - Well, that was a quick breather!

Gin - Pretty standard, but rockin' Gin.  At 10:45 it starts to dip its toes into type II territory, but quickly decides against it and heads back for familiar land.  The last 15-20 seconds do the same thing before they instead slam into ...

Golgi - A great set closer.  Fun set with some great playing.

Set Two:

Coil - I, too, dig it as a set opener, which I don't think has been done since the 6/30/99 Coil > Free.  The full band jam is very nice.  Page taking over at the nearly 8:00 mark.  Trey softly noodles away in the background for the first minute or so.  Beautiful solo (though when isn't it?).  The full band ambience at the end sets up Mike's DWD intro nicely.

DWD - Here we go!  Nice sweet theme/jam developing around 9:00 as it starts to veer into type II land.  Slows down and gets funky around 12:00.  Gets even slower and funkier at 15:00 where Mike really holds it together with a bass line that is sorta reminiscent of Spock's Brain.  Funky ass dance party! Nice segue into...

Carini - Another debut!  Just a few seconds shy of 3 min and they're already completely submerged in a type II jam!  And 45 seconds later they have a fully fleshed out theme developed and flying along.  Man, this band is on fire.  Vocal chanting.  They turn the heat up and it's raging by 7:00.  I love what Mike and Fish are doing in this section.  Trey shredding on top of it for a while, but Page really shines here too.  Slows down and heads in a different direction around 11:00.  Trey's loops help Mike and Fish find a funkier theme, which Page develops nicely on the piano.  Ah, how I long for these simpler times when a stop/start jam wasn't ruined with "woos."  Another Tequila teases from Page just before the 15:00 mark.  Melts into the YEM nirvana jam, some light playing from Page and Trey over that nirvana hi-hat, which leads into a fuller jam for the final few minutes.  Fucking.  Amazing.  All time jam, for sure.  Segues really nicely into...

Taste - Great placement here.  Nicely played. 

DWD - This has all been wonderful, indeed. 

Suzy - Mini-kit dance party!

Caspian - All stumps, no feet! 


Sleeping Monkey - A well-earned Monkey.

Rocky Top - A barn burner to cap off the night!

I enjoyed the shit out of this relisten.  I don't have the Amsterdam release on any of my HDDs, and I never bought the physical box, so I don't know when the last time I actually heard this one was.  A long ass time, would be my guess.  I had this one on tape, which I played to death in the late 90s, and even into 2000 before I switched over to CD-R trading (I was a late adopter).  It was one of the first shows I sought out on CD, too.  A lot of great memories of spinning those tapes.   


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You never drink alone when you have something good to listen to.



Paradiso, Amsterdam NL

Set I

Soul shakedown - Makes sense to me. Amsterdam - bob marley - weed. :thumbs up:

Divided sky - Great playing and a nice peak. I'll never stop loving this song.

Wilson - some cool weirdness. Very enjoyable.

My soul - love this tune and I wished I heard it more.

Guyute - speedy and dark. Nice version.

Timber - straight to the point. :real:

Billy - I just love everything off billy breathes in 97. Full of bliss.

Llama - moar ROCK!!

Gin - treys tone in the middle is very nice. Almost like a precursor to the lick that happens at went, this jam is fuckin delightful.

Golgi - weird almost forced ending at gin to finish off set 1. Still always a pleasure to hear this.

Set II

Coil - great as always

DWD - one of the greats. Good energy to start and keeps it all the way till the dark theme enters. Man this is as chunky as it can get.

Carini - keep the space metal going. Not sure what I can say about this one that hasn't been said before. I'll leave it at this....still wow.

Taste - another really solid example of 97 billy breathes stuff.

DWD - and they actually finish it.

Suzy - more awesome energy and some cool funk.

Caspian - Dave just asked for gum.  I love this song. Great work from trey.


Sleeping monkey - might just be the best encore election ever.

Rocky top - some bluegrass to finish it off is a great choice too.

Had a blast listening to this one. It's been a while since I've listened to this without jumping right to the second set. Great choice. Grade A show there.
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SET 1:

Soul Shakedown Party – Such a perfect opener. Hard to believe this is the debut. Sounds like they've been playing it forever.

Divided Sky – Love that the pause is like dead quiet and only lasts about 20 seconds. Makes this version infinitely more listenable than most. Typically great jam.

Wilson – yep. Not as heavy metal as they would get.

My Soul – I love this tune – don't care what anyone says. Groovy as hell. Great chance for some Trey blues fun.

Guyute – Never as good as the 1994 fall versions were.

Timber (Jerry)   - YES!! This song had such a great renaissance in the late 90's. Trey jams for an extended stretch way down at the low-end of the guitar... very Zappa to play down there for so long. Love it.

Billy Breathes – Never really "got" this tune. Don't hate it (that comes late in the 2nd set). It's pretty, but it never got my heartstrings like some of 'em.

Llama – Yep – can't complain! Page's organ sounds great!

Bathtub Gin – Great building then sinking jam.

Golgi Apparatus – STATUS!

SET 2:

The Squirming Coil – Shocking opener, imo. Just the opposite of what you expect. I love the outro here – especially the segment when everyone is still playing before they drop out to leave Page out there alone... then the crowd is dead silent listening to Page. Man, I miss those days!

Down with Disease – This one goes a lot of places. There is a funky breakdown about 15 minutes in that foreshadows what 97 would eventually be known for. I find myself wishing Mike had switched to the Modulus for it. He's playing great but almost muddy-sounding in this funk jam with the old 'doc.

Carini – How does this even happen? Sort of like I said about the early Simple on the last club pick, this doesn't sound like a "real" song. Rather a joke they would fuck with a few times and put away. We all know that didn't happen, but the jam out of this makes it seem like the song really didn't have a real form yet. It just is a "jam" with lyrics. Whatever... this jam is insane! I love it. They just let go of everything before we even get to the 3 minute mark. Then it takes off. Settles down... gets funky... then spacey... then it builds into a beautiful segment in the final minute before dropping into...

Taste – very similar to the Slip Stitch Taste, imo. Not that that's a bad thing. Love the segue into...

Down with Disease – Kind of makes this whole segment feel like one piece of music. Like a Mike's Groove.

Suzy Greenberg – rawk

Fuckerpants – I hate this song and usually just skip it on any recording – I did not do that here and I'm sorta glad... sorta... It has a great jam for a Fuckerpants. It builds and builds to a great peak. It's just so hard to enjoy even a great Fuckerpants because, even in the thick of it, it still manages to keep that annoying chorus in my head... and that's the rub!

Sleeping Monkey – This is my favorite encore song. Period.

Rocky Top – I also love this song.

So, when I saw this as the choice I asked if there was a good recording of it... then I looked and immediately recognized the cover-art for the release. I own this! HAHA! 

It's a great show. There are moments that hint at what is to come as far as jamming goes. There are moments that remind me of Summer 95 jams. It rides that transition beautifully. Better, imo, than most 96 shows but not quite fully-formed 97 greatness.

Awesome pick! Thanks, all!
I've been coming to where I am from the get go
Find that I can groove with the beat when I let go
So put your worries on hold
Get up and groove with the rhythm in your soul


Sorry I got so behind on this. Strange couple of weeks. I've actually listened to all or most of this show probably 8 or 10 times in that time, and finally had a chance to do a write up. Here we go....

SET 1:
Soul Shakedown Party – AH YEAH! Let the people know what they're in for... Excellent first-time cover, very appropriate for the setting. Crowd is psyched.

Divided Sky – Epic composition taking the #2 slot is real nice. Really exciting and well-played. I agree, short version of the silent section is (always) a good thing.

Wilson – Standard rocking Wilson. The chant works well in the small room. I like the weird shit right before Blat Boom.

My Soul – Pretty typical rocking version. Some loose rhythm guitar towards the end, for some reason reminds me of some '94-'95 jams.

Guyute – Not the tightest version ever, but really enjoyable. Mike's bass sounds snappy and nice in the hoedown section. The almost synthy, metal, dark-ass tone in the buildup is awesome. Final refrain is a little flibbety, but it's alright.

Timber Ho! – First set Timber? I like it. Moderately jammy, noodly. Actually goes a little major, I guess? Great drumming and high energy in the return for the last verse.

Billy Breathes – Great transition. Vocals are on fucking point. Beautiful. Solo is very nice. Slightly fumbled at the end if I'm remembering right, but stays in key at least.

Llama – Crank it up again. Sounds good in a small room.

Bathtub Gin – Pretty average-good, fun little jam for the first ~10 minutes, stays in the box though. Mini Hendrixy vamp in the last few minutes adds a little sauce though, and puts it a little above average overall. Piano sounds great. Kind of an abrupt ending.

Golgi Apparatus – Fun and full of energy.

SET 2:
The Squirming Coil - Surprise opener, I like it. Piano is sounding fantastic throughout the whole show. The mix generally sounds very good in this room, I think. Full band jam for a while goes into a very pretty piano outro. Back to full band for a very cool segue...

Down with Disease - Nice but standard jam up until around 9 or 10m. Rhythm gets sparser and the jam becomes a little free-form, but still recognizable as DWD. Getting funky and breaking out of the mold around 11m. Funk gets deeper, and it's not a smooth funk. More of a sticky funk. Finally morphs into...

Carini – And a monster is born. Very free-form, still taking shape and missing some lyrics but already one to reckon with. Amazing '94ish jam in there. Freaky horror soundscapes starting at around 11m. Whole thing collapses to a pile of rubble around 15m w/ church organs leading the way out. They feel around for a couple minutes. Some melodic piano just after 17m (reminds me a little of Providence Bowie). Trey is feeling around on top of that, and a melody emerges just after 18m and gradually takes form. By 19m, everybody is on board, and by 20m they're jamming with that melody as an anchor. Almost sounds like Free is coming, but Trey starts the segue into...

Taste  - Cool, I like Taste, and when songs segue into it. Nice piano in the first solo, which already has a hint of DWD. Punchy! The guys are jazzed. Trey solos, and it's a smoother rhythm. Shades of Vultures in there. Then it modulates with no return to finish the song, and right back into...


Suzy Greenberg – Simple banger to wrap it up, with more punchy piano work. But wait! There's more!

Prince Caspian – Mothafuckas bitch about Caspian and get all excited for Blaze On/Soul Planet/whatever?  :-P Kind of odd placement but it's a standard, beautiful jammy version as always.

Sleeping Monkey/Rocky Top – The two best encore tunes.

I love this show. This was part of the first batch of tapes I had (with Walfredo and Rocko William from 3 nights before as filler I believe?) as I was falling in deep, and it brings back a lot of great memories. Great choice.
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Quote from: PIE-GUY on April 09, 2020, 02:36:22 PM

SET 2:

Fuckerpants – I hate this song and usually just skip it on any recording – I did not do that here and I'm sorta glad...It has a great jam

Awesome pick! Thanks, all!

im just going to quote this for the rest of my life.
Quote from: Augustus on September 29, 2013, 09:26:46 AM
It's like BJ Galore over here!

Quote from: rowjimmy on May 13, 2013, 09:36:00 AM
I use records for that and don't have to justify it to my friends.


Quote from: justjezmund on April 10, 2020, 11:41:49 PM
Quote from: PIE-GUY on April 09, 2020, 02:36:22 PM

SET 2:

Fuckerpants – I hate this song and usually just skip it on any recording – I did not do that here and I'm sorta glad...It has a great jam

Awesome pick! Thanks, all!

im just going to quote this for the rest of my life.
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Quote from: PIE-GUY on April 09, 2020, 02:36:22 PM

SET 2:

Fuckerpants – I hate this song and usually just skip it on any recording – I did not do that here and I'm sorta glad...It has a great jam

Awesome pick! Thanks, all!

I'm gonna go ahead and consider this the apex of my 'paug career.
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You never drink alone when you have something good to listen to.