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R18/W03: 07-18-1999 Oswego County Airport, Volney, NY

Started by Buffalo Budd, April 06, 2020, 08:31:15 AM

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Quote from: PIE-GUY on April 07, 2020, 06:34:24 PM
Link to a good recording?? Is there an FM? Is the FoB on the spreadsheet as good as it gets?

I'm actually enjoying the Relisten source.  Way better than I remember.  First set really blew me away.  Pretty solid Punch to open, 99 was a good year for Punch.  Not an all time version, but always one of my fave openers.  Odd placement for Farmhouse, especially in a daytime set and then it really gets quite good.  I reminded me I used to LOVE this song.  It's so good.  I'm not sure if the two slot is the best spot for it these days, but I think my main gripe with it in 3.0 is that it can be a second set jam killer.  It can also be perf in the heart of a second set, so who knows.  Good version here. I would have expected Water in the Sky in the 1st or second slot but it works here and is also a great version.  Band sounds locked in.  The Gin is really placed well, I love it mid first set, especially when they still stretch it out.  Doesn't;t peak but it gets very deep for 4th song of an afternoon set, which I guess it what you get from a festival show- patient and drawn out.  I'll take it!  Absolutely love the Del sit-in.  Can't remember the last time i played this set and had forgotten all about this.  not sure how much I enjoyed it at the time, but doing yard work it was amazing.  The slow tempo moma really struck me when they started but it gets good and gooey and funky.  These guys are on drugs.  Great Reba.  Not the IT Reba, but what is. Very solid placement and CDT closer is 10000 times better than Zero closer.  Can't wait to here the next two (though I have heard them much more recently than this one.)  Killer pick!

Buffalo Budd

Quote from: anthrax on April 11, 2020, 09:52:05 AM
i can still picture that field of over-sized marshmallows on sticks coming out of the ground.   

I had typed the following earlier this week in my review.

QuoteThe oversized marshmallows on sticks are forever etched in my brain.
Everything is connected, because it's all being created by this one consciousness. And we are tiny reflections of the mind that is creating the universe.


Quote from: Buffalo Budd on April 11, 2020, 11:06:41 PM
Quote from: anthrax on April 11, 2020, 09:52:05 AM
i can still picture that field of over-sized marshmallows on sticks coming out of the ground.   

I had typed the following earlier this week in my review.

QuoteThe oversized marshmallows on sticks are forever etched in my brain.

YES!  :beers:


I remember this weekend quite well.  Most of all I remember the brutal heat and humidity, as it broke 100 both days.  On the plus side, the traffic for this show was infinitely better than the other festivals.  And being able to set up your tents next to your car was also a nice treat.  I remember finding out this weekend that JFK, Jr. died in a plane crash.  The night before spelled the end of my career ingesting hallucinogens.  It did not go well.  The second day went much better for me.

Punch You in the Eye - Great opener for a daytime festy set.  Good dancing, good energy.

Farmhouse - Not exactly capitalizing on that energy, but played well enough anyway.

Water in the Sky - I much prefer this reworked version over the early country version.  Pretty rippin' solo by Trey.

Bathtub Gin - The jam here is pretty gradual, with Trey occaisionally mixing in a repeated 4 note pull-off over a 3 or 4 minute span.  Pretty laid back.  Mike drives this one nicely.  By 11 minutes in, he's really spicing things up.  It starts to mellow out and seems like they're going to close it out, but then Mike comes up with a new bass line and I was thinking they were going to latch on and go for a ride, but instead they noodle around a bit and then it eventually fade out.

GBotT - I always liked this tune and the Del McRoury gang adds a nice touch to it.

Call Me If You Need a Fool - Ditto.

Blue and Lonesome - Man, I forgot how much I enjoyed this mini-bluegrass set.  Great stuff. 

Beauty of My Dreams - More bluegrass goodness.

Moma Dance - A little splash of funk mixed in.

Reba - Composed section is pretty tight.  Especially for '99.  Real nice jam here.  The highlight of the first set for me.

Chalkdust - Finishing up with some Rawk.  ~7:00 it actually starts to enter type II territory for a minute or two.  Better than your average Chalkdust me thinks.

Jim - This one takes a while to get going.  Then as it simmers down ~11:00, Trey plays a familiar riff and Mike and Fishman latch right on and they start up a Talking Heads-ish jam that sounds great to these ears.  Sadly they abandon it after a minute or two.  It takes a few minutes, but they build it back up into a frenzy.  Good shit here. Eventually mellows out and a solid segue into:

Free - Pretty standard

Meatstick - This was certainly fun when you were there, though I couldn't do the Meatstick dance for shit...way too wasted.  Still got a chuckle on the re-listen, though.

Guyute - I don't get as excited about this one as I used to, but it's still a great tune when performed well.  This is one of those times.

Axilla - Rawk

Llama - Three in a row for the show club.  Fast as fuck.  Trey's solo is nuts.

My Soul - Opening the final set with a bluesy rocker.

Piper - 7 chords for 7 minutes and then they let go into fury.  Just a raging jam  The craziness finally settles down ~14:00.  Trey turns on a heavy effect ~17:00 and the jam begins to take off again.  Then Fishman and Mike roll with it for a while as Trey runs backstage to do a line or two.  Trey comes back a few minutes later and they bring it back for one last peak. 

Caspian - I don't have Pie-Guy hate for this one, but I can't say I've ever been excited to hear it.  Once the vocals end and the jam starts, it's fine.  It's just getting there that's no fun.

Wilson - I think the bigger the crowd, the more Trey likes playing this one and it's appeared at almost every festival....Trey hams it up for the crowd as they gradually move into;

Icculus/Smoke on the Water/Cat Scratch Fever/Miss You/Icculus - Hearing Trey yell "Frank Zappa and the Mothers" is guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time (similar to "The Walrus was Paul").  Absolutely priceless.  The whole segment is a blast.

Quinn the Eskimo - Somewhat of a rarity at the time and certainly a nice treat.

Fluffhead - Deep in the third set and played tightly.  Me likey.

Hood - Without question, the best way to end a set/show.  Pretty good version, too.  And then fireworks to cap it off.

I have to admit, when I first saw this pick, I was not excited.  Apparently, my recollection of the three sets was vastly inaccurate.  I really enjoyed listening to this.  Highlights for me were the bluegrass mini-set, Reba and Piper.  The chalkdust is pretty sweet, too.  Definitely a solid A pick.

Here's a view from the beer garden, which is where we spent the weekend.


HA! I was right next to that repeater in the right side of the pic....

LOVED watching folks trip over the PVC pipe used to cover the wires....shit was gold while trippin....
Who's the Marmar? I'm the Marmar!!!

Phish doesn't write beautiful music...the beautiful music happens after the written parts.

<gainesvillegreen> now, if they could get their sound to be as good as the lights, we'd have a band hee-yah!!

Music is what feelings sound like.


So, to finish my review, really loved set 2.  The Jim is monster.  One of my all time fave versions.  Free, OK and Meatstick cool because of the record aspect and also it brought me back to how new and fresh it was that summer.  I was playing this through my house speakers and we taught my kids the meatstick dance so if there was any one thing to takeaway from Round 18, it's this.  We had a blast.  I skipped Guyute as I normally do.  Axilla Llama is a dirty combo and this one smoked all the way through. Total 1-2 punch.  Even my wife was like, wow, they never bludgeon the audience like this anymore.  Not a lot to say about the 3rd set. The Piper is obv an all time version and deservedly so.  Just a beast.  I want to go hear it again.  The whole Icculus/Smoke/Cat/Miss you bit is great, I really loved it during the show.  Doesn't;t translate as well to tape but still very fun.  Rest of the show great, I love a Fluffhead at the end of a second set, let alone a third.

Was really fun to revisit this show.  Great pick.


Jim - It def gets out there, typical 99 space funk for a little while, the breakdown part with some machine gun Trey is sick. It fizzles back to some delay space effects that reminds me of their 99 sound and then really slows down into the gooey distortion delay effects and starts to melt away into..
free - mike heavy jam here, nice little extended version.
meatstick - standard version but good slot for a new tune
guyute - not as solid as the 94 versions but good slot
Axilla > Llama - Fuck yes, this is a great closer duo. Rawking great energy.

Buffalo Budd

I was about 20 or so rows back Trey side for most of this show. The crowd and atmosphere were incredible, only complaint would be the heat but even that didn't burn my spirit. Those giant marshmallows on the sticks in the field are forever etched in my brain

Set 1:
PYITE – Favourite song to open a show, bar none. Just gets the juices flowing with anticipation. Nice drawn out intro, slower than most versions (3.0 notwithstanding). My oldest and I would belt out the 'hey' part of this together when she was little. This version was pretty straight forward with some loops on the ending
Farmhouse – The album hadn't been released yet and I didn't have any versions on my tapes as they were from 96 and earlier.
Water in the Sky – Cool solo in this one, longer than usual and Trey is all over the fretboard. Unfortunately for those in attendance, there was no water in th sky this weekend, it was hot as balls.
Bathtub Gin – Several themes explored in this version. Trey taking them through several ideas but then Page takes the reins towards the end with a groove oriented build. I wonder what Del thought about that hose madness from the sidestage.
Back on the Train – With Del McCoury band. What a treat, my wife is a mega bluegrass fan so this was a welcome surprise. Still holds up as one of my favourite versions of this tune. The banjo, violin and mando just fit the tune so great.
If You Need a Fool – Del tune and they do it justice.
I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome – Pretty cool the boys get to sing this tune with the guy that wrote it. Fantastic version that just chugs along. Great solos from everyone in the McCoury clan.
Beauty of My Dreams – Same sentiment as the previous. Good tempo to this version and the banjo just sounds sublime.
The Moma Dance – Trey gives the crowd a headsup on the attempt at a Guinness Record later in the evening. Some great funk here.
Reba – Trey's notes are complimented by Page being high in the mix while the rhythm steadies along. Fun whistle ending, which is a little off at first.
CDT – Jam slides into a pulsating groove but doesn't get too far out there like the version a week earlier.
Set 2:
Runaway Jim – Another solid set opener. Superbad tease by Trey in the jam and several themes explored in the jam, mainly groove oriented. I'm hearing a Psycho Killer theme being played around the midway point in the jam. Mike does some incredible bass lines about ¾ in. This version was included on Live Bait 5 and for good reason. Cool segue into ->
Free – Mike takes the wheel on this sleepy style jam that was indicative of where the band was heading in 99.
Meatstick – The attempt to break the record was a unique experience to see and be a part of. Not much happens other than that. It was cool to reminisce with my wife and teach the kids the dance. The girls really loved the Guinness aspect.
Guyute – They have this one pretty much nailed at this point.
Axilla – I prefer Part II but still rockin'.
Llama – Yes! Even though we were worn out from 2 days of heat and debauchery, we were busting a move. Trey's solo is just soaring, total mayhem. I never tire of this song, increible set closer.
Set 3:
My Soul – Another solid opener, bluesy goodness.
Piper – GOAT? Sure is to me. Intro plods along and really amps the crowd, everyone is feeling it. The jam is just blistering from the get go and feels like it won't let up. Some wah coming in around the 14 min mark but the energy continues with some great fills from Fish. Trey using multiple effects and loops as the jam gains momentum to a rock peak.
Caspian – Very pretty transition into this, Mike adding some melodic bass lines. Decent jam but nothing to write home about.

Wilson – More rock.
Catapult – What a song choice out of Wilson. Trey thanking the crowd, references the nude shoot from the Went. I remember giving my wife a look as she went topless for most of that day (no, she was not in the photo shoot). Icculus tease, Cat Scratch Fever tease, Meatstick tease, Smoke on the Water tease and Miss You tease. I always love Trey rants and this one is no different.
Icculus – Barnes a Noble!! Vajonna Fishman, I lost it.
Quinn the Eskimo – I've always been a huge Dylan fan so this scratched me right where I itched.
Fluffhead – And that, my friends, is how you close a set. Solid version with a couple of off notes but after a night like that, we won't hold it against them.
Hood – Beauty. Trippy intro with some wicked effects from Page and Trey. Solid Hood peak and an incredible fireworks finish to one of the best weekend of my life.

This 'fest' had a huge impact on my 22 year old brain and the memories will last a lifetime. So great to go back for a listen and realize the quality of music thrown at us those 2 days.
Everything is connected, because it's all being created by this one consciousness. And we are tiny reflections of the mind that is creating the universe.


wilson - good classic opener
catapult - alright gettin weirder
iccuclus - hell yeah, always love a good icculus or harpua at a phest always brings it all together
quinn - more rawk
fluff - hell yeah not bad for 99 version and great closer for the weekend

hood - another great version

more of a silly playful set with catapult and icculus but the fluff closer is really solid.

Great show. I remember listening through summer 99 tour while reading that 'book 'run like an antelope' and not sure last time I went through Oswego shows.



Oswego county airport
Volney NY


PYITE - my friends and I have always seen this opener as good luck. Except wasn't this the day that was stupid hot?  Oh well, song still rules.

Farmhouse - nice and blissful but kinda wish they would have kept the energy going.

Water in the sky - good song but let's get with this gin.

Gin - wow life is fake. No lie just started raining here in PA after just finishing water lol.  This guy takes a bit to move anywhere but I do still like how the jam lands.

Back on the train - cool chilled out version with some bluegrass twang from del.

If you need a fool/I'm blue and lonesome/beauty of my dreams - cool stuff not much else to say but man bluegrass on a hot ass day sounds like a recipe for a heat stroke.

Moma dance - relaxed and slowed a bit and I like it that way.

Reba - I swear there really isn't a Reba I don't like. Rewarding peak and just feels like summer.

CDT - another rager in the heat. Definitely has some machine gun trey going and goes just where it needs to.


Jim - So this Jim and I have a special connection even though I never went to this fest. They put this version out for live bait right before super ball. I never really knew it but fell in love. Due to its time stamp I picked it as the perfect/corny joke song to put in my headphones for the Jim 5k that year. I'm sure a ton of other people did too but they aren't me. This had the best peaks and valleys for that run. I still love this every time I hear it. Oh yeah ran it after partying and had a shot of jack pre race. Ran it in 21:43. Oh to be 26 again.

Free - I love anything off billy. This flows beautifully out of Jim. I dig it.

Guyute - as it should be.

Axilla - short and sweet.

Llama - nice segue into :rawk:


My soul - love this tune. Nothing crazy but solid for sure.

Piper - great rocked out intro. Boys really start hitting hard at 8 min. Absolute energy, spitting out lightning. Jam doesn't really change course at all but it's still really fun.

Caspian - hey Dave.

Wilson - Blat Boom!!!

Catapult>smoke on the water - the cord is E.

Icculus - READ THE BOOK!!!

Quinn - Everybody's gunna jump for joy!!!

Fluffhead - powerful pills. Great end to the set. Beautifully done.


Hood - talk about blissful endings. Hood in the encore spot is fucking great and this is no schlub.

I really don't know the last time I listened to this show in full. This was split up for me by a couple really crappy shifts at work but picked me up every time. Great pick.

Quote from: Augustus on September 29, 2013, 09:26:46 AM
It's like BJ Galore over here!

Quote from: rowjimmy on May 13, 2013, 09:36:00 AM
I use records for that and don't have to justify it to my friends.


Set 1:

PYITE - Sweet opener.  Great energy, well-played Landlady sections. 

Farmhouse - Odd placement.  Great tune, though, so I'll take it. 

Water in the Sky - Diggin' it.  This must be one of the last versions not to have the audience reaction to the everglades line.

Gin - Goes pretty deep for this early in the show.  Nice groove by 11:00.  Right around 15:00 Mike and Fish lock in and Page gets going, but he kinda fizzles out and Trey takes back over.  Mellow finish.  Good version. Especially considering how early this is in the show/day. 

GBOTT - I love this song.  And it only gets better with Del and the band.

If You Need a Fool - So good!

I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome - Up there with Paul and Silas on my list of favorite bluegrass tunes. 

Beauty of My Dreams - "This is the real way it's supposed to be done."

Moma - Funky dance party. 

Reba - Tight composed section.  Really excellent jam.  Whistle.  A+

CDT - Getting out there by 7:00, builds some tension and works to a pretty cool mini-peak around 8:00, from there it rocks out cautiously, never really straying too far from home.  Returns to the main theme pretty quickly.  Nice closer. 

Set 2:

Jim - Here we go!  Really cool theme develops around 10:45.  Trey getting funky with the wah-wah, and then it slows down and gets kinda sinister with some nice upper octave noodling by Trey.  There's something he's playing there that I can't quite place.  They pick up steam and it gets Psycho-Killer-esque for a few minutes.  Cool effects from Trey around 17:00.  Very dark.  Great work by Mike.  Page holds his own, too, with some nice stuff around 22:00.  Trey comes back in with some more upper octave riffing.  Starts to get quite dark and abstract again in the last couple min before ->

Free - Hot tranny!  Nothing too spectacular.  But I'm not going to complain after that Jim. 

Meatstick - Fun with all the record stuff. 

Guyute - Solid version. 

Axilla - Rock!  Nice transition into >

Llama - Such a perfect set closer.  Or opener.  Or mid-set barn burner.  Pretty much the perfect Phish song.  Trey is a mad man.  Good lord.

Set 3:

My Soul - Picking up where they left off...with some smokin' rock. 

Piper - Shredfest at 8:00!  About 6 min of excellent rock.  Slows down and gets funky at 14:00.  At 17:00 Trey's back with the whammy pedal, doing some pretty cool upper octave noodling.  Starts getting weird and almost arrhythmic around 19-ish, but then falls into place and develops into a medium-paced jam with some cool effects from Trey (loops, etc.).  It starts accelerating again and peaks before the slow-down-melt-into...

Caspian - Works here. 

Wilson - Love it. 

Catapult/Icculus/Smoke on the Water - Really fun stuff.  The "it's the same fucking song" line still cracks me up. 

Quinn - Love this song, and this was only like the 2nd time they played it since they yanked it out of the '80s the year before at Hampton. 

Fluff - Pretty solid overall. 


Hood - I got so lost in the jam I kinda forgot to take notes.  I guess that's a good thing.  Such a stellar way to end the night.  Fireworks taboot. 

This was a really great pick.  I'm so behind on my reviews, but I've been jamming them in the car off and on for a week or two now, and I really enjoyed listening to this one.  It's been years.  Sitting down to do a close listen tonight was a treat.  Thanks for the pick! 

Random aside: I could have sworn this was one of the OG Live Phish CD series, but I guess not.  The FOB source on Relisten was actually pretty good, though. 

Quote from: nab on July 27, 2007, 12:20:24 AM
You never drink alone when you have something good to listen to.


PYITE - one of the best opening songs, pretty standard version
Farmhouse - 2nd slot? Huh, ok. I like this song but weird placement.
Water in the Sky - Nice playing. Trey's tone on his solo is great.
Bathtub Gin - Fun chaotic piano intro thing. Feels like a summer/outdoor jam, very light an breezy. proto- whale stuff, gradually builds energy. Feedbacky, then a fun, funky return to theme.
(Del McCoury Band section)
BOTT - Fun!
If You Need a Fool - One of my favorite bluegrass covers Phish does
I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome - Cool take. a little slower and swaggier than Phish does it.
Beauty of My Dreams - "The way it's supposed to be played"
Moma Dance - Love it. Swanky.
Reba -  Reasonably tight composed section. Beautiful, soaring jam. I love it.
CDT - Syncopated jam in the 1st solo part. Goes into a great, exciting sync jam.

Runaway Jim - Starts standard, but the jam goes straight to outer space. What is that tease? Flashlight?
Free - Good segue, standard/great version
Meatstick - snore
Guyute - Slowish, they were playing it a fuck of a lot at this time.
Axilla - Fuck yeah, metal!
Llama - Shreddy and fast as fuck, some surreal distorted jamming.

My Soul - Sure, upbeat rocker to start the set
Piper - This is a Piper for the ages. Just goes everywhere.
Prince Caspian - I'm on the side of loving Caspian. This is not a particularly special version though.
Wilson - Sloppy and heavy
Catapult>Icculus>Smoke on the Water>Icculus - Super fun and silly. "Last year at the Great Went..." :-o The story I always heard is they were Tequila drunk for this set, and I believe it. Read a fucking book!
Quinn the Eskimo - Awesome and rare, so much fun
Fluffhead -  Kind of can't believe they attempted it, at this point in the show, and after all those shhots! But it's pulled off quite well.
Harry Hood - Perfect encore, perfect comedown.

Great show overall. The second set was mostly great, and the Piper was other-wordly.

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