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R18/W05: 08-12-2015, Mann Music Center, Philadelphia, PA

Started by Caravan2001, April 24, 2020, 03:58:15 PM

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Quote from: Buffalo Budd on April 25, 2020, 08:37:01 PM
Quote from: Caravan2001 on April 25, 2020, 03:56:46 PM
If people are game, I would do it.  My next pick was going to be 12/11/99, but was kinda thinking we just did a 99.  I think there is a enough time between when this happened and now that people might have different opinions then they did in the weeks following the show, plus with 4 years of show since to compare it to.  I am game to stick with this one, but just let me know.  I think it's a good enough show that it's worth a revisit, but I don't mind either way.

That 99 show is killer too.

one of the best philly shows ever
Quote from: Augustus on September 29, 2013, 09:26:46 AM
It's like BJ Galore over here!

Quote from: rowjimmy on May 13, 2013, 09:36:00 AM
I use records for that and don't have to justify it to my friends.


if you would have mentioned this show a week and a half ago, i wouldn't have been able to tell you 1 thing about it.  however, since caravan posted it here, it's come across my radar about 4 different ways...all seemingly unrelated.  so, i was pretty excited to dive in.

caught myself a nice cool buzz and spent sunday afternoon on the porch having a blast with this one.

the show gets playful right away with a pretty full martian monster tease in free.  i'm surprised they just didn't go into it.  cities was my first set highlight.  love when they jam this tune.  the it's ice breakdown was fantastic as well.

a 5 song second set obviously means serious jamming.  solid bathtub here.  no men takes awhile to get going, but eventually gets to that place, but doesn't stay there long.  twist is 20ish minutes as the sets starts to take a dark turn.  i'm in.  after the dark muddy muck, the jam becomes blissfully phishy.  a great reward, but doesn't blow the roof off the place.  s&ss is a song that i've recently started to enjoy again.  i prefer it with the intro.  it's much more haunting.   this one jams hard and again takes us to dark places.  even the peak is shrouded in darkness.  after about 50 minutes of improve, hood is a fine way to close it out!

show was good.  there's no way i'd put it in a top 5 of 3.0 like some, but it reminded me that  i really need to listen to 3.0 shows more...did i just say that!?


I went ahead to download the mp3s and tried digging a little further and stumbled on a 1080 webrip here:!5GoiRSgC!ANIoAj27RsKz3-sR9Tz1OzzYt92cyjqVoJwll1d8xQ8

Downloading now


Quote from: khalpin on May 01, 2020, 08:45:02 AM
I went ahead to download the mp3s and tried digging a little further and stumbled on a 1080 webrip here:!5GoiRSgC!ANIoAj27RsKz3-sR9Tz1OzzYt92cyjqVoJwll1d8xQ8

Downloading now

Rad- thanks!


First time hearing/watching this show. 

AC/DC Bag - Pretty solid opener. 
Free - Some Martian Monster teases thrown in.  Fun listen.
Ya Mar - Summertime first set lawn dancing with the Philly skyline in the background.
Sample - Typical Sample
Cities - Continuing with the old school setlist.  Mike kicks off the jam by creating an ad-hoc bass line on the fly ~6:00.  Heavy delay from Trey as they noodle around for a bit before they settle into a nice groove.  Doesn't last too long, though.  This one gets cut a little short.  Wished they kept on with it.
Stash - I like where this set is going!  Solid composed section.  I like how everyone lays back quietly and let Mike get the jam going.  I listened to this jam a couple times.  I enjoyed it more the less attention I paid to Trey's playing.  I would've loved to been at this show.  Lights are real trip.
Birds of a Feather - Still nothing later than '98 in the setlist.  Damn!  Solid jam.
The Line - Bathroom
Ice - I was excited to hear the breakdown section after hearing all of the positive reviews and it does not dissappoint.  Page is on fire!  Great stuff.
C0 - Another old school tune.  Crowd is pumped!

Gin - This one goes places.  And while it's not the machine gun Trey of old, this jam fits perfectly with his style of playing of late and he throws in a bunch of juicy runs in.  Actually, I just looked it up and this was right on the heels of the Fare Thee Well shows, so that makes sense. 
No Man in No Man's Land - I gotta admit, I prefer more of a traditional clav sound than Page has been using this show.  All the distortion makes it less funky.  He's still playing great shit, tho. 
Twist - Woo.  After a few minutes they dissolve into a syrupy, glassy sound.  Great stuff.  Mike gets effects heavy and they all circle around a mellow but active jam for a few minutes.  It gradually picks up the pace and sounds almost Island Tour-ish.  I kinda got lost there for a while.  Not sure how many minutes it's been.  It eventually picks back up into a full on jam.  As a side note, I want to see a full show with the camera on Fishman the whole time.  Give me Fishman-cam!
Scents & Subtle Sounds - I was about to say I've never heard this song before until I realized what it was.  I guess it was just the intro that's not often played.  For the best, I'd say.  It's kinda awkward IMO. Not gonna lie, I struggled through this one.  Too 3.0 for me, I couldn't latch on to it.
Hood - My favorite song of 1.0  It's just a different animal nowadays.  Instead of Trey leading that emotional build, he hands it over to Page.  Which isn't a bad thing, it's just different, but nowhere near as powerful.  Still a good cap on a very out of the ordinary show.

Nice pick, it was fun to finally check this one out.  They always announce the Mann shows after I've already planned my annual Maine summer vacation and it rarely works out.  I've only seen them there once since the 95 shows, but it's by far my favorite shed.  Especially the balcony.


Nice.  Yeah, this one was sort of a random pick because I just felt like hearing it (and my first two choices had been picked already).  Of course, after we agree to let me do a 3.0, I discover a hot 92 show that I am dying to drop, so I've got that in my back pocket for the next round.  I got through the first set of this morning and will get to the second shortly, but I will say to anyone reviewing:  I started out playing the source on Relisten and it was pretty boomy and rough.  Streamed the LP version and what a difference.  So, if you can find the soundboard, or a better version than the spreadsheet version, def do it.  If you want me to upload an MP3 of the LP, just let me know or grab the vid from the link khalpn posted.  Loved the first set, digging into the second shortly.

ETA:  There's a balcony?  I was there in 95 and don't remember that.  Guess I will spin the video.


Also,  I agree on the clav distortion.  I couldn't really tell what was what when I listened to the audio, but I just fired up the video for a second and now can see when he is playing the clav.  Can't say I am a fan of the dirty clav....

Buffalo Budd

Quite the contrast going from a 93 show to 2015, but the sound is great and I'm stoked to dig into this 2nd set.

Set 1:
ACDC Bag – Another great opener, nothing special to speak of in this version.
Free – I love 3.0 Frees. Cool breakdown into Martian Monster in the middle section.
Ya Mar – Nice Page solo here, Jackson 5 tease around 6 min mark.
Sample – Straight forward version.
Cities – Trey using the echoplex in this jam. The band locks into a minor chord and the jam gets spacey.
Stash – 2 faves back to back. Dark jam but nothing to out there, good tension and release.
BOAF – Cool Birds tease at the start. The band is very patient with this jam, everyone playing thoughtful notes. Sticks to the main theme but has a great build to the refrain.
Line – Ugh. Sucks the energy right out of the set. One of the few Fuego tunes I don't like.
It's Ice – Jam has a Manteca feel to it and everyone follows Trey into a funky rhythm.
Character 0 – Typical set ender.

Set 2:
Bathtub Gin - Immediate departure into a theme similar to the Gin one. Really cool leads by Trey around the 10 min mark, I wish they had continued on this theme but it was short lived.
NMINML – Only the 6th time played live so still fresh. Loops layered in early but jam doesn't really take off. Breaks down around the 9 min mark but they abandon that for the typical song structure.
Twist – The meat of the show, I like that it isn't in the typical place (1st or 2nd tune of 2nd set). Mike's lead is a really cool way to begin the jam and Trey layers on top. Bass effects add a cool, subdued feel to the jam. Around the 7 min mark, they turn a corner and get out there. Trey sustaining notes (almost whale-like at times) over the rest of the band as they plod along behind Mike. A new theme is developed around 16:30 and they work at that until the outro. A+ version and the boys take a 3 min breather before... 
SASS – I guess this is only the 2nd 3.0 version that includes the intro. Such a beautiful tune and they nail the comp section. Blissful jam gets heavier and fuller as it moves along. Almost has a Piper feel to it at times. Not as technical or exploratory as some jams, but beautiful soundscapes as I like to put it.
Hood – What a trio of tunes to end this set. Oh how I miss the softer guitar tone in the intro to this one. That being said, Trey has definitely improved his tone in the last year. Main part of song is pretty much spot on, which isn't always the case in 3.0. Jam starts off with a plinko sound, then some bending notes from Trey as it picks up steam. Great sustained note to slide into the refrain.

Loving Cup – Always will be my favourite cover. I play this tune all the time when jamming with friends.

I would have been utterly thrilled to catch this show, or any show in 2015 for that matter. Really a banner year for the band in my opinion.
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Mann Music Center
Philly Pa

Set I

AC/DC - great energy to set it off. 

Free - some really good peaks. I always love this song.

Ya mar - nice and makes you feel like you're on a beach.

Sample - some flubs from trey towards the end but whatevs.

Cities - there's so much stuff in this show that sounds like drive in from magna, another prime example in this here.

Stash - pretty solid intro. Trey gets a little lost a couple times but comes back for the peak.

Birds - this song always makes me dance. One of the first songs I fell in love with. No big jam no care.

The line - piss break

It's ice - pretty sweet micro jam there in minute 5.

Zero - some nice rock to close the set.

Set II

Gin - nothing like a second set gin. Gets nice and blissful the way it should. You kinda hear they wanted to go off but oh well.

No man - this jam sounds like the Suzy jam from Darien 00 at first then goes into its own thing.  Really enjoyable.

Twist - gets real spacey.  Doesn't go crazy but still pretty cool.

Scents - I love the intro of this. I think the only place I've seen the intro was IT. Man does this take off. This jam gets still pretty fuckin rad.

Hood - does what it should. Set two closer might be the best selection spot for this song ever. Very satisfying peak.


Loving Cup - great encore. Solid :rawk: you can tell the boys are all geared up for magna.

Sweet pic. The first show club 3.0 show. Philly is always filthy. I thought I went to this but my years were mixed up. I skipped this and used a wife card to go to magnaball. Don't think I ever really listened to this. First set is okay but man does that set two make up for it. Solid pick. I enjoyed it.
Quote from: Augustus on September 29, 2013, 09:26:46 AM
It's like BJ Galore over here!

Quote from: rowjimmy on May 13, 2013, 09:36:00 AM
I use records for that and don't have to justify it to my friends.


went with an AUD recording for the review.
bag opener usually means you're in for a treat these days so hell yeah!
free in 2nd song slot kicks it into gear too. martian monster teases gets everyone hyped, forgot how fresh those teases were right after chilling thrilling the year before.
ya mar keeps the party vibes going, philly was always a great place to see them and Mann center is so awesome, wish I could have caught them there. jam is nice and love the jackson 5 tease
sample, gotta cool down some point
cities jam kinda reminds me of that monster berkley cities. Mike comes in strong with distortion effects and loops from Trey. Dissolves off into a more spacey jam and then just ends.
The 3.0 stashes dont really do it for me this one had a peak in it though.
birds is another fun with they attack tease that they love do this year after Halloween.
the line some cool down
ice is nice, they really bust out of the jam section there, not much space. Some plinko ish jam.
zero -  :rawk:  and time to get a pee and get a beer before the line gets long [size=78%] [/size]

1rst set has more jams than most in 3.0


this gin starts out pretty hot, I kinda forgot about that harmonix/delay tone Trey used a lot more. Tone is def a little more grungy too. NMINM is pretty fun. More delay/echoplex effects. I always felt Trey was more comfortable jamming this tune out over Blaze On. Twist has some hints of fukukomoko twist. some very spacey-esque jam in the beginning. love mikes meatball effects and such. Jam goes from space to beautiful peaks a couple times. Great stuff from the band. Trey has a playful theme, if this was 1.0 I feel like machine gun Trey would be ripping on all cylinders at this moment but trey keeps up with it and hits some peak high notes. Ah sounds like its about to transition into a dark deep funk jam but Trey comes back to Twist. Prob havent listened to that since 2015 but nice jam.
Scents is one of my favorites, and the intro too! Charleston baby! Almost sounds like trey was doing the free break down 'note' instead of the S&SS part for a second haha, colors in the void...nice calm jam after a raging twist. Hood, man would have been fun to be at this show. Listening to a AUD source and it sounds pretty tame actually. Beautiful hood ending.
Loving Cup is raging and can hear crowd sing along too. Great 3.0 set.


The aud I  tried to listen to (Relisten source) was so boomy.  I switch to the LP release and it was better for me. 


Todd was just a bit ahead of his time with this pick :-P


Quote from: anthrax on June 19, 2020, 08:19:40 PM
Todd was just a bit ahead of his time with this pick :-P

Came here to post something similar. Lol. This show is pretty serious.
Quote from: Augustus on September 29, 2013, 09:26:46 AM
It's like BJ Galore over here!

Quote from: rowjimmy on May 13, 2013, 09:36:00 AM
I use records for that and don't have to justify it to my friends.