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R18/W10 7/3/00 E Center, Camden NJ

Started by justjezmund, July 01, 2020, 04:24:22 PM

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PHISH, MONDAY 07/03/2000
Camden, NJ
SET 1: Down with Disease, Guelah Papyrus, My Mind's Got a Mind of its Own, Foam, Bathtub Gin[1], My Soul, Heavy Things, Fluffhead, When the Circus Comes, Run Like an Antelope[2]

SET 2: Runaway Jim, Glide[3], Theme From the Bottom > Sand, Meat > Chalk Dust Torture, Bittersweet Motel


[1] A large storm provided thunder and lightning.
[2] Tom Marshall on vocals.
[3] All Fall Down signal.

Trey's children made an on-stage appearance in a golf cart during Disease. A large storm provided thunder and lightning during Gin; the song included Philadelphia Freedom teases. Runaway Jim contained a San-Ho-Zay tease from Trey and a Can't Turn You Loose tease from Page. Glide included an All Fall Down signal. Fluffhead contained a Frère Jacques tease from Trey. Antelope featured Tom Marshall on vocals.

Ive always been partial to Philly area shows for putting in this for reviews.  This one has been a bit for me giving a listen.  Hope yall enjoy.  Now I just need to catch up myself before I review my own show.  LOL.
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It's like BJ Galore over here!

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I use records for that and don't have to justify it to my friends.


FYI, for the SBD starved, if you don't have them already, the monster Runaway Jim was on the Past Summer Compilations back in 2010:

And the Sand was on the last Live Bait:

Also, I'm stoked to listen to this one.  It's been a long time.


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Quote from: Augustus on September 29, 2013, 09:26:46 AM
It's like BJ Galore over here!

Quote from: rowjimmy on May 13, 2013, 09:36:00 AM
I use records for that and don't have to justify it to my friends.


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khalpin always has the goods

I am a sbd snob.  I admit it.  Thanks for the goods, Kevin.  Your spreadsheet is prominently bookmarked on my shit.


DwD - Word on the street, the first set was riddled with downpouring rain, thunder and lightning.  Nice fiery opener.  Sorry to everyone on the lawn.  You can hear on the auds after the song is over, someone asking "are you one of those taper guys?"  :hereitisyousentimentalbastard
Guelah - Standard
MMGAMOIO - I'm a fan
Foam - In the familiar slot.  Doesn't quite rage like earlier versions but still solid.
Gin - The jam starts off hesitant and quite frankly the bleed-in of casual audience conversations on headphones (and on the Foam, too) is very annoying and distracting.  All that said, around six minutes in, Fishman gradually picks up the tempo and the jam really heats up.  This one gets to a really good place with Mike paving the way.  Great Gin. 
My Soul - Not a big fan of this one but keeps the pace going.
Heavy Things - Good first set lawn dancing tune.  Trey sounds really fluid on this one.  I dig it.
Fluffhead - Not the tightest but a welcome tune late in the set.
When the Circus comes - Well placed cool down.
Antelope - Always a great set closer with good energy, and with Tom Marshall on "vocals". 

Jim - The meat!!!  I listened to this Jim about 5 times over the past few days.  Pretty standard up until about the 10 minute mark when Trey drops out and starts with the effects and pitch shifter.  Eventually goes to the looper that he has some fun interplay with for the next couple of minutes.  Then Mike seems to lead the jam for a while until they all back off a bit past the 16 minute mark, as they feel around.  The jam clearly isn't over yet. They each drop in and out with various ideas.  It takes another couple minutes, but Mike and Fish lock in a bit past 20min and we're off.  Great stuff here.  Love it when Fishman moves over to the cowbell (I've got a fever!).  Just gold right here.  Moves into a straight up rockin' jam.  Tough to slip back into the outro as it's in a different key but they eventually close out one of the longest Jims ever.  Intense!
Glide - Back to reality
Theme from the Bottom - Good spot for this.  I think Trey is about 10% in his career as far as nailing that ascending run.  This one falls into the other 90%, but I still love it.
Sand - I am basically never happy to hear Sand start.  I am often quite happy to hear where it goes.  This one is heavily reliant on effects.  Pretty cool jam ensues.  Complete with reprise!
Meat - The other meat.
Chalk Dust - Perfect spot for this one.  Rage!
Bittersweet Motel - Cool down tune closes out the set.
Waste - I felt for sure there would be another one after this. 

This one had some really great moments.  Obviously the Jim, but that Gin was pretty killer, too.  The only downside was the tail end of the 2nd set/encore was a bit on the mellow side.  I had a great time catching up on this one.  Thanks for the pick!


This high energy DWD is a heck of a way to start a show!  I was really feeling this version, even if it wasn't terribly long.  Some big songs that were well played for a first set.  Golf cart on stage, thunder, lightning, Tom, and fantastic jamming are all great ways to whip a crowd into a frenzy...Antelope energy was incredible!

The Jim absolutely rages at about the last third or so.  It's a bit longer than it needs to be, but it's all part of the adventure I guess.  Good Sand.  Good CDT.   Then Trey's drugs wore off.  I don't mind Waste, but I won't ever understand the single Waste encore.

I usually shy away from shows from 2000 when there are so many other great ones to choose, so I was glad to be "forced" into this one.  Thanks!