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Riviera Maya 2/24th-27th, 2022

Started by mistercharlie, June 02, 2021, 09:12:52 AM

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I've been coming to where I am from the get go
Find that I can groove with the beat when I let go
So put your worries on hold
Get up and groove with the rhythm in your soul


JRAD would've had it canceled much quicker!
"I used to be 'with it', but then they changed what 'it' was and now what I'm with isn't 'it' and what's 'it' seems weird and scary to me"
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You haven't lived until you've had a robot shart in your ear and followed along in the live setlist thread while it happens. 


Even Phil cancels things at the correct speed, and he's like 150 years old.   A lot of people think that's why he's not in Dead & Co., and they may be right.


Saw an article yesterday with CID reps claiming that other scheduled shows will be happening but, we all know that's subject to change. No way you'd see me jumping on this sort of thing at this point though. if you didn't get your package from CID, that refund is going to be a HASSLE.


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This is pretty much listed on all their upcoming CID travel shows:
"If, at any point during the two weeks leading up to a particular event, the CDC Risk Assessment Level for COVID-19 for the Quintana Roo (CancĂșn) region of Mexico rises to a Level 4 or Mexico designates the area unsafe to hold an event we will be offering full refunds to those not wishing to attend the particular event and will work closely with the Artists and their representatives to determine if an event should be canceled. At this time, we are taking this situation day by day and event by event."

I guess Dead n Co wanted to pull the plug once they saw the members getting sick last minute and Jeff could have been sick too, that would have been half the band out. I doubt many people would want another fill in with Tom Hamilton. Also some positive tests within the CID staff when they got to Mexico. The venue didn't want them on the property, and now they have to quarantine in a hotel in Mexico for 5 days before coming back. Might be a little strife in the air since DeadnCo announced it s before CID. Crash my playa is planned to happen and apparently there is no vax mandate for that one...