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2021-08-11 - Hersheypark Stadium, Hershey, PA - Post-Show Discussion and Review

Started by anthrax, August 11, 2021, 07:38:46 PM

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WEDNESDAY 08/11/2021
Hershey, PA
Soundcheck: My Soul (this soundcheck is possibly incomplete)

SET 1: You Sexy Thing, Wombat, Free > A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing, Halley's Comet > Lonely Trip > Gotta Jibboo, Meat, Maze > You Sexy Thing

SET 2: Theme From the Bottom > Birds of a Feather, Bug > Light -> Party Time > Ruby Waves > Chalk Dust Torture

ENCORE: Show of Life > Say It To Me S.A.N.T.O.S.

Wombat had quotes and teases of You Sexy Thing, changing the lyrics to "You sexy wombat." Meat had teases of Let's Go Blue and You Sexy Thing. Party Time had a tease of You Sexy Thing. Chalk Dust Torture also had a tease and quote of You Sexy Thing.

fun show!  way better than last night.  AC is gonna rock.


Missed the first set but the second was pretty much a barnburner, nice 20 minute-ish Birds, slick segue from Light into Party Time and Ruby Waves had a deep psychedelic jam. A raging type I Chalkdust was the cherry on top.

Hopefully they can keep it rolling for AC.
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But, I don't think our fans do happily lap it up, I think they go online and talk about how it was a bad show.


Looks like a grand ol time - I can't remember the last time the took Birds for a ride...
Bring in the dude!


what i could listen for a bit at work sounds fun... i'm interested in set II.

please and thank you, KEEP THIS GOING FOR AC!  :pbjtime:
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Bring in the dude!


My buddy put it well last night. Felt a lot like bakers. We got a free snack from riding the chocolate tour ride, (which was crazy nostalgic since I haven't been on it in 25 years at least) the sexy thing theme that weaved throughout, jams and of course good people. Definitely lots of fun.
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They killed it on Birds, one of the best jams of the tour so far. Looking forward to the AC run.


Quote from: WhatstheUse? on August 11, 2021, 08:29:12 PMLooks like a grand ol time - I can't remember the last time the took Birds for a ride...

Not that long ago, actually.  Only the 3rd time for 3.0 though, I believe Bader Field was the first time. 

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%% with alternated lyrics about a 1995 jeep cherokee that was also sacraficed on this tour.

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A little wake-n-bake with my coffee and this show this morning. I found myself asking "Is this still Wombat?". I love a Sexy Wombat! 

That Halley's jam is pure magic. Love it. 
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ok...I was a lil spun outta my gourd but DAMN.....

Pre set 1: Molly barfed in line getting into the show....ran into Bird and.....damn I forget....don't mind me I was fucking taking the grand tour of Zeta Reticuli....

Set 1: Of course we got some Hot Chocolate, it was a steamy day...Wombat, not just any Wombat though! A funky SEXY Wombat! They were a lil off with the lyrics, but the jamz made up for it BIG time...Free, I remember a feeling I forgot. Fairly well executed, a few hiccups, but it was good.....Ocean. A nice lil darkness to juxtapose the uplifting Free. There were some missed queues, but a solid version....Halley's. I remember thinking "1st set Halley's, gonna be short and sweet". Boy was I wrong! I was fairly motionless til they shifted gears...I couldn't help it but to get my swerve on...Lonely Trip. This was a beautiful place for this debut. Swaying to the notes, feeling like I was on a boat rocking on some gentle waves. So pretty...Jiboo. Meh. It was a decent version, just not a fan of the song anymore...Meat. Very playful. The new effects were melting my brain cells...Maze. Awesome way to end the set! Fairly intense Maze (for 3-4.0 standards at least) that had me in a frenzy.

Set break found me hanging onto reality by a thin thread. Thank god for the small crew I was with for helping me keep it together. Lesson learned, DON'T consume an eye dropper full of liquid 1hr before a show...start much earlier in the day.

Set 2: Theme. Ok, off to a good start. Fairly standard, nothing exceptional...Birds. Love the groove. Had me insanely focused on the groove. I knew that slot 2 was the spot for THE jam of the night, as had been the case with almost every show up to that point. I was not prepared for the shift in gears when the jam lifted off. My poor brain couldn't make heads or tails of it. All I knew at that moment was that this band, these 4 guys, are the best damn band in the world at this moment. The end of the jam before it goes back into the Birds theme is one of the most glorious jams the boys have ever done IMHO. I was in ecstasy, on ecstasy, and smiling from ear to ear....Bug. Dunno why, but it was the perfect spot for this. Really solid version too. At one point, due to everything happening on a personal level with myself, I had tears streaming down my cheeks. It was just THAT good to me at that moment in time....Light. Don't normally dig this tune, but I think it really clicked for me this night. The groove was good.....Party Time. Meh. Filler. was a perfect segue though, and it did have me dancing so there's that at least...Ruby Waves. This one. Before this moment, I kinda looked down upon this as a bit of cheese. Maybe it was all the acid and ecstasy making my brain jello, but again I found myself with tears streaming down my face as I was dancing with the biggest smile on my face. The lyrics just kinda hit me...and then the jam...dear god that was a face melter. Again, the portion near the end...what a crescendo!....Chalkdust. Good way to end a set. Not a perfect rendition by any means, but it was fun...Show of Life. Hate this song. But for whatever reason, maybe the loss of my cousin to an OD, my own health issues, the loss of my relationship of 11 years...I dunno...something struck a nerve with me at that moment. Did not hate the song in that moment...SANTOS. Space smells like Hot Chocolate.

This is the sleeper show of leg 1. For me, Deer Creek N1-Hershey N2-Lakewood are the top3.

Attached pic just before showtime speaks for itself.

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