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2021/10/15 - Golden 1 Center, Sacramento, CA

Started by cactusfan, October 11, 2021, 10:10:38 AM

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Never miss a Sacramento show.

As I believe nobody has ever said before.

Anyway, I'll be there. I predict the greatest tour opener of all time. Or so.


A Phish show happened! It was fun. Jammy highlights were Mercury, Plasma, and Piper. Brother was hilarious. They found their way into it, seemed very excited, then Trey and Fish could not get the rhythm right. Trey seemed to think it was Fish's fault. It was so messed up they just aborted it. Then Fish started in with the correct beat, and they played a ripping version. After that there was a lot of banter. Sand was a hot encore. We needed some extra grooves at that point.

I had no idea And So to Bed was a White Tape song while they were playing it. Thought it was something new.

The Golden 1 Center feels giant. Not a huge crowd, which was pleasant.