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TAB 2022 Dates

Started by anthrax, February 07, 2022, 05:48:21 PM

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Gonna be 84 in Denver tomorrow and then a snowstorm blows in.  Calling for 4-6" the day before the Vail show and I think 2-3" in Morrison.  Going to be some frosty shows!


Yeah glad I'm not going to vail probably going to be snowing most the day. 
Def going to bundle up on the rocks. Going to be a lot of free tickets haha. 


Brief review of last night >>>

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Bring in the dude!


If this is love, I'm never going home..


Fairly psyched for this. Sweet art taboot.


When he played here 'Halloween weekend' back in 2019 I had a great time. It was one of the Acoustic Storyteller shows but it was a blast. He also didn't promote it as 'Halloween Weekend', probably to not raise expectations.

That art raises expectations!
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TAB has been on fire lately.
Should be a good time.


Nice, I didn't see that Chicago thing.  I for one am stoked for Portland.  Lots of other cool west coast dates but it's not likely I would travel for TAB.  I would try and arrange a work trip to go down to the Greek but I  will be in CO that weekend.  Would love to hit the Kettlehouse.


I'm going to be in LA visiting some friends that same weekend for Billy Strings at Wiltern so guess we will probably hit TAB too.