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TAB 2022 Dates

Started by anthrax, February 07, 2022, 05:48:21 PM

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Caught TABoose at Mohegan Sun last night. TAB set was mediocre until About to Run, then Trey kicked it into high gear. Goose set and all the sit-ins were great, 46 Days and Carini were kickass. Still not entirely sold on Goose, but 90% there. Fun night.

ETA: Mohegan Sun is a weird place, man.
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The whole thing just feels odd to me.
Trey sitting in with goose is one thing but 3 members of goose with TAB on stage is just a lot of noise at times and hard to really hear what's going on.

That's what I'm feeling. I get a sit in here or there but it feels like such forced over-kill to have all those guys playing with TAB. Like... why?

Mostly, I think I'm just jealous

The Jauntee and TAB tour I could get behind.

as long as there aren't too many sit ins
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First of all, that poster is for the entire tour.

Second of all, there have been some decent show posters.

Also, decent shows from all reports. I'm going on Thursday.


I listened to the entire show from Mohegan sun. Meh. Goose really sounds like every other 'not-phish' jam band from the early '00's. Trey sitting in with them was nice. I couldn't even tell that the Geese were playing with TAB when they sat in.
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I thought I had posted about the Lowell show already, but it appears not.  I enjoyed myself Friday night.  First, though, the city of Lowell is just a terrible place to visit for a show.  No good food/drink options open and with space that night.  Ended up getting food from a food truck before the show while getting into the case of Tree House I had picked up on the way up.  I suppose that could have been worse, but it also started raining before we headed in, and the people working the door (there may have been more than one, but it wasn't many) were not particularly efficient, which mean anyone not getting in early started the show very damp.  Oh well.

Goose set was fine, and it really seemed to pick up when Trey came out.  He was clearly leading their jams, and he even sung a verse of one of the songs.  The buddy who I went with was somewhat impressed, as he had listened to zero Goose before the show.  As I said, it was fine.

I found birdman and spouse with Watermelon Man at setbreak and got to hug and talk to them for a bit before heading back to my seat for the TAB set.  TAB was really good, and one of the highlights was during the encore, Trey acoustic with Rick (guitar player from Goose), playing Strange Design.  Really enjoyed that.  When the Goose guys all joined TAB, it was sometimes hard to tell what they were adding, though it was during this part (and/or when Trey came up during their set) that there was some great back and forth by the two guitarists.  Like.....really cool trading of solos and rhythm where it was hard to know who was doing what because they would so seemlessly play the alternate parts.

And, just for giggles, apparently someone shat themself at the show:
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i've watched both the tab and goose sit ins for the first 4 shows of this tour.  when goose sits in with tab, it's nothing special.  when goose is by themselves, it's nothing special.  but when trey sits in with goose and every song gets to the jam, it really takes off.  i'm digging it.


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You're entitled to your opinion but I'm going to laugh at it.


I'm sleep deprived after two nights of shows with long drives home & work... But suffice to say, last night was one I won't soon forget.