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Our Trip Is Short vol 7

Started by rowjimmy, December 28, 2023, 09:08:46 AM

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Proud to be on this year's OTIS compilation once again. I'm in good company too. Once again the set ranges wildly from straight ahead covers to balls out weirdness. As always, a Free Download, too.
Here's a note about this year's edition, followed by the track list:

QuoteYour Trip Is Short initially started as a Facebook group for Dead/Phish-heads from various experimental music scenes to congregate and share laughs about ole Jerr Bear and Papa Trey. As Facebook has waned and our friendships have become less social media-driven, we've spread out to all corners of the the world and world wide web, where we are waiting to be your friend.

This is the seventh annual compilation of Dead and Phish covers (and music inspired by the general GD/Ph universe) made by a few of our talented friends.
released December 28, 2023

1. Ghosts of the Florist - Get Rich While You're Sleeping 03:10
2. The Psychic Alliance - Mountains of the Moon 04:20
3. Scott Metzger - Wild Gas in the West 00:54
4. Ace Bandage - Mindbender (Confusion's Prince) 02:43
5. MrDougDoug - Dinner and a Movie 06:15
6. Acidface - Estimated Prophet 06:16
7. CarRl - The Continuing Story of Foam 03:57
8. Owsley's Owls - Alligator Jam > Golden Road 05:52
9. Dathon - Lt Worf Rat 07:27
10. J.M. Hart - Sittin' on Top of the World 03:17
11. artful wiles - The Horse (a brief interlude) 00:46
12. HollowEarth - west la fadeaway 06:26
13. nonband - Many Mansions > The Other One 20:58
14. Josh Olken & ragenap - Dark Star (Frisell/McNew version) (excerpt) 21:18
15. Owsley's Owls - Firth of Phish 03:10