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Last Complete Show Listened To?

Started by August, April 06, 2006, 03:55:04 PM

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what was it?
i just finished this one this morning...

My Morning Jacket
Toronto, ON

KM184 > V2 > EMagic A62 > laptop (Kristal 2x24/44.1)

Mic Config:
(75ยบ/20cm, 40', DFC, 8'up)

CEP 2.1 > Waves L2 (dither) > CDWave > flac

Disc 1
01 Wordless Chorus
02 It Beats 4 U
03 Gideon
04 One Big Holiday
05 The Dark
06 Golden
07 Sooner
08 What A Wonderful Man
09 Off The Record
10 Lay Low
11 Dondante
12 Run Thru

Disc 2 (encore)
01 Northern Sky (Nick Drake)
02 Oxen
03 Mahgeeta
04 Anytime



In the car I listen to either complete shows on cd or commercial cds. Ipod while working out, either random or shows.
Current cd "listening project" is entire big cypress. Finished 12/30 last week, now working on 12/31 :-)
This morning on the ipod new DSBD of 11/28/97- total sickness

Edit:  and now, at work, ADD
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i did that with cypress back in august.
it was the first time i had actually heard anything from 12-31...


  In the car to/from work the last few days:
04-14-93 American Theater, St. Louis, MO

1: Buried Alive, Poor Heart, Maze, Bouncing Around the Room, It's Ice, Stash-> Kung-> Stash, The Horse-> Silent in the Morning, The Divided Sky, I Didn't Know, Golgi Apparatus

2: AC/DC Bag, My Sweet One, Tweezer, Mound, Big Ball Jam, You Enjoy Myself*-> Harpua, Runaway Jim

E: Lengthwise, Contact, Tweezer Reprise

*With "Spooky" jam.

--Not too much to speak of...with the exception of Stash->Kung->Stash...pure hose coming back into Stash...goes from just the vocals of kung with trey screaming "From The Hills" into a ferocious Stash closing jam/ vocals in a matter of seconds LOTS of energy. Ill see if I can do a YSI later.
The YEM-> HArpua is just icing on the cake...


Finishing 1995-12-17 today on the way home.

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We must be in a similar mood...since my current car show is from just a few weeks prior...

03-16-93 Celebrity Theater, Phoenix, AZ

1: Sweet Adeline, Buried Alive-> Poor Heart, It's Ice, Fee, Maze, I Didn't Know, The Divided Sky, McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters, Cavern

2: My Friend My Friend, The Curtain, Tweezer-> Sweet Emotion-> Tweezer, Bathtub Gin, Esther, Chalk Dust Torture, You Enjoy Myself, HYHU-> Bike-> Lengthwise-> Bike, Lawn Boy, Llama, Amazing Grace

E: Sparkle-> Tweezer Reprise

The first set features good versions of Buried Alive, It's Ice, Divided Sky and McGrupps.

The second set is pretty great.  Especially the Tweezer--Sweet Emotion-->Tweezer and the Bike-->Lenghtwise-->Bike.  Fun, typically great phish show...pretty damn good setlist too!

VA $l!m

Phish: 7-20-98. did the whole show yesterday... check! --still my fav. :-D

and i just did GD: 5-6-70 Kresge Plaza, MIT, cambridge, MA. also.
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Cubby Bear
Chicago, IL

Set I:
Cole's Law
Pits Of Thunder
La Fiesta
Home On The Range

Set II:
Golden Road
Richie's Rooster
Chance In A Million
Drums >
Use Me Up
End Of The World Blues
E: Mercury Blues

You can read my thoughts here:


Phish Fall 1998 2 Disc Set

ph98d1t01 11-20 Rock and Roll Part 2
ph98d1t02 11-02 Jam reprise
ph98d1t03 11-02 Drowned
ph98d1t04 10-31 Sneakin' Sally
ph98d1t05 11-13 It's Ice
ph98d1t06 11-14 Tweezer
ph98d1t07 10-30 Antelope
ph98d1t08 11-04 Frankie Says
ph98d1t09 11-13 The Sloth
ph98d1t10 11-27 When The Circus Comes
ph98d1t11 11-29 Maze
ph98d1t12 11-06 Melt
ph98d1t13 11-11 Halley's philler track

ph98d2t01 11-07 Bag
ph98d2t02 11-14 Something
ph98d2t03 11-04 Piper
ph98d2t04 10-29 Jam
ph98d2t05 11-13 Meat
ph98d2t06 11-29 Gin
ph98d2t07 10-31 Lonesome Cowboy Bill
ph98d2t08 11-14 YEM
ph98d2t09 11-02 Time
ph98d2t10 11-27 Weekapaug reprise
ph98d2t11 11-25 Been Caught Stealin'

ph98d2t12 11-15 Rocky Top


11/28/97 again

Grateful Dead
Can we talk about the Dead?  I'd love to talk about the fucking Grateful Dead, for once, can we please discuss the Grateful FUCKING Dead!?!?!?!


just finished listening to the christmas jam--2005!



7/18/99 all before work today!  and while me & the boy were making COOKIES!
Much Respect
(the other resident mac guy) [macbook air]
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- Trey Anastasio


Just finished the Grateful Dead 4/29/71 closing of Fillmore East
Listening to GD 5/7/77 Boston Garden now, and before all that it was Pink Floyd 9/22/72 Hollywood Bowl... my all time favorite Floyd show which I finally got on CD, had a crappy tape for 10 years.


yesterday I was listened to these two complete shows, as I was transferring them:
Jazz Mandolin Project - 5/25/96
Jazz Mandolin Project - 12/5/96

(both will be up on the archive shortly after their upload FTP server is back online).  :-P
sing me back home before I die


Quote from: jasonsobel on April 06, 2006, 07:09:06 PM
yesterday I was listened to these two complete shows, as I was transferring them:
Jazz Mandolin Project - 5/25/96
Jazz Mandolin Project - 12/5/96

(both will be up on the archive shortly after their upload FTP server is back online).  :-P

Fuck, I was hoping for a hint in this thread :P