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R1/W03: 07-10-1997 Espace Julien, Marseille, France

Started by August, May 29, 2006, 12:14:57 AM

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This is gonna sound surprising, but I actually enjoyed the second set to the first set.

Opening the second set is the WAY TOO LONG 2001.  This is the antithesis to the last 2001 we listened to here, and it is about a billion times less funky in my opinion.  Just because Trey uses a wah to accentuate the beat and Page jumps on the clavinet does not make it funkier.  This 2001 is at LEAST 3-5 minutes TOO LONG.   SNOOZE.  BORING.  Funny banter to begin the set tho, btw.  They must love playing in france, because the french shows have THE BEST stage banter.  Nice Star Spangled Banner quote at the end of the way too long 2001 from Trey to accentuate the banter.  I wonder how the lights were for this in a small club?  Btw, I think the perfect time limit for the 2001 is probably the 95-96 5-7 minute range.  Some stretching out...some TIGHT funk...but no boring spaces.  (I do happen to really dig on the 12/18/99 2001, because of the HUGE Frampton Jamming...but that's besides the point).

2001 leads into Julius.  Julius is always one of those tunes that I groan at when it starts, but by the end I have a SMILE on my face.  This Julius has some sweet ass Start-Stop slow funky r and b going on at the very end of the jam.  Some might prefer a HUGE julius ending, but I really did dig on this.  This would be a good one to play ont he beach during the summer time.  Great Julius...and it melts down into...

MAGILLA!!!! AND WHAT A HUGE MAGILLA IT IS!!!! This is a FANTASTIC Magilla.  Mike's solo is HUGE.  Great playing all around.  Blows down the Va. Beach Magilla that we got three weeks later (which I LOVED) away HANDS DOWN!!!  Goddamn this is the smokingest Magilla I've ever heard.  And it segues into!!!!

YAMAR!!! GREAT ANTICS!  GREAT YAMAR.  FUN FUN FUN.  I LOVE IT.  AND THEY'LL SUCK YOUR BLOOD TOO!  And huge Magilla teasing at the end!  I was hoping they might go back into another Magilla, but it wasn't to be.  Fun ass yamar.  I love hearing the boys have a great time in the small euro venues. 

And out of the Yamar jam comes GHOST!  Without the traditional '97 opening.  Great ghost.  I prefer a ghost like this WHOLESALE to one like the Amsterdam 97 ghost.  Great opening jam.  Great segue into a HORRIBLE RENDITION of take me to the river (they actually do try to play it, it just sucks).  This take me to the river reminds me of the horrendous take on low rider that the band did 11/23/97 in Winston.  Great Disease...horrible Low Rider.  Same here.  If you guys haven't heard 11/21/95, do so now.  They only do about a verse and a half...but the band PLAYS THE HELL out of take me to the river in the middle of an INSANE bowie.  The ending return to the Ghost jam is GREAT!  As is the band singing TAKE ME TO THE RIVER over the jam.  I like that, it's fun, and the band seems to recognize how shittily they covered Take Me To The River.  Great job guys.

What a fun set.  I definitely liked it more than the first set, because it was engaging and FUN.

Son Seals comes out and blows the roof off the place, which only sucks, because PAUL HAD HIS GUITAR SO FUCKING LOW IN THE MIX THAT NOBODY COULD HEAR HIM.  What in the fuck Paul?  Great version of funky bitch nonetheless (if the horns weren't too loud.).  So far, this has been my fave of the three shows (even tho the Hood is THE SHIT from the Fox) to listen to...and I hope this club doesn't die off (it seems like we keep dropping off in post count week after week).

Thanks august....and lets keep the reviews coming in!


its only monday... we've got all week.
Much Respect
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Quote from: jedifunk on May 30, 2006, 12:57:01 AM
its only monday... we've got all week.

HELLS YEAH WE DO!   :banana:


yes, we do. i just ripped this show and stuck it in the car for later.  :banana:
Quote from: rowjimmy on August 25, 2015, 11:19:15 AM
You're entitled to your opinion but I'm going to laugh at it.


The French love Jimi Hendrix and Danny Bonaduce :-)
Another fun show.
Set 1 -
it's all about Gin.
Dogs - good starter
LxL - always like this song, but i think it got better as time went on. RCMH 2000 comes to mind
Gin- what can I say - great funk jam. One of the things I like about this show is that there is a new twist on so may songs, this was the best
Lama - another good one. see ^
Velvet Sea - OK, I admit it. I like this song. Smite me if you wish. (I also like bouncin', Caspian, FEFY). Good placement, good transition into and out of. Trey has done a better, more majestic solo at the end in other versions, though
Lizard's jam - very cool
OP - fun way to end the set

Set 2 - this one kept growin on me. I liked it better than set 1. May not have been the best musically, but I was smiling the whole time. They were having fun and it showed.
2001- nice
Julius -another one that always hits it for me; haven't heard a version i didn't feel like just getting up and dancing. swinging jam, even if it is "type 1"
Magilla - loved it
Ya Mar - great jam, lots of fun. St Tropez (sonny rollins) tease near the end
ghost>river - loved the twist they put on ghost. i was imagining Herbie hancock up there with them for this. Great, but simple jam. Mike was definitely on this set
FB - agree with comment above - Son Seals' solo was hot, but you could hardly hear it. The horn player detracted from the tune.

Overall, fun show with lots of twists. Not quite as good as 7/2/97 but def a keeper. A-
thanks aug :phish:
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what i like most about this show is the vibe of the whole thing.
it's so relaxed and fun and full of a deep grooving funkiness.

every song is played through the prism of this vibe, so every song is changed.
i love when that happens.
and it's such a funky set!
look at all the songs NOT played:
and everything else that isn't straight up groove.

i don't know that any of these songs would come up as favorite versions for me, but with shows like this, that's not the point; it's the whole show as one 'thing' that makes it work so well.

whenever i hear shows with this kind of low-key vibe i always feel like i can hear each instrument so clearly. there's no 'wall of sound' moments anywhere in the show. it's not that the interplay of the instruments is any better than in a crazy rocking show, it's more that the relaxed nature of the playing allows you to hear every little moment. or something like that.

gin is the highlight of set one. but the whole set works. the dogs limb ginseng opening works great, totally setting the vibe. it makes me want to sit on someone's porch at sunset with a fat joint and a glass of whiskey, you know?
then llama, but even llama they can't maintain-- they're too mellow and funked out, so they turn it into a groovy jam, then chill things out (as if they needed chilling) with velvet sea, and then they just jam for awhile before upping the intensity for all of three minutes w/ oblivious fool to close it out.

set two starts out right where they left off, totally fun and mellow. they don't know what to play, so they just play and it turns into 2001.
which in this show, played in this way, is the IDEAL length. little 3 minute rocker versions of this song are fine for rocking '93 shows, but man would that ever sound out of place in a show like this. i love how this 2001 just funks along without a worry in the world.
julius is awesome. again, it's just a totally different song from what it normally is, because the vibe of the night demands it.
i love how it goes into magilla. i'm definitely in a rocking chair on that porch, well into my second whiskey now.
the ya mar jam is so fun. foot stomping!
and the way it segues into ghost is so nice, and so unusual. the rhythym of ghost is very different, especially in the beginning of the song. i like this jam basically until 8 or 9 minutes in, when trey switches on the rock.
for me, this is where the show ends. ghost goes on with the take me to the river bit, but this all feels totally uninspired to me.
though i do like the encore. too bad about the guitar being so low, but otherwise a nice way to finish things.

this show isn't my favorite of this tour but still i love it.
shows with this kind of unified feel are just fun to listen to.
who wouldn't wish they were at this one? (was anyone?)

so thanks for giving me a reason to pull this show out again.
it's been way too long since i last heard it.


7/10/97: Marseille, France

What can I say, this has been a favorite of mine since project '97.  Its all about the Gin here.  I would have to disagree with fauxpax, no offense, but I love 2001 and IMO there isn't one that exists out there that is "too long".  But thats just my $.02. I love the lizards jam, you can't really tell what it is until late.  Unfortunatley, I have the version with tracks listed as SICK FUNK JAM #1, how obnoxious.  Nevertheless, I love this show everytime I listen to it.  The Transition from Julius into Magilla is a favorite of mine, extra smooth and jazzy and I like Mikes little solo in there.  The Yamar is fun, and the Boys really seem to be enjoying themselves.  Is it me, or does it seem sometimes that Trey and Mike really try to F with each other during this song to try and make each other screw up and laugh?  Vampire Child?  :-D  I know I probably couldn't have kept a straight face.  Great Jams all around, the crowd seems to be lovin' it and who can blame them.  Def. one of my favorites of '97(which actually isn't saying much because I like so many of the shows from '97).  Oh ya, and any time you get to hear Phish play Funky Bitch with Son Seals is A OK in my book. :beers: 
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Without repeating what has been said before, I would like to just add that the permeation of the gin throughout the first set is as good as tanqueray through tonic and ice cubes. Love the lizards jam and WITVS as well.

Second set is where the boys get the groove on. Good stage banter, killer julius. Great Magilla/Ya Mar/Ghost/River, and I have to agree that Son Seals' guitar is too low in the mix. Not sure if this is the best show of this run, but i'd give it a solid B+/A- for the energy alone.
Quote from: rowjimmy on August 25, 2015, 11:19:15 AM
You're entitled to your opinion but I'm going to laugh at it.


still havnt had a chance to listen...been busy with work :frustrated:
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VA $l!m

well, it took a few days, but i think i listened to the whole thing... actually pretty short show.
Dogs stole-- i like this choice for an opener; though it prob wouldnt fly in this spot once it was better known. set the tonew for the show in my mind though.

LimByLimb-- alright, 1st off i personally dislike this soing w/out the Chinese wall part; it just seems a little noodley to me, though this version is decent, and Trey steps up, and starts to take his place as the leader of the show in general.

Ginseng-- nice placement, continues the mood set with Dogs, this the "dope-Yest" of the Bluegrass tunes IMO...

Bathtub-- OK, lets start the show!!
nice version... somewhat old school, in my mind, lots of goofin around, not a straight Gin...
this is the point in the show where i noticed my one major gripe w/ this show as a whole though-- Page's Equipment-- as far as i can tell-- correct me if i'm wrong-- he is using only a synth for all his sounds, not the organ, piano, maybe there is a real rhodes, moog, clavi-- not sure, but to me they all sound like a synth... bugged the hell out of me for the rest of the show-- especially once
LLama hit... the lack of a real Hammond B3 was crucial, but
very hot funk grooves throughout battub> LLAma...
then i was tired and i have to admit i skipped sailin the seas of cheese...

Lizards jam continued the old school fun funkin around vibe-- cool...
Oblivious Fool... i like this song when its called shafty...cant stand it with this music.

2001... great shit, again the synth bugged me,,, but sweet version-- to the point, no more no less.
Julius... great placement... nice version of a song that i often dislike... good shit

.... rest of the set--- great, loved it, MIKE was jammin more this set, great play between him and TREy- who i thought was the star of the first set... seemed short, like there should be another song or two after take me to the river, but also seemed appropriate for the small club type sounding vibe i was getting... i really had an impression of them loving playing this gig  to a smaller audioence like theyt were back in the day w/ no worries...
encore...different/ cool.

overall... 7.3 on slim's 10 pt scale.
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I don't know if you are talking in general...but during the was definitely on a full size piano...he brought his full set up with them to Europe.

During the jam the parts that sound like a "synth" are in fact the Moog (an analog type of synthesizer...the rock band "Air" uses them alot) and  the Clavinet (an electric piano that sounds like plucking a guitar, it's the keyboard sound heard on "Frankenstein" very predominately...and is also used by John Medeski in his jams as a counterpoint to his Hammond organ).

Also, I realized that some of the "lazer beam" sounds that sound like they are synth sounds coming from Page, are in fact coming from Mike's bass.  Listen to the "Yamar" when Trey calls out for just Mike and Fish...Mike lets out some nasty ass "lazer beam" licks...I don't know if he had it running through a Moogerfooger....some type of stand alone synth...or what...but it is a pretty wicked sound to have come from the bass.

But yes, Page did have his piano there (just not used during the Gin jam).

And yes, Page did have his Hammond there as well.  That is definitely not a synthesized organ.

A rhodes sounds VASTLY differant than both of those...and he doesn't use a rhodes very often.

VA $l!m

well, i def. don't need the equipment lecture... i'm a keyboardist by trade... but thanks...
if you have definitve proof this is his normal setup, then i guess the only possiblily that what i'm hearing is the PA mix or somethin else in the production...... uh, honestly i'd like to be prooven wrong, so i could go back and listen again... he definitely was f---ing around on the moog more than usual, maybe thats what was throwing me off.
oh well, page was annoying me in general then if i'm wrong on the equipment thing, maybe he just wasnt in the pocket as much as i would like. :| :| :|
-I'm still walkin', so i'm sure that I can dance-


Quote from: VA slim on June 01, 2006, 03:39:01 PM
well, i def. don't need the equipment lecture... i'm a keyboardist by trade... but thanks...
if you have definitve proof this is his normal setup, then i guess the only possiblily that what i'm hearing is the PA mix or somethin else in the production...... uh, honestly i'd like to be prooven wrong, so i could go back and listen again... he definitely was f---ing around on the moog more than usual, maybe thats what was throwing me off.
oh well, page was annoying me in general then if i'm wrong on the equipment thing, maybe he just wasnt in the pocket as much as i would like. :| :| :|

The mix does sound pretty bad, and as far as definitive proof is concerned, I'm looking for pictures on right now to show you that he did indeed have his full settup.

I wasn't trying to lecture you, only trying to say that you were wrong :P

J/K...I wasn't trying to be a dick in my response, I worded it lengthily because I wasn't sure myself, so I went back and listened to both the Gin and the Llama.  And I wanted to explain why I thought what I thought more than just saying YOU'RE WRONG!

One of my biggest complaints with pre-93 phish is that the electric piano sounds like BULLSHIT to me.  And this show definitely sounds like a real piano to me.  It could be synthed...but I don't think it is.  I will admit that page is not as prominent as he could be in the mix...I think it is because they are playing a small club and not an amphitheatre.



Ok, I don't have conclusive proof that the piano was there...but Phish's "TMIPH" for June '97 talks extensively about the summer 97 tour... nowhere does it mention missing equipment (and it seems that Trey, Mike and Fish have their full equipment setups at the time)...but it does say that at the Fourth Ball show that the band had to play their practice equipment because their road equipment was already shipped over to europe. 

Also, they played Loving Cup at least once which intimates (to me) that Page had a grand piano with him, because the reason Loving Cup was not debuted live until 93 was that Page was waiting for a real piano to play it live (he was quoted as saying that sometime in '92).  So, I think that the circumstantial evidence points to their full setup being used.

The 98 european tour, on the other hand, featured the band using rented equipment from night to night...

VA $l!m

looks like we have a contest to find pics on our hands-- :banana:
-I'm still walkin', so i'm sure that I can dance-