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R1/W03: 07-10-1997 Espace Julien, Marseille, France

Started by August, May 29, 2006, 12:14:57 AM

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Quote from: ikki on June 05, 2006, 10:44:40 PM
Limb Listening to this my mind went back to the recent conversation of the history of this song's placement, and I think that this is near perfect setlist position for the tune.  It doesn't really work as an opener, in fact I'm not sure if they ever even played it as an opener, but in the number two position here it works as a great bridge to get into the meat of the set. 

06-19-97 Arena, Vienna, Austria

1: Limb By Limb, Dogs Stole Things, Theme From the Bottom*-> Punch You in the Eye, Water in the Sky, Maze, Waste, Vultures, Runaway Jim

2: Stash-> Ghost-> I Saw It Again, Wading in the Velvet Sea, Piper, Jesus Just Left Chicago, Prince Caspian

E: Beauty of My Dreams, Character Zero, Hello My Baby#

*With "The Landlady" tease (including dance by Trey and Mike).  #No mics.

Nice Aug

In the above mentioned show Stash has a jam similar to the 30Nov.97 version.


I just finished set 1 myself...  I agree with Bathtub being where it started, and I liked it a lot.  Llama didn't do it for me though, the jam sounded more forced.  I thought Velvet sea was good there and I definitely liked the Lizards jam.

But that's just me.  Set 2 to follow...

There are 10 types of people in this world.  Those who understand binary, and those who don't.


Quote from: august on June 05, 2006, 10:54:42 PM
as for limb by limb openers....


its good to get it out of the way..  :wink:

There you go, I've even heard two of them.   :-D

And yeah 6-19-97 is a great Stash!
Quote from: Trey Anastasio
But, I don't think our fans do happily lap it up, I think they go online and talk about how it was a bad show.


Also Sprach Zarathustra -> Really liked this one
Julius, rockin'
Magilla -> Ya Mar* Cool.  Good interplay
Ghost -> Take Me To The River.  I love the funk
E: Funky Bitch*  Good to hear with Son Seals' band I like these

Show overall, B+ IMO.

I was early 97 so the funk wasn't as thick and easy flowing as it could.  There were definite highlights however.  I'm on to this week's assignment.

There are 10 types of people in this world.  Those who understand binary, and those who don't.


OK, I know you've all been dying to hear my set II review so here it is:

Great opening banter on this one, love the Bonaduce/Partridge Family comments.  I always thought it was strange that the band pretty much stopped talking to the crowd on a regular basis in 98-99.  How bizarre was it that the band said nothing over the entire ending run at Shoreline in 2000, they didn't even announce Bobby when he took or left the stage!  Anyway, stuff like this is priceless and I wish it was a part of more shows from 98 on. 

2001:  Fairly standard version, which means nice and funky.  Some good work by Mike and at least one buzzkilling flub by Trey but other than that nothing too notable.

Julius: I think it's a good tune myself, and it was never overplayed so nobody has any reason to hate.  This is an above average version I would say, slightly extended and Trey plays some pretty hot blues leads when they break it down toward the end. 

Magilla:  I'm surprised nobody brought up the truly awful clapping during this one, man those Euros really love "the clap", too bad they are no good at it!  (Sorry Mopper if I offend  :wink:)  Anyway, good selection here, this is a bustout for 97 no?  Very cool to hear the band in full jazz mode this late in the game, since that became so rare.  Nice work by Leo of course, but I think Trey is particularly tasty here giving Gordo room to solo and just totally switching over to that other jazzy mode of playing guitar effortlessly.  Fishman's attempt at latin percussion here is pretty funny.  It seemed to me they were toying with the idea of going into Sanity during the rave ups at the end, but instead . . .

Ya Mar:  But they haven't gotten any Sanity style wackiness out of their systems yet so this ends up being a version chock full of schtick and is a really fun listen.   Nothing too crazy musically, but still good, Trey's solo takes on a jazzy feel again and he acknowledges it with a Magilla tease, he might be teasing something else after this but I'm not sure.  Then a pretty smooth segue into. . .

Ghost:  Starts off really quiet which is novel and yeah they rush the tempo too, I think Trey's vocals on this are a little better than usual, more soul than I'm used to from him.  Sure this one's funky, but they clearly hadn't unlocked the potential of the tune yet.  Mike's high pitched bass effect is cool and very YEM-ish to me, other than that not too much to write home about.  Trey hits a kind of monotonous chugging groove and they segue into. . .

Take Me to the River:  I don't know man, at first with the boring groove and Trey's bad vocals I hated this.  But somehow by the end of it, it won me over.  They could've have easily gone into Free in the middle there, but instead they break it down a Trey busts out more tasty quiet blues licks, very nice!  Somehow with the spacey jam in there and the soul infused reprise at the end this ends up being the highlight of the set for me, go figure!  I was pretty surprised that was the end of the show, but whateves I'm sure it had been a tiring tour for them.

The encore sounds like absolute dook on my source, so I won't comment further.

Overall a solid B set, a bit short and no monster jams to speak of, but a cool jazz/blues vibe dominates the set and creates a coherent mood which is always a bonus.  I have to give set I the edge here, just because there's more substance and notable versions of songs:  Gin and Llama specifically.  Still a solid B+ show overall, and a really fun listen. 

I fired this one up on the big system in the basement, which I need to do more often, and I absolutely love the way these Euro 97s sound!  You can really hear how small the rooms they played were, and I really dig the way Leo is going nuts on his synths in pratically every show, they give all the shows a similar style that's almost immediately identifiable.  I still gotta say 7/2 is the king of the run, and I would nominate 6/20 for a dark horse, I really dug that one the other day. 

Excellent choice Aug, now I'm on to 12/9!
Quote from: Trey Anastasio
But, I don't think our fans do happily lap it up, I think they go online and talk about how it was a bad show.