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R1/W17: 07-06-1994 St. Denis Theatre, Montreal, QC

Started by Alumni, September 03, 2006, 12:22:36 PM

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only 2 reviews this week  :?
where is slslbs?
dont break the streak!


Total review pages dropping from 56, 38, 22, to 15 since 1Dec.94 pick.

I'm up next, maybe I can "pick up the pieces" :-D


Donna Lee jamming in jazz section of Tweezer.


Quote from: august on September 09, 2006, 01:12:11 PM
only 2 reviews this week  :?

I was starting to think it was karma - I've missed the last couple weeks because I moved, and had to go out of town right after settling into the new place. Maybe the show of the week thing is just running its course, though?

Anyway, I tried to pick a cool show that maybe a bunch of folks didn't have already. It's sort of ironic that you mentioned the 2nd set, aug -- I got stuck a little bit on the 1st set.

I love both of them, though. Just a really solid show, from start to end. For the longest time, I never looked twice at this show, becuase of the great woods gamehendge that followed it. But it's a classic  :-)
Cause I got a degree


   Never heard any of this show before and I am thoroughly impressed.
  First set is really strong with a ripping Fluff getting things done. Reba ...ahh, what can I say about this Reba. The best I've never heard... absolutely stunning. Bowie..enjoyable listen for a sunday morning. Had me stomping my feet while sipping my coffe.
  Set II has a lot of fluff but the Tweezerand Landlady really drive the set home. I love 94 Tweezers because the boys were really beginning to explore the spaces this song could go and this one is no different..typically great.
  Hood tops off the 2nd set in majestic fashion. Love when they keep it quiet and beautiful for awhile in the beginning of the jam.
Solid encore sends the fans home happy.

As far as the Show of the Week goes, Ive listened to all of them so far but have been too lazy to post reviews for all of them (hippies, lazy?go figure) I really enjoy listening to all y'alls picks. Keep them coming gang :beers:


Quote from: birdman on September 10, 2006, 11:23:50 AM
As far as the Show of the Week goes, Ive listened to all of them so far but have been too lazy to post reviews for all of them (hippies, lazy?go figure) I really enjoy listening to all y'alls picks. Keep them coming gang :beers:

couldn't have said it better myself


I still plan to review this show, but I got side-tracked by a pair of breasts. More later. Sorry for the delay.


Sorry for the late review. I've been distracted.

Show kicks off with a real hip-shaking Lama. A surprising and well-placed Fluffhead follows with some tight jamming. Julius starts up with a stop-and-go intro then jams, not unlike any other Julius.
Reba: Fantastic version that becomes quite unique but then turns a bit monotonous in the last five or so minutes. It could have been a classic. Still, I loved hearing where this went.
Bowie: 94 is the year for Bowie, but you wouldn't know it by this version.

Poor Heart: Not surprised by the somewhat atypical version of Poor Heart, considering it's the second set and precedes Tweezer.
This is a so-so Tweezer, in my opinion. It can't compete with some of the great 1994 Tweezers, but it has its moments, with HYHU and 2001 teases.
Like most Tweezer sets, songs get untwined and loose. This is no exception, with Lawn Boy played so lightly it nearly disappears. The Character Zero quickly morphs into a surprising and well-placed BBFCFM. Great version. Sounds like a plane falling through the air and crashing.
Reality emerges momentarily with a typically poppy, upbeat Sample then back to a menacing BBFCFM. I'm totally surprised and happy to hear Fishman start up Hood.
The Hood, however, literally put me to sleep. Super chill.

I liked the show a lot. I'm listening to 1994 in chronological order right now, so it's nice to compare this with others.

Grade: B+