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Right now I'm listening to...

Started by bacchist, September 03, 2006, 09:01:24 PM

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12/15/95 The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
Source: AKG 396's>D7>ZA2>Soundforge 4.0>CD Wave Editor>SHN

DAT>HD>SHN transfer:Mike Ayers
SHN Upload: Byron Poland

note: level adjustment up at 0:25 during chalkdust
      one digi spot at 0:56 during chalkdust and at 1:24 during Good Times, Bad Times (both very minor and quiet). 

Disc 1:
1. Chalkdust>
2. Harry Hood>
3. Wilson>
4. Maze>
5. Ha Ha Ha>
6. Suspicious Minds>
7. HYHU>
8. Cars Trucks Buses
9. Bouncin
10. Free>
11. Possum

Disc 2:
1. Tweezer reprise>
2. Jim>
3. Ice>
4. Bathtub Gin>
5. Jam>
6. Mallory>*
7. 2001>
8. Bowie
9. Adeline
10. Tuning:"Are You Ready"
11. Good Times Bad Times>
12. Tweezer reprise reprise

*fishman solo piano 

Trey quotes/teases Where Have All The Good Times Gone near 8:56.  After a fairly dark but magnificent Ice jam, some fans were probably wondering just that.   


Full on attendance bias but I love that show.
VERY different to the night before, though.


New Our Trip Is Short comp.
Heads covering Dead & phish or making original Dead/Phish inspired jammerz.

I"m on there this year.

Buffalo Budd

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DP 4
GD at FE 2/14/1970

Followed by ABB Bears Sonic Journal from the same run.

I can't imagine what it was like to see ABB with Duane followed by GD on the same night.
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Quote from: sls.stormyrider on February 14, 2023, 06:38:58 PMDP 4
GD at FE 2/14/1970

Followed by ABB Bears Sonic Journal from the same run.

I can't imagine what it was like to see ABB with Duane followed by GD on the same night.

Classic indeed!
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Polaris Ampitheatre
Columbus, Oh

Schoeps Cmc6/mk4's > V2 > Dap1 > Clone

Fostex D5 @ 48k > Vx Pocket 440 > Toshiba Portege 3480ct >
SF 6.0 w/Fades & Resampling (48 to 44.1) > Cd Wave > Flac

Transferred, Seeded By;
Greg Lance

Set I/Disc 1
1. My Friend, My Friend
2. Ya Mar
3. Roget
4. Rift
5. Cities
6. Water in the Sky
7. Stash

Disc 2/Set II
1. Curtain >
2. Free
3. If I Could
5. Avenu >
6. Twist >
7. Izabella
8. Julius
9. Cavern

Disc 3/Encore
2. Slave

What a jam!  Summer '98 is chalk full of tasty jam nuggets. 


Quote:phish:  8-11-98
Star Lake Amp - Pittsburgh, PA.
Source: Schoeps CMK4 > Sonosax > DA-P1

Disc 1:

1) Trenchtown Rock
2) Julius
3) Wolfman's Brother
4) Time Loves A Hero
5) Bittersweet Motel
6) Reba
7) The Sloth
8) Ginseng Sullivan
9) Fee

Disc 2:

1) Maze
2) Sample In A Jar
3) Runaway Jim
4) Meat
5) Limb X Limb

Disc 3:

1) Circus Comes To Town
2) Down With Disease
3) Wilson
4) Golgi

Was standing around in my kitchen making toast w/ almond butter, I hear Trey quote First Tube.  Subtle but notable at 11:08.  Trey feeling the 8 Foot Fluorescents.     


QuotePhish -
April 19th 1992
The Catalyst - Santa Cruz, CA

Disc 1            (67:53)
Set 1
01. Buried Alive >      02:15
02. NICU         05:54
03. Stash         09:27
04. Paul and Silas      03:20
05. My Friend My Friend      06:48
06. Reba         11:42
07. Maze         08:30
08. Fee            05:09
09. Chalkdust Torture      06:22
10. I Didn't Know#      03:35
11. Golgi Apparatus      04:44

Disc 2            (79:50)
Set 2
01. The Curtain         06:19
02. Mike's Song >      08:06
03. I Am Hydrogen >      03:00
04. Weekapaug Groove%      09:56
05. The Horse>Silent in the Morning   06:25
06. My Sweet One      02:48
07. Tube         03:32
08. The Mango Song      07:00
09. Llama         05:18
10. Lawnboy         02:37
11. Cold As Ice>      01:41
12. If I Only Had a Brain>
   Cold As Ice*      04:24
13. Runaway Jim         08:33

14. Sleeping Monkey      05:19
15. Cavern         04:44

#Fishman introduced as Tommy Dorsey; with trombone solo and"Take it apart" vocal jam%with vocal jam at the end*with "Lively Up Yourself" quoteswith occasional special guest Cameron McKenny on "rhythm guitar" during set 1-actually a young friend of Trey's, doesnot actually play rhythm guitar

There's a great moment in this Reba, in the very last section of the composed part, right before they repeat the section but with Trey and Page a measure off or whatever it is. It seems like both Trey and Fish forget and start to go into the next section, then catch themselves and without missing a beat (literally) Trey counts them off and they go right back into it. I backed it up to listen again 3 times because it was just such a smooth correction.
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Some good shit by a band you guys should check out...

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Quote from: kellerb on August 02, 2009, 02:29:05 AM
You haven't lived until you've had a robot shart in your ear and followed along in the live setlist thread while it happens. 


great mike's song  :beerbang:  :beerbang:

QuoteTUESDAY 08/24/1993
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Soundcheck: Jam, Leprechaun, The Wedge, Funky Bitch (with "Beds are Burning" lyrics)

SET 1: Chalk Dust Torture > All Things Reconsidered, Bouncing Around the Room > It's Ice > Nellie Kane, Split Open and Melt, The Horse[1] > Silent in the Morning, Uncle Pen, Maze, Golgi Apparatus

SET 2: Llama, Horn > Ya Mar[2], Mike's Song > Ginseng Sullivan[3] > Weekapaug Groove[4] > Wilson > Rift, Suzy Greenberg, Hold Your Head Up > Cracklin' Rosie > Hold Your Head Up, Run Like an Antelope

ENCORE: Halley's Comet > Poor Heart, Sweet Adeline[5]

[1] Trey on acoustic guitar.
[2] Included alternate lyrics from Mike.
[3] Trey on acoustic guitar, Mike on upright bass, and Fish on Madonna washboard.
[4] Unfinished.
[5] Without microphones.

Trey teased Lazy (Deep Purple) in CDT. Trey made several references to the venue's springy floor and the fans bouncing on it while they danced. It's Ice contained Theme from James Bond and I Feel the Earth Move teases. Melt contained Long Tall Glasses and Dave's Energy Guide teases. The Horse featured Trey on acoustic guitar. Ya Mar included alternate lyrics from Mike. Ginseng featured Trey on acoustic guitar, Mike on upright bass, and Fish on Madonna washboard. Fish, usually subject to nicknames when he takes the mic, introduced Trey as Chuck Norris on the drums. Trey retorted by calling Fish "a butt with protruding arms and legs." Weekapaug was unfinished and featured La Marseillaise teases from Page. Suzy included Blue Monk and Tweezer teases. Antelope contained an O Canada tease from Trey and was dedicated to three new crew members from Vancouver. Adeline was performed without microphones. Baby Gramps was the opening act.

VA $l!m

 Tweezer> Taste from 4.4.98

hot damn.  :o
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lots of "newer" stuff...

on repeat often are:
7/16/23 carini
7/26/23 carini
7/29/23 fuego
10/27/18 nminml
Much Respect
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SUNDAY 10/22/1995
Champaign, IL
Soundcheck: Buffalo Bill, The Old Home Place, Dog Log

SET 1: AC/DC Bag, My Mind's Got a Mind of its Own, The Sloth, Runaway Jim, Weigh > NICU, Fast Enough for You, It's Ice > Poor Heart > Sample in a Jar, I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome[1], Stash

SET 2: Golgi Apparatus, Possum -> Catapult, The Curtain > Tweezer -> Makisupa Policeman -> Big Black Furry Creature from Mars, Life on Mars?, Uncle Pen, Slave to the Traffic Light > Cavern

ENCORE: Sweet Adeline, The Squirming Coil

[1] Acoustic.

I'm Blue I'm Lonesome was performed acoustic and Stash was preceded by a Simpsons signal. Trey teased Dave's Energy Guide and Sneakin' Sally through the Alley in Possum. During Sweet Adeline the band kept rotating the direction they were facing to sing to the entire crowd.