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All Things ViDEO GAMES

Started by VA $l!m, March 12, 2007, 04:10:23 PM

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VA $l!m

Quote from: emay on February 28, 2023, 11:32:56 AMJedi survivor 4/28
the word is its REALLY good from previews.

also, i just got in Wayfinder beta. very stoked.
its a Destiny like multiplayer looter game published by Warframe devs.
looking really fun.
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not your typical game genre, but Cities Skylines 2 was just announced. best city builder game ever finally getting a new version after 8+ years
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VA $l!m

real excited for Sifu Arena dlc.
-I'm still walkin', so i'm sure that I can dance-

VA $l!m

so i'm 3 for 3on ps5 controllers with stick drift :(
but last time i bought one at best buy they said theyd cover replacement.
took it in today and they ordered a new one but entire best buy site was out of stock except... pink ofc.
i hope it has rainbows and unicorns too
-I'm still walkin', so i'm sure that I can dance-


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