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Archiving shn/flac shows on DVD

Started by Mr Minor, January 24, 2008, 10:54:26 PM

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Mr Minor

Any suggestions as to what brands, types of DVD's, etc. are the best to use when archiving shows?   :?

Also, any suggestions as to where to purchase them to get the best prices?  Internet or specific stores...


taiyo yuden blanks never did me wrong.  I trust them.  You can get them for good prices at too
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Quote from: whyweigh2.5 on January 25, 2008, 02:06:48 AM
taiyo yuden blanks never did me wrong.  I trust them.  You can get them for good prices at too
Agreed.  Go with TY.  Although, I think it's cheaper at depending on what exactly you're getting.


Personally the Sony Supremas have never done me wrong.  Plus they're easier to find. :wink:

Mr Minor

And a follow up question-

Is it better to use the single layer (DVD-R) or dual layer (DVD-DL)?  I know dual layer has more space, but is it cost effective?  I imagine storing them is less space, but is the quality the same?


It's definitely cheaper to store them on single layer discs.  Two single layer discs cost about 60 cents, where dual layer discs are about $2 each.  I will say that after a while it kind of becomes a pain in the ass backing up everything up to DVD.  After about 100 discs worth of backing up I bit the bullet and just bought an external hard drive.  Not as cost effective, but for a little over $100, you can get a 500gb external drive from, which works out to the equivelant of about 3 times as much as if you did it via DVD-R.  But instead of burning data discs all the time, writing the shows out on the disc and putting them in a Case Logic folder, you just drag and drop to the external and you can search and retrieve anything with a great deal of ease.


not only that, the show is much easier to find on a HD than a DVD
(unless you are an obsessive/compusive record keeper, which I'm not)
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Mr Minor

Any concern with hard drives crashing?  I have an external hard drive with many shows in wav format, but I have the fear of losing everything to a crash...
I don't mind keeping everything accessible on the hard drive, but the shn/flac dvd back ups make me sleep better at night, so to speak.

Just some extra worrying...