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R2/W01: 08-14-1996 Hershey Park Stadium, Hershey, PA

Started by August, February 11, 2008, 08:42:35 AM

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Very underrated show with killer versions of Disease, Reba, Stash, Jim, YEM & Tweezer.
A lot of people skipped this one after Deer Creek in order to get to the Clifford Ball early.
Just SOLID throughout.
I'll have my review up later.

QuotePHiSH - 08/14/96
Hershey Park Stadium, Hershey, PA

source: Schoeps CMC6/mk4 > Sonosax > D10 Pro II > DAP1 (m)
transfer: Casio DA-R100 > M-Audio 24/96 via Coax SPDIF > Wavelab (fades, BBE > L2 > sample rate convert & rendered w/ UV22HR) > CD-WAV > SHNv3

transfer by on 01/18/04

set I:
01. Wilson > Jam >
02. Down with Disease
03. Fee >
04. Poor Heart
05. Reba
06. Mango Song
07. Gumbo
08. Stash
09. Hello My Baby

set II:
01. Runaway Jim >
02. You Enjoy Myself
03. The Horse >
04. Silent in the Morning
05. Cars Trucks Buses
06. Tweezer >
07. Theme from the Bottom

set II(cont):
01. HYHU > Cracklin' Rosie > HYHU
02. Sample in a Jar
03. Tweezer Reprise
04. Julius

Julius was dedicated to Matty Sands


.mp3 (Disc 1) (Disc 2) (Disc 3)



Maybe i missed some of this, but i like the idea alot.  So, every week, we get a show to d/l listen and discuss?  Great idea.  +k to the brains of this (whomever you may be!)
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Sleeper Alert!!!!!

Great show, and was my college roomate's first.  I've heard this one a bunch a times back in the day on XLII, but haven't in a long while.  Looking forward to it!  Nice pick aug!     
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transfer by on 01/18/04

HOLY SHIT!!?! that was 4 years ago?  Time phuckin' flies, I'm telling ya


How many d00bs you smoke that day?
How many headbands were worn?


Quote from: August on February 11, 2008, 09:24:18 AM
How many d00bs you smoke that day?
How many headbands were worn?
best picture ever. 
Can we talk about the Dead?  I'd love to talk about the fucking Grateful Dead, for once, can we please discuss the Grateful FUCKING Dead!?!?!?!


Just finished DLing, and extracted the mp3's.  Will listen today at work and write a review this afternoon hopefully.  Thanks again A.
Good judgment comes from experience, and a lotta that comes from bad judgment


Killer show.  We were in the bleachers rt side, if you were facing the stage.  Great view of the lights for YEM.

After the show, there was a large group gathering in the section next to us.  Everyone else was ushered out except those lucky few.  One of our friends asked one of the girls if she knew anyone in the band, and she said she babysat for Tom Marshall.  Does he have kids?

We speculated that they all knew the band in some way (friends and family), and were going to get a free tour of the Chocolate Factory or ride rollarcoasters with the band afterhours in the Park.  Never got verification on that one, but it was fun to think about at the time. :-P
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Quote from: cleech74 on February 11, 2008, 10:42:06 AM
Killer show.  We were in the bleachers rt side, if you were facing the stage.  Great view of the lights for YEM.

After the show, there was a large group gathering in the section next to us.  Everyone else was ushered out except those lucky few.  One of our friends asked one of the girls if she knew anyone in the band, and she said she babysat for Tom Marshall.  Does he have kids?

Yes. Tom has kids.


SOLID show.
They didn't really play shows like this after '96 and this was just another night for them.
Looking back, they were on FIRE!

Wilson- Nice way to start the show. Cool "jam" afterwards for a few minutes that segues nicely into >

Disease- Such an underrated version. One of my Top 5. I love how closely everyone is listening to one another during the jam. The end of the jam almost reminds me of The Went Gin. Mike is so key during this one.

Fee- w/ megaphone. Cool outro jam with Trey & Mike trading off licks. Sounds like they were gonna go into Scent but made their way into >

Poor Heart- Great energy. Came out of nowhere, too. Page KILLS his solo!

REBA- Another one of my Top 5 versions. Again, they are all listening so well to one another. The jam starts off quiet and stays there for a bit. Everyone is just complementing one another perfectly. Once the jam builds up, it just peaks all over the place. This has one of the greatest tension/releases. You'll know it when you hear it.

Mango- Nice breather. Played well.

Gumbo- Older version with the Trey fade out. Nice solo by Trey, too.

Stash- Great placement. This one has tons of concise peaks. They all just kinda come out of the dark. The jam gets a little dissonant towards the end and Fish is just killing it!

Hello- Great set closer. I would honestly give that set a SOLID A.

Jim- The jam stays pretty focused and driving for most of the first half. I like how they go to the ending but then find their way back into the jam. Trey gets pretty shreddy ~7 minutes in. Nice mini-kit jam with Page going off on the Grand. Unfinished...

YEM- The 1-2 Punch! A virtually note perfect composed section. Jam starts off really quiet with Trey choosing his notes carefully. The jam eventually becomes a full ragefest. "Auction" vocal jam.

Horse/Silent- Nice breather.

CTB- Awesome Page solo! Slams right into >

Tweezer- The third "BIG" tune of the set. A nice, chunky composed section. They waste no time settling into a sweet groove in the jam. Once again, a really flowing jam with everyone listening rather well to one another. ~12 minutes, it gets pretty weird like a Fall '94 Tweezer would. Very solid version.

Theme- Always solid. Short version but very well played.

Rosie- If you're gonna get a Fish tune, it's good to get one sans vacuum.

Sample/Reprise- Nice way to close the set.

Julius- Dedicated to Brad's brother. Very ripping version.

Love this show.
I'd give it a SOLID B+.
I'd give it an A but it kinda loses a little energy after the Theme.


Downloading now.  Review to come later tonight/tomorrow.  Thanks aug!
Quote from: nab on July 27, 2007, 12:20:24 AM
You never drink alone when you have something good to listen to.


Listened to the first set while cleaning house today...haven't listened to this one in years.

I attended this show and was absolutely exhausted for most of the show.
The drive from Deer Creek was brutal and then we sat in traffic waiting to get in..hours and hours.
I remember not expecting much from this night with the CB coming up next, but things played out nicely.

Wilson- Always a fun opener. Gets the crowd hyped. I like the chaotic jam at the end, pretty unique.

DWD-Continues to get the crowd moving. Some nice work between Mike and Trey. Not as good as the Ball version, but strong seeing as its the second song of the night. Nice peak at the end, had me shaking my ass as I swept my floors

Fee- Typical version with a nice outro and surprising segue into...

MPH- Some nice instrumental breaks in this one. Really stand out version of a "filler" song.

Reba-Nice composed section. Got some goosebumps from the chill section. A fewtimes during the jam they seem to lose their way a bit but they tighten up nicely and really floor it, swelling until they reach some terrific peaks. I prefer the Ball version, but these two versions are like twins.

Mango- Kickdown! Always love catching a Mango. This is one of four played in 96. Page is pounding away!

Gumbo-Another kickdown. I like the older versions. Pretty cool pairing this tune with Mango. I think they    were  rewarding those who didn't skip out on the way to the Ball.

Stash- I remember being slightly frightened by this Stash that night. Nice and dark. All the ingredients combined to make this a facemelting version.  More ass shaking, this time while mopping.

Hello my Baby- Phish is silly

Set break-mmmm chocolate



Wilson - Jam segment is pretty cool.  Definitely not something you hear too often.  Very cool way to segue into disease. 

Disease - DOPE!  Had to listen to it a few times before moving on.  I liked the way they ended the jam.  It melted into the ending very well.

Fee - Nicely done.  Always nice to hear the megaphone.  The little jam at the end did segue nicely into poor heart, however i almost would have liked it to go on a little bit longer.  It started to have a tight groove for a quick moment.  Went into poor hear nicely.

Poor Heart - Pretty standard. 

Reba - Pretty well played composed section.  The chilled start to the jam was really nice.  Pretty smooth transition from chill to tense.  Tension/release is a huge favorite of mine, so this one definitely did it for me.  It had my head more than bobbin, and brought on a few chills.  Over all a great jam.

Mango -  Always a nice treat.

Gumbo -  Solid.  Trey chose his notes very well in the solo. 

Stash - I always love a good stash.  The jam had a real nice flow to it.  Plenty of build ups and peaks, and they were all placed very well.  Real tight one around the 10 min. mark.  Very solid version for sure.  This one will definitely make its way into my regular rotation. 

Hello - As said earlier, a great way to end a great set.

Set II: 

Jim - Pretty straight forward jamming.  Trey was soaring through the whole thing, for the most part.  The mini kit segment was pretty cool.  Its real nice to hear Page go off like that. 

YEM - Super tight composed section.  By the way the jam started you could tell Trey would be on fire.  He didn't rush into anything, and just let it flow.  Very good.

Horse/Morning - As said above a good breather after that YEM.

CTB - Page really shined (as usual).  Solid version.

Tweezer - Really nice start to the jam. It keeps a nice pace for the first part.  At about 10 min. it gets a bit out there, but then comes back into the groove for a quick min.  Then it works its way back out there and gets pretty psychedelic (not even sure if thats the right classification, but im drunk and thats the first word that came to mind).  They were totally locked into each other in the last two chilled min. of the jam.

Theme - Short and nice. 

Cracklin' Rosie - ehh... not placed well

Sample - Standard, but rockin as usual.

Tweprise - Expected.  But always a nice closer.


Julius - " know the guy that brings the trampolines out???...this is for his brother..."  Poor Brad  :-D  Nice way to end it.

Over all a good show.  Definitely one I'll come back to. 

Quote from: nab on July 27, 2007, 12:20:24 AM
You never drink alone when you have something good to listen to.


Listened t the first set last night woth the GF.  Even she enjoyed this one!  Let it be known that Summer '96 has always been one of my favrite tours.  The band is just playing so well.

Wilson > Jam I love this as an opener.  This version seems to get the energy going.  The jam is great.  Kinda dark, IMO. A

Disease.  This is an under rated ripper.  It is played so well all the way through.  I really, really liked the jam.  Both Trey and Page seem to be ON this evening. A

Fee- Nice breather tune after 2 solid energy builders.  As everyone has said, its always nice to hear the megaphone.  This one is played flawlessly. A

Poor Heart.  I also really thought they were headed into Scent of a Mule.  However, for me, Poor Heart is rarely a disappointment.  Again, Page seems to be ON. A+ for Pages solo

Reba-  Mmmmmmm.....This version is divine.  Trey nails the composed part.  The jam is Buttah.  Solid A + for this version.

Mango Song- This one is always a treat.  Def a top 5  :phish: song for me.  I always enjoy it.  I was only lucky enough to have caught it once or twice.  Again, Flawless.  The boys are on it this night.  It's no 09/17/00, but this is one is fine.  A

Gumbo- Another solid choice.  This show is turning out to be a classic.  Gumbo is NEVER long enough for me.  This one is def not at 5:24.  However, still a solid version, but I have heard much better.  A- only because I love this song and this version isn't nearly long enough.

Stash- While not my favorite tune.  this one got me going last night.  I have issues with stash because I feel like they get lost sometimes.  I know this ISN'T a popular opinion.  However, this was a very nice, well composed version of stash.  Even the GF knew some of the lyrics.   :-D A 

Hell My Baby- Standard.  Nice though.  A

Overall, I gotta give set one a SOLID A.  There were some well played heavy hitters in there.  This would have been one hell of a first show for my college roomie.  Second set review to come after I listen today.   
Good judgment comes from experience, and a lotta that comes from bad judgment


I went to this show and actually this will be the first time I've heard it since then.  At the time, I wasn't impressed and never sought out a recording.  Especially after being completely blown away 2 days later in Plattsburgh.  I remember the traffic being horrible in Hershey.  Luckily some kind local walked by as we were sitting in traffic and asked, "Are you going to the concert?".  After replying "Yes", she said, "You can make a right here and it'll take you around all this, go about 2 miles and you can park in such and such parking lot and just walk a block to the stadium".  Saved us a good hour, I'm sure.

Anyway, on to the show:
Wilson: Gee, I don't remember this at all.  A jam out of Wilson. A very nice change.  And a nice, little jam it is.

DwD: What a great version.  Very smooth, very clean, nice and flawless.  Nothing too crazy or anything.  Just a nice solid jam, albeit a bit short.

Fee: Standard until the end.  I like the little interplay between Trey and Mike getting ready to segue into:

Poor Heart: Great segue.  Like the song, but they're pretty much all the same for me.

Reba: Wow!  Fantastic composed section.  Nice and tight.  Pretty fast, too.  And the jam section was quite nice as well.  Quite tasty indeed.

Mango Song: Meh

Gumbo: Meh

Stash: Never heard a Stash I didn't like.  This is no exception.  Plenty of highlights throughout.

Hello My Baby: Standard

Set Two review to follow...