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R2/W02: 05-19-1994 The Hult Center, Eugene, OR

Started by antelope19, February 19, 2008, 03:48:08 PM

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Great source.
Huge improvement over the existing Nak source.

Halley's - Nice way to start the show. Short solo by Trey with Mike laying it down THICK underneath him. Slams right into...

Llama - Ripping Trey solo. Very high energy.

My Friend - Before the lyrics come in, it's very chunky sounding. I like. The "My Friend, My Friend" refrain goes on longer than normal with a nice, little "jam".

Heart - Awesome Page solo.

Stash - A bunch of Trey flubs in the composed section. Very evil jam with a lot of sustain. Mike takes the lead in this part of the jam then Trey follows. They play off each other rather well culminating in a pretty nice peak.

Horse/Silent - Cool pauses in the intro of Silent.

Disease - Early, rockin' version. Trey is quite fluid.

Mango - A few Topher shouts

Cavern - pretty short set.

Sample/Sparkle - they played both.

Mike's - Meaty. Nice SP "Today" tease by Trey. Honestly, nothing all that note-worthy aside from the tease...

H2- Nice version

Week - Nice "I Love Lucy" tease. Trey shreds your face up and down your block towards the end of the jam.

Lizards - Really nice Page solo section.

Julius - Total ripper, Fish goes off, too.

BBJ/Hood - Another "ILL" tease in the intro. Very mellow start to the jam. They never hit the BIG peak, though, but was still pretty solid.

Golgi/Ginseng/Nellie - Always loved the acoustic tunes. Nice "foot stomp" solo in Nellie.

Adeline/Fire - Really smokin' version of Fire.

This was my first time hearing this show.
Honestly, not a horrible show, but not one I would pull out in the future.
I like that it was an obscure pick, though.
I give it a B.



Good judgment comes from experience, and a lotta that comes from bad judgment


I left my notes for set 2 @ work so I'm copying Aug's format and substituting my own thoughts...

Sample/Sparkle - Sample = rock song. Not special. Not sucky. Sparkle gets really fast. But that's the nature of the beast...

Mike's - cool. rockin.

H2- well played.

Week - this one gets going pretty good. It's the kinda stuff that got me into the Phish.

Lizards - Yay Lizards!

Julius - Are you sure this isn't last week's show?

BBJ/Hood - Other that the obvious historic values, BBJ is usually a waste of tape. Hood, however... I like any hood that falls pre-chant.

Golgi - Golgi rocks..

Ginseng/Nellie/Adeline - Sweetness.

Fire -
QuoteReally smokin' version of Fire.

I liked this show bunches. It's not a top ten but... it's certainly a good example of a really good band.


Halleys > Llama  I wasn't kidding when I said I think this is my new favorite opener.  Halleys has always been a favorite and the sudden switch to a ripping Llama would have sent me over the edge.  Both versions of these songs were well played.

MFMF- Another winner in my book. 

Poor Heart- Short and sweet.  Good energy.

Stash- I really like this version.  It's been said before, but I am not a huge fan of the long, drawn out versions of stash.  This one clocks in at almost 12 minutes.  I really like the jam in this one.  Just about perfect for me.

Horse > SITM- Again, love Pages vocals on this.  This version is a little different than most with the whole start/stop.  It caught me a little off guard at first. 

DWD- Very short version.  I wish it were longer, but I guess most '94 versions were this way.  Trey seems to be on point. 

Mango- This one didn't do a whole lot for me, but still enjoyable.

Cavern- Classic way to end a first set.  IMO, this version is solid.  Trey actually got the lyrics!

I really, really like this set overall.  I had high hopes for Set II after this one. 

Set II review to follow


Good judgment comes from experience, and a lotta that comes from bad judgment


Good judgment comes from experience, and a lotta that comes from bad judgment


RJ sar chasm?   :-D
Good judgment comes from experience, and a lotta that comes from bad judgment



Set I
  Like the unique opening pairing of Haley's and Llama. Nice way to start a show.

   MFMF- Not something I often say...The vocals are spot on during this tune. Well played
   MPH- meh
   Stash- The jam is like an angry firebreathing dragon. You can really hear the results of all their listening       
            exercises. Mike is all over the place pushing the jam into some dark spaces. Really, really enjoyed
            this one. Again, vocals really sound great.
    Horse-silent- Lovely as always
    DWD- Still finding their feet with this new tune. High energy.

    Mango- Always fun. Page stands out here

    Cavern-Always a welcome set closer.

Nothing overly memorable really going on here. Solid 94 Phish. I'll keep the stash around for a while.

Set II

Sample- More new songs

Spakle- fast and furious

Mikes- Honestly, I wan't all that jazzed by this Mikes. Sub par (for 94) performance.

H2- Love this little ditty.

Week- Now the set starts finding its feet. It's not going to be a jamfest tonight, but a kick you in the nuts rager. Short and shragetastic.

Lizards- The lyric portion of this song has lost it's charm for me over the years, but the jam will never lose its magic

Julius- Another new one. Picks up on the energy built up during Weekapaug.

BBJ- Always fun for the audience. Never fun on tape

Hood- Nicely played opening sections. The Jam starts slowly and methodically, which I absolutely adore. Yet, it doesn't finish up as majestically as others of the period. Still, any hood was always welcomed by me.

Golgi-nice closer.

Ginseng/Nellie-Wow a pairing of my two favorite acoustic tunes. I missed these unmiked numbers when Phish grew out of the theatres.
Fire- get your dancing in while you can. Nothing lasts forever.

Fun show. I love anything 94 and this was a first listening for me. Thanks for the pick


I feel like crap so I'm gonna keep as brief as possible, which probably won't be that brief.   :wink:

NW, reprazent!!!!  I lived in Eugene for a short while in 97-98 but never made it to the Hult center, looks like I should have though from RJs pic.  I have seen a few shows at the WOW Hall where I believe the boys played in 91 or 92.  Without looking, this is probably the last time the band played in Eugene as there really isn't anywhere larger than the Hult until you get to Autzen Stadium. 

Halley's:  Nice compact version, I was kinda bummed that is stopped just as it heated up and the transition into Llama was kinda brutal.

Llama: pure '94 face meltage what else can you ask for?

MFMF:  More raging, first Phish tune I ever got at a show, I thought Trey shredded very nicely toward the end.

PH:   :banana:

Stash: As is usually the case of first set Stashes this is the highlight of the set.  Nice little descending theme by Trey to start the jam.  Once he starts the sustained notes Mike goes off a bit and then things get pretty evil with Trey providing some nice dive bomb effects until the return to the vocals, FULL RELEASE!!!   :-D

Horse>Silent:  one of the only breathers of the set, amusing f'ing around by Trey in the intros to both.

DWD:  Beside the bizarre Fishman vocals in the intro, standard straightforward 94 version

Mango:  Really nice solo by Page, and Trey displays his perfect early to mid 90s silky tone here with a tasty little solo too.  A little more effort in this one than last week's.  Nice shout outs to CK5 too.

Cavern:  I liked the effect on Mike's bass that he doesn't always use, this song pretty much peaked in 94 and I love the versions with the screaming in them. 

Not a dull moment, a solid B+ set.

Sample>Sparkle:  If you are going to get these tunes it may as well be in the opening slots as they definitely pump the energy up.  Sparkle seemed particularly fast at the end.

Mike's:  My hater wife called the "Today" tease, which was pretty impressive since I always assume she is humming the Flinstones theme or something to herself to drown out Phish.  What did I ever do to deserve such a tolerant woman?  :-)   You can hear Simple bubbling below the surface which always cool, but I guess they weren't quite ready to let the cat out of the bag.  Nice version. 

H2:  Standard version of this great tune.

Weekapaug: Pretty short, I liked how they took it from the top and gave Mike another solo before the end. 

Lizards:  Kinda of odd placement in the meat portion of the second set, but I'm not gonna gripe about such a classic tune that became a rarity later on.  More standout playing by Page. 

Julius:  Brings the energy instantly back to insane levels with some prime 94 style machine gun Trey.  Kicks the version from last week to the curb and back. 

Hood:  This was the highlight of the show for me.  The proto-ambient jam after the Mr. Minor section was absolutely beautiful and soothed my aching head, just what the doctor ordered!  It actually really reminded me of some Fripp/Eno stuff, even though it would take a couple years before this type of jamming would fully blossum this sounded a bit ahead of its time.  The build up jam was shortened but the gorgeous section that preceded more than made up for it.

Golgi:  A fitting closer to a raging show.

The acoustic tunes were too quiet to really hear, but Fire was nice kick in the ace to end things. 

My wife dubbed this one as "not terrible" which is some high praise indeed.  If they had just included one over the top jam this show would have easily rated an A, but as it is, it's just an incredibly tight and high energy barnburner when the band was rapidly approaching their peak in pure musicianship.  An easy to rate B+, not one I will probably bust out too often but a very fun listen nonetheless.  Thanks for the exposure to a new show Antelope!   :beers:

Quote from: Trey Anastasio
But, I don't think our fans do happily lap it up, I think they go online and talk about how it was a bad show.


Set I:
Halley's Comet -> Llama
Nice 1-2 punch opener, I liked it a bunch.  solid versions of both songs

My Friend My Friend
Great Version, solid placement in the first set. 

Poor Heart ->

standard version

Highlight of the first set for me.  Great jam and a decent composed section. 

The Horse > Silent in the Morning
Standard version, but I'm always down for this tandem of songs. 

Down with Disease

Pretty standard version, Trey had some good moments in this version. 

The Mango Song
Always a fun song and this is a fun version.  Tight vocals and nice solo by Trey. 

Standard rippage in this version.  Great set closer imo

Set II:

Sample in a Jar
Sample is sample, not really a fan when it opens a set. 

Standard version, I was bored with the set until

Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove
Nice Mike's and H2O, and the Weekapaug shreds.  This is where the set took off for me.  I did notice the simple like jam and thought it was cool. 

The Lizards
Great placement, and a solid version. 

Trey shreds and the set does peak here imo.  Solid version. 

Big Ball Jam
I don't really like the placement here, but it is a good version. 

Harry Hood

Face melted by the jam.  I like this version, as it has a wonderful crescendo. 

Golgi Apparatus
Great Set Closer and they nail it. 


Ginseng Sullivan, Nellie Kane, Sweet Adeline,

I couldn't really hear it, so I can't really comment on the quality

Standard version, and nice way to end the show.  Trey shreds the solo and does Jimi justice here.

Overall I'd give this show a 7.5/10.  I liked both sets but neither set really blew me away.  Thanks for the pick Antelope, I'd never heard this show before. 
Can we talk about the Dead?  I'd love to talk about the fucking Grateful Dead, for once, can we please discuss the Grateful FUCKING Dead!?!?!?!




Halley's > great opener.

Llama - sick '94 intensity, above average version.  Nice mini-tension release jam towards the end.  Excellent!

My Friend - ok placement.

Poor Heart - more PON, encore preview.

Stash - jam opens nicely, ('94 possibly the best year of Stash) Reminiscent of '72 Playing's.  Solid Mike, great group jamming here, swing dissonance, nice improv.  Trey layering underneath, Mike leading the weigh.  Jam continues to build, morph.  Unique version thus far.  Nice Fish, playing with great dynamics.  Jam screams back into Stash modulation, "maybe so, maybe not..."

Horse >
Silent - bathroom.

DwD - interesting read after hearing the 21Feb.97 version. 

Mango - nice placement, love '94 era Nectar.

Cavern - good way to end the set.


Sample - Always enjoy Trey's outro solo, this one decent.

Sparke - sillyness, esp. speeded version. >

Mike's - Trey dropping in at 2:32, brief but high energy jam into pre-Simple space, sounding like Fall '96.  Jam mellows out, overall heavy vibe into >

trippy H2 - >

'Paug - eclectic Mike in intro sounds a lot like Les.  Solid Trey, nothing unusual per se but great intensity by all. 

Lizards - besides New England, the North West strongly reminds of Gamehendge.  Kind version.

BBJ - hocus pocus.

Hood - nice jam, focused.  Nice Fish, again on the ride, jam quiets down a bit before an awakened Mike begins to propel the jam, Trey responds w/ Fish adding something new.  Jam ascending with great contributions from everyone, Trey playing some great lines.  Great Hood peak, Mike still ripping it up.  Scintillating Trey, great under the radar version to my ears.  Feel good version.

Golgi - nice set closer.


Ginseng -

Nellie Kane - yawn.

Sweet Adeline - love their acapella stuff.

Fire - NW tribute, smoking version.

Conclusion: decent show with Llama, Stash, Week4paug and Hood leading the way.  Stash and Hood both containing magnificent improvisation.  Overall grade: B+  Great selection.

MVP:  Mike