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a messed up ipod question

Started by adavem, April 27, 2008, 04:26:03 PM

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i dont know what i did but i did it 80 gig ipod which shows 20 gig free(which i'm not sure of now)says i have used 990 gigs!!!!!!!is all my music toast or what?i'd really like to back this up but now i cant :?


I don't know?  Does it still play?  Will it still update? 

If you have the music in iTunes, you can just erase and reinstall the ipod and it'll be fine. 

If the pod is the only place you have the music, first, shame on you, second, you can google for a utility (senuti works well on the mac).

It is possible that the HD failed, where did you buy it? 
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I would reset the iPod and if that doesn't work go into iTunes and reload it from scratch.
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