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you are right VA slim!

Started by Hokker, April 04, 2005, 06:10:59 PM

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Daylight savings time was for farmers. Not to many of them anymore. (any farmers out there- no offense) Daylight savings is useless.
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― Friedrich Nietzsche

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VA $l!m

f--- big gov't , they killed the farmers!
i 'm in nebraska , i know
f--- nebraska , i wanna go back to L.I.
---or VA.
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Screw Long Island. Maybe VA (tho I'm thinking about splitting).

And F- Daylight Savings time for sure. I can't tell whjat the hell time it is anymore.

And as for the farmers, Govt should pull the corn subsidies.. corn kills!

VA $l!m

yeah corn kills!
i dunno?
but i watched this whole pbs special on how the whole midwest when the plains indians still owned it and they were in tune with the environment and let the natural tall grass  grow for the buffalo to graze , etc in tune with the ecosystem , etc, and how the white man came along and plowed everything up to plant wheat, etc... majorly f---ed up the ecosystem etc,,,

F- the man, -down with all the bs
i also saw this special about the roots of anarchism as a political idea/movement in america,,,
---i stopped watching pbs now that i got cable...
-I'm still walkin', so i'm sure that I can dance-


Up with Comedy Central and BET!


Cartoon network rules!
quick joke: what does the "N" stand for on the U. of Nebraska football team stand for?


Get it? Coloradans tend to make fun of the huskers.
"Without music, life would be a mistake."
― Friedrich Nietzsche

"Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible."
― Frank Zappa

VA $l!m

F--- ... Sh--, i can't dys CO; -i lived there for a while and loved it...might still be there if it wasn't for my NY girl.  BTW, at least you have a joke about NE, New yorkers don't even know what country it is in.

P.S.- Neb. football holds the all-time record for most first team academic all-americans,
but i understand the stereotype. :wink:
-I'm still walkin', so i'm sure that I can dance-



Good bump. The daylight savings switch this year sucked the rot out of a dead horse's ass.

Axing the corn subsidy will hurt for a while, but is probably worth it. And letting the prairie ecosystem return could only be a good idea. Shit, the ecosystem is heading that way even with our economy--populations in all rural counties in the midwest are on a steady decline. All that remains is to pull up the fences and let the bison roam...
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Well, supposedly daylight savings time saves a little of energy on lighting costs, as the majority of people are up less of the time that its dark out.  That's what I've heard anyway.  Indiana only switched to it a couple years ago, and after ~28 years of No time-switch, it can be disorienting.


It has been shown to not save significant amounts of energy.
It has also been shown to save significant amounts of energy.
It seems to cause car accidents.
Changing the dates for DST cost my organization more in time and effort (from a technology standpoint) then y2k.

VA $l!m

its pitch black outside @ 5pm.
there is something just not right about that if you ask me.
-I'm still walkin', so i'm sure that I can dance-



This is what you chose to waste your keystrokes on?  Daylight Savings Time?

Maybe you have to get up early to appreciate it - I have no qualms with it.


Have to agree with RJ here.  DST costs technology companies money due to bugs in coding and such.  This year was much worse as the start and end dates changed.  Most software was designed well before that and programmed poorly so they would have problems without a patch.  Designed properly and only the OS should have a problem and only that should need patching with the change.
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It messes with people's internal clocks when we do the switch, I wouldn't be surprised if it intensifies Seasonal Affective Disorder in people who suffer from it. 
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