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'Paug Parents!

Started by newplanet7, June 10, 2007, 05:18:57 PM

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There is no 'paug grandparents thread, and technically I will be step grandparent (I feel like I am cheating, jumping right into grand parent without the parenting part)
but, just found out that will be happening in January 2022.

psyched about it
my wife is going nuts, we will be telling her GM (who will become a great-great GM) this weekend.
And I can?t imagine it will too long before a Paug grandparents thread appears. Please just don?t let it be me who starts it.

Trail-babies are a thing, right?

Mazel tov Steve!

trail babies ARE a thing.

:beers: Steve!!!
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Another bold step into old-manhood! Enjoy, Steve.
Is this still Wombat?



That'll be fun. And your wife will be on Cloud 9.  Enjoy!


Hot damn, Steve--mazel tov, indeed.
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