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Glass Pony - Live from Lark Hall 3/4 and 3/7

Started by Gumbo72203, March 04, 2021, 08:43:32 AM

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Hey everyone, in case you're looking to get some spacey dark rock jams in your mouth Glass Pony has 2 live streams this week.  A single set tonight at 7pm and then a full show Sunday afternoon at 4.  The venue has done a massive job of renovating and updating it's sound and lights, so this promises to be a huge, huge production.  Mirth Films will be on hand with many, many cameras to make us look great.  Would love to see some of you hanging out on the streams!

Here are the Facebook events for both of them:



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Watching the replay now on youtube, and you sound good.  I could use more volume on the recording, but it is very clear sounding, warts and all. I?m somehow hearing Mikey Houser in some of your leads, and I mean that in the best way possible. However you swing it, nice job gumbo!

Is the drummer single?  :sbw:

ETA: You gotta do better with your show outfit. Some contrast or something.  :evil:
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