Author Topic: 05/27 - Bethel Center for the Arts - Bethel NY - Post-Show Discussion and Review  (Read 23573 times)

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Going from this...
I have said it several times, nothing like a punch in the face to set those around straight. Now, don't take me the wrong way all you pacifist hippies, I am not advocating wanton violence, simply the selective use of it. For example, should there be a group, pick the biggest, knock him the fuck out and then the rest will do your bidding. This act also permits you to claim his woman as your own, should you so desire of course.
you better thrust his bitch to your hilt.  while he is KO'd.  then jizz on his face.  and make her lick it off.  i hate those guys.

to this in this thread...
this show is a good one. nice opener, phish.

cracks me the fuck up!   :hereitisyousentimentalbastard
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wow just went back and listened to the waves soundcheck from bethel for the first time in a while

great shit
sucks that the best jam of the summer was the soundcheck before tour started but damn ! Last 5-6 min is some great stuff

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Haven't listened to this in a good while. Thanks for the reminder!
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Haven't listened to this in a good while. Thanks for the reminder!

x2. I honestly wish there was video; I'd like to see them going way out like this without a crowd in the room.
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