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'Paug 2.0 - Please report bugs / errors / issues w/ new server here

Started by guyforget, June 03, 2011, 12:52:49 AM

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so far, i'm aware that avatars and attachments havent synced up.  so attachments in posts before now are not showing up, and avatars that people store on the server are not showing up.  the files are there, in the same place theyve always been, and the database is the same as it was on the old server, so....  i gotta look into it. 

-k if you come to this thread and post that your avatar is missing. 


When I came into the Paug this morning my Avatar was missing...    :roll:


It was weird that when I logged in I saw a big scrolling list of new posts on the right-hand side of the screen. They went by to fast for me to read, but they did let me know there were unread posts.

Thanks for all your work Allen & Dan!
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I saw the same box displaying new posts.  Like Charlie said, it disappeared before I could actually read it all, but it seems like a pretty cool feature. 

Thanks for the continued work, guys! 
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yeah that's just a new little thing i wanted to test out.  they're supposed to be quick, but you should get notifications of replies to your posts as well as new PMs in "realtime" (in this instance, to save resources, figure that you'll get updated about every 20 seconds instead)
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I like the pop-ups saying "so and so replied to your post: Phone it in Friday @ Work".  Cool feature!


I know it was mentioned about avatars and attachments, but I am not getting the images for the emoticons either.  I assume its the same reason, but wanted to at least point it out.

I cleared my borwser cache thinking that may help, but it did not.
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re: emoticons:  we're working on it...
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Quote from: tet on June 03, 2011, 05:24:19 AM
we're working on it...

Well work faster.


Thanks to you both!  We appreciate you doing this!

Edit - that missing image is a wink.  ;)
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if you ever gacve me free beer, I'd bankrupt you  :-D


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can we get 92 back as mod?
We should.

I'll report bugs if I see em... Good work on that quick switchover.
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avatars smileys should be back...

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