Author Topic: 08/31 - Dick's Sporting Goods Park - Denver, CO - Post-Show Discussion and Revie  (Read 14718 times)

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thank you phish for forcing me to rewatch this one. 

i remember summer 2012 pretty well, and this rewatch really took me back.  that summer tour was very much a jukebox phish tour.  they played a lot of songs in the first set, but they also dug into their catalog and played deep cuts almost every night.  (camel walk, timber, brother, ha ha ha, light up or leave me alone, shaggy dog, torn and frayed, corinna, fuck your face, live on mars, dinner & a movie, BBFCFM, WMGGW, daniel, let it loose, soul shakedown, frankenstein, lonesome cowboy bill, etc. were all summer '12 first setters!!  i love jukebox phish because of the randomness of the song selection, but they weren't really jamming too hard yet. 

the whole spelling thing forced them to play a 7 song 1st set, which in turn forced them to jam.  jamming in the first set, along with being forced to only play 6 songs in the second set, obviously brought out more jams.

this show felt like a pivotal one in that it reminded the band they could jam any song at any time while also having fun with their catalog.  it's almost criminal that there wasn't a fall tour this year to capitalize on this new chapter, but thus is 3.0.  momentum was to be built slowly over many many years.

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I'd like to thank this re-watch for getting Ocelot stuck in my head all day.