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Today I like..........

Started by sophist, May 15, 2007, 01:33:18 PM

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I bought a new TV for the man cave years ago and much to my disappointment found that there was no way to correct the aspect ratio to 4:3 for anything input into the TV.  This completely drove me nuts as watching concert videos is one of my favorite pastimes and I've got a closet full of burned and purchased DVDs.  If I use the Youtube app on the TV, it puts in ads every few minutes, so that was never an option.  I've refused to watch anything in 4:3 this entire time as I can't take watching it in the wrong aspect ratio.  Then over the weekend, I went to watch a PFM DVD that was in PAL format and I broke out an old DVD player that I have stashed away because it's the only one I've had that plays PAL, so I never got rid of it when I upgraded to Blu-ray.  Anyway, I finally had the idea of trying an old Dream Theater DVD and found there's video settings on it that formats the output so the TV will actually put it in the correct ratio.  So the rest of my weekend became a complete and total concert-fest.  So much stuff that I haven't seen in ages and stuff I'd totally forgotten about.  Basically any concert footage prior to 2005 or so.  Dream Theater, Pat Metheny Group, Slayer, any Phish worth watching.  So much stuff still to go through.  I'm almost as excited as I was when I discovered this website 15 years or so ago.


That's awesome! I just bought a new TV myself as I pimp out my new crib.
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