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R18/W01: 06-24-1994 Murat Theater, Indianapolis, IN

Started by khalpin, March 20, 2020, 07:53:29 AM

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June 24, 1994
Murat Theater - Indianapolis, IN

Source:    DAUD/OTS>AKG 460B/CK61>AKG B-18 Phantom Power>Sony D-10 Pro II(@ 48khz)

01: Crowd/Tuning/Intro      
02: Divided Sky             
03: Wilson                      
04: Its Ice          
05: Fee                   
06: All Things Reconsidered   
07: The Sloth                  
08: Paul & Silas             
09: Horn                        
10: Reba                        
11: Sweet Adeline*               
12: Sample in a Jar             

Set Two: 
01: Intro/Crowd                   
02: Demand                      
03: Run Like An Antelope      
04: Halleys Comet               
05: The Curtain                 
06: McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters
07: Simple                    
08: Sanity                      
09: Llama                   
10: Dog Faced Boy*              
11: Poor Heart*                 
12: Cavern*                     
13: Carolina*                            
14: Down with Disease           
15: Encore Break/Crowd          
16: Rocky Top                   

If you haven't been there, take a look at the theater.  It obviously didn't have all the LED lighting back in 1994, but what a gorgeous theater.  Any of us would kill to see Phish play here nowadays.

mp3s @ 320


Oooo... My second show! That Antelope is Amaze-balls!

Saw them both times they played that room, and I've been there both times Trey played that room. I also saw Mike play in the basement under that room.
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Somehow my four year old saw this and correctly guessed that I saw George Jones there


Divided Sky - Almost sounded like it was going to be DwD.  Tight playing to start out.  A nice harmonized ascending riff as it enters the quiet section that's reminiscent of the Allman Brothers.  Shorter than usual "pause" from Trey before resuming.  Otherwise a pretty rippin' Divided Sky to open things up.

Wilson - You always notice the audience participation (or lack thereof) in the pre-A Live One Wilson chants.  Pretty standard version.

It's Ice - Flawless throughout.  And I love these '94 Ice breakdown sections.  They can't all reach that Penn State level, but still it's always a consistent highlight.  From Trey's wah to Page hammering away on the piano.  So, so good.

Fee - Trey capitalizes on the small venue and doesn't hold the megaphone up to the mic but it's so quiet compared to the PA that the band has to almost stop to allow the vocals to be heard. 

All Things Reconsidered - The tightness is pretty mind-blowing here.  Just great stuff.

Sloth - Yet another Gamehenge tune.  Why not some 5/4 action?  Free of any fuck ups.  Just straight rawk.

Paul and Silas - I like this one as the bluegrass/gospel tune for the set.  Trey rips it up.

Horn - This song is gorgeous when the guitar solo is played correctly and Trey nails this one, as does the other three.  Flawless.

Reba - The first highlight of the show, as far as jamming goes, anyway.  The composed section is flawless.  The jam starts along and Fish drops out for a few measures and things start to get a little out there as Trey plays with some pick scratching on the strings.  Sounds like Mike with some ad-lib singing.  They get out there for a bit before reeling it back in ~9:00.  Mike takes the lead with a bass melody for a bit which triggers the others to come along for the ride.  Then back to the traditional Reba progression a few minutes later.  This one has a great build with big rock peaks.  No way you can sit still for this one.

Sweet Adeline - No mics and the crowd is actually attentive and quiet.

Sample - Ever since I tried playing this in a band, I get blown away with how well Trey solos over chord changes.  Standard version.

Demand - At this point it wasn't yet a rarity. 

Antelope - Not quite a big reaction from the crowd as the segue into this.  They REALLY launch into with force, though.  Mike and Trey play off each other for a bit as the jam gets going.  This one gets pretty crazy, pretty quick.  94-style dissonance and percussive, full band craziness that lasts a few minutes.  Now we're full-on type II ~10:00 and loving it.  Simmers down a little bit and Mike goes to a walking bass line, only it still has the frenetic energy ebbing and flowing.  That gradually morphs into a major key jam that sounds more like First Tube than Antelope.  Eventually it transitions back to Antelope-proper and then peaks.

Halley's - Always welcome anywhere.  A short, ripping solo and then a bit of an awkward/anti-climactic segue into

Curtain - The first flub of the show as Trey forgets there's still more to go before the vocals start.  Otherwise, a solid version that transitions nicely into

McGrupp - This was in heavy rotation at the time.  They tear it up and Page does a great job in his big solo spot.  This one gets cut short as Trey cuts into

Simple - Only the fourth time played.  I really like the return out of the quiet section on this one, and also the short jam that follows that quickly segues into

Sanity - 1 of only 2 played in 1994 and the last one till NYE '95.  Is it just me or are Mike and Page quoting Floyd ~1:20.

Llama - Lighting a fire for the crowd as they rage for a bit with some singing/scatting/singing along with his solo by Trey.  Fishman hootin' and hollerin'.

Dog-Faced Boy - No mics

Poor Heart - Despite the one guy yelling out his request of Sugar Mag they play this one.  No mics...too bad, it sounds pretty interesting with Page on mouth piano.

Cavern - No mics and with original alternate lyrics, which the crowd eats up.  I like the madonna washboard here.  Too bad it's so tough to hear.

Carolina - No mics

Down With Disease - A bit of heat to cap out the set.  Pretty standard version here.

Rocky Top - One of my favorite encore tunes.  It takes a bit of getting in sync to start but it's all good from there on out.

This is one of my favorite shows from Summer '94, although I was close to picking 6/21 instead.  Most of my other favorites have already been released released officially or are already available as Sbd.  The Demand>Antelope is a bonus track on the official release of the 6/22 show 2 days prior.  It's just a great setlist (in my eyes) with superb, tight playing throughout and a few killer jams sprinkled in.  There isn't as much improv or type II jamming as we'd see in later years, but it's a damn fine show nonetheless.



Nice pick.  Gonna fire up first set now.  Not sure if I have even heard the whole show before.


I enjoyed listening to this show.  I streamed from ReListen and was underwhelmed with the quality.  Low levels, kinda murky/muddy but some great playing still shines through.  Decent Divided Sky, always welcome in the opening slot.  Standard Wilson leads into a great It's Ice.  Def first set highlight and I never say that about this song.  Really great in the breakdown section, with extra sauce throughout.  Paul and Silas and Horn are also exceptional in the first set, typical 94 excellence.  The Reba jam is dope.  The pick scratching bit that starts around 7:45 moves this away from standard Reba jam fare and differentiates itself from other solid Rebas.  Very good and set highlight for me.  I couldn't even hear Sweet Adeline on my AirPods. Only the crowd noise.  Sample wraps it up without anything noticeable.

I really like Demand.  Never really goes anywhere, but it's still cool to hear.  The Antelope is full of confidence and fresh playing.  A very stretched out jam, but with direction.  Clear show highlight and likely a Top 10 Antelope of any era.  Halley's cool but short and same with Curtain.  Without the With jam, Curtain just seems like filler to me now, though to see one back in this time was a real treat.  I saw a lot of of shows before I finally caught one.  Surprised by how much I liked this McGrupp and as Khalpin mentions, I was struck by Page's excellent playing (throughout this show in fact).  Simple is OK and Sanity is oddly placed but good.  Paired with Llama it's great.  Would not have been expecting Llama there, and it is a ripper.  Trey kills it.  Another set highlight.  I literally couldn't hear any of the acoustic stuff, but was surprised to hear Cavern start up acoustic,  I never knew they did that.  I went back and played it on the monitors and thought it was cool.  Radio edit DWD is decent, typical of the time period.  Actually really liked the Rocky Top encore, and I woke up singing Rocky Top for like an hour until my family told me to stop.

Good show with some great moments.  I'll give it a B+ for the Antelope and extra sauce McGrupp, Reba and Llama. Nice pick.


I'd forgotten about this Antelope. Damn. What a smoker.


Is this still Wombat?


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Quote from: kellerb on August 02, 2009, 02:29:05 AM
You haven't lived until you've had a robot shart in your ear and followed along in the live setlist thread while it happens. 


Listened to this show several times this week, but just finally got around to write-ups.
This was a lot of fun. I love '94 Phish, but outside of the Demand>Antelope I wasn't really familiar with this one.

Divided Sky – Really high energy right from the first notes. Played really well, standard-great. Interesting use of dynamics/room acoustics, which will turn out to be a recurring theme. Fun bouncy playing from Mike and Maiden Gallop from Trey in the ending section.         

Wilson – Hints of the Wilson chant from the crowd, before it became standard. Playful intro, HIGH energy. Technically unfinished.                   

Its Ice – Well played, pretty standard. Jam part doesn't do anything crazy.         

Fee – It's fine I guess. Doesn't do much for me. Lots more dynamics-play. 
All Things Reconsidered – I'll take it! Tight.

The Sloth – Standard, tight and energetic.                 

Paul & Silas – Fast and tight, good soloing.           

Horn – Sure.                       

Reba – Beautiful Reba. Tight, well-played composed section, pretty thrilling jam with some percussive elements, gets a little outside the Reba box. Highlight so far.                       

Sweet Adeline – Can't hear it at all.               

Sample in a Jar – Sure.           
Demand – Always dug the dissonant weirdness of Demand, and wouldn't mind if they brought it back for a spin semi-regularly.                   

Run Like An Antelope – Scorching hot Antelope. I wish they could still remember how to jam this song. DWD riff near the end. Absolute gold, start to finish.     

Halleys Comet – Short and sweet. Sounds like they're playing with the room acoustics again in the intro – I'm not sure it works very well, sort of takes a bit to find the groove. Everything comes out ok in the end though.             

The Curtain – I love With, but I also love how Without used to serve as a springboard for the next song.                 

McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters – Great version, well played. More toying with dynamics and I think it works here.

Simple – Still figuring out what to do with this song.                   

Sanity – Sorta filler, but I'm not complaining.                     

Llama – Fiery and fast!                 

Dog Faced Boy, Poor Heart, Cavern, Carolina – Can't fuckin' hear em at all.                           

Down with Disease – Sorta short, before it became a major vehicle, but still fun and full of energy.         

Rocky Top – Always a great way to close a show.             
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I, too have given this a couple of spins - listened a bit more closely to the second set to/from the brewery yesterday. 94 is my jam, but this recording is a tough one. At my house it's super boomy - somehow in the car it's like 95% crash cymbal... especially in jams like the Reba where I really want to hear what's happening and Mike is almost non-existent. That said...

01: Crowd/Tuning/Intro - First of all, this ain't the Dead. Their instruments are in tune when they walk onstage. Second of all, I love Trey playing with the pedals and building some tension before dropping into Divided. A not-so-keen ear may think they're about to drop into DwD.

02: Divided Sky - Love this opener. Also, love how energized the crowd gets in the pause only to drop to near silence to listen to them play the next section super soft. The pause used to not annoy me in 1994 - by about a year after this show I was over it, though. The jam here was solid -nothing earth shaking.
03: Wilson - I wish there was video of this. There were definitely a few fans catching on and chanting Wilson. Was Trey egging them on? It feels like he really wants it to happen and it just doesn't. Pretty funny considering the Wilson chant became gospel 6 months and 6 days after this show.
04: Its Ice - Love this tune. Love the micro-jam - Page is on fire.
05: Fee - "with megaphone" per Phish net. Ya don't say!
06: All Things Reconsidered - Again, I love this tune!
07: The Sloth - YES! Trey still brings so much vocal heat to this one!! Growly early trey when he still had it! Also, tight!
08: Paul & Silas - Another tune I love - I didn't see one from 4/24/94 until 2009. Long fucking gap!
09: Horn - Another one where the crowd is dead silent and attentive for the soft part. I love it.
10: Reba - This Reba is badass. There is a segment that reminds me a bit of part of the Bangor Tweezer. And it sounds like someone is singing some Indian chant in the background. Love it! Then the peaks are awesome. Then... no whistling... which was fucking weird to me at the time!
11: Sweet Adeline* - I'll take your word for it. I didn't hear shit.
12: Sample in a Jar - not my favorite song. Never was. Never will be. Not really a "set closer" either.             

Set Two:
01: Intro/Crowd - again, some "jamming" to start the set. Nothing too fancy.
02: Demand - Love this tune. Only saw it once... exactly two months before this show... 4/24 - same night as that Paul & Silas - also, the only time I saw Jump Monk! Maybe that show should be my choice!
03: Run Like An Antelope  - I could not hear the intro to this in my car AT ALL. Listening to it now, haha! Anyway, this 'lope is freaking great. Obviously it's the meat of this show. There are some very obvious "include your own 'hey'" moments and the band is just locked in. Fuck yes! I love 94 Phish because you never knew when a jam like this would come along.
04: Halleys Comet - Meh - this one sounded particularly bad in the car - couldn't hear Mike's vocal at all.
05: The Curtain - Always welcome!
06: McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters - Also, always welcome. Super patient playing from Page.

07: Simple - At this early stage of Simple it still seemed like a joke song - like the Sanity that comes after it - or like Kung or something. It seemed like this running gag through the summer that would go away. Instead, they tightened it up and made a real song of it by fall.
08: Sanity - Yup. They played Sanity. That's how you know it was a good show.  :wink: You can tell it's special on this AUD because a couple of hardcore nerds are screaming their approval!!
09: Llama - I don't know how they play it this fast this late in the set. They can't have snuck in a line onstage! 
10: Dog Faced Boy* - can't hear this one at all.
11: Poor Heart* - Can sort of hear this one. Mostly can pick up Page's melodica.
12: Cavern* - Can sort of hear this one, too.
13: Carolina* - yep.
14: Down with Disease - Classic early version. I hated this song at this point. Would not have been thrilled with this placement.  :hereitisyousentimentalbastard
15: Encore Break/Crowd   
16: Rocky Top  - Send 'em home wanting more!

Final assessment... great show, but 94 is my favorite year, so...

I hate that they didn't use mics for the acoustic stuff when they were doing really fun acoustic stuff like Poor Heart and Cavern. That said, I loved that shit in person when you could actually hear it! Those are special memories. I just wish I could hear them again. Also, the "shushers" are worse than the "wooers."
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Quote from: PIE-GUY on March 25, 2020, 05:11:12 PM
09: Llama - I don't know how they play it this fast this late in the set. They can't have snuck in a line onstage!



First set was solid, Divided Sky and Ice were tight, but that Reba steals the set. Fire.

Second set - that Antelope was ripping. Halley's seemed off, no Mike in the mix early. McGrupp was sweet, terrible segue into simple, but they pulled it together nicely. Llama was great, too.

Agree with Nate that half the set was hard to hear, but happy to hear a solid early DWD.

Liking the show choice overall, but damn we've gotten spoiled with the readily available SBD's....
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Buffalo Budd

It would be hard for the boys to live up to the absolute throw down from the year before at the Murat but if anyone is up to the challenge, it's 94 Phish.

Set 1
Divided Sky – Flawless and an incredible start to a show. Love the synced intro between Mike and Trey to get to the quiet part.

Wilson – Simpsons signal in intro and some messing around by the band. Then slam – faceplant into rock. 94 is just raw with tons of energy. I would love a loose Wilson like this nowadays.

It's Ice – Nailed it in every way, strong first set thus far. Love the wah Trey throws in here, while he lets Page take the reins.

Fee – Standard fair. Band quiets down for the verses with the megaphone.

All Things Reconsidered – Another nailed comp.

Sloth – Perfect and rockin'. Fish is on fire in this version as is the rest of the band. No missed notes whatsoever.
Paul and Silas – My favourite of the bluegrass numbers in Phish's repertoire. Crazy fast licks by Trey, his guitar prowess peaks in this era to my ears.

Horn – Beautiful version of this classic.

Reba – Here we go. I feakin' love Reba, ties Stash for favourite comp/jam vehicle in their songbook. Trey and Page are high in the mix I listened to, which made the composed section even sweeter. Really cool beginning to the jam with each member locked into wherever the flow may take them. Then it completely dismantles into a free form jam with some vocals sprinkled on top (they Long to Be Close to You). This has to be one of the most unique Reba jams I've ever heard. Mike starts to take control with a familiar bass line, which segues back into the typical Reba jam. Trey and Fish are totally locked into eachother while Mike and Page gradually catch up for the peak. I prefer a roper whistle end but I won't complain after that beast of a jam.

Sweet Adeline – Standard fair, hushes throughout.

Sample in a Jar – The crowd is amped and you can hear them whoop and holler on the aud. This version is pretty short and sweet.

Set 2
Demand – Such a cool song to open the second, which segues abruptly into...

Antelope – This one really gets out there into type II territory, takes on a life of its own. Ideas constantly being thrown down until things come together into the Lope theme. Highlight of the show for sure and even includes a Down w Disease tease in there.

Halley's – Felt a little stripped down at the start. It gets cooking just in tie for Trey to tear into a ripping solo

Curtain – I always miss the 'With' segment when it's not played but still a beautiful version that segues nicely into...

McGrupp – I love how soft the vocals are in the beginning. Page has a eloquent solo that slowly builds to the refrain. Then Trey drops the opening lick to...

Simple – I was not aware this was still in its infancy in the Summer of 94. Second verse breaks down to just harmonies and percussion, which is pretty cool. Then some shreddage by Trey and back to harmonies. Relatively smooth transition into...

Sanity – Band is obviously having fun.

Llama – Lightning fast, Page just rips through the first part. Trey and Fish are just going batshit crazy, my legs would have been sore after this one. They can barely keep up the pace as the chorus resumes.

Dog Faced Boy – What a treat to get some acoustic goodness, sans mics. It's pretty hard to hear the guitar on the aud but this song is just gorgeous. Crowd seems very attentive.

Poor Heart – David Bowie, Sugar Mag, seriously? Yer goin' to jail! Greasy on the washboard.

Cavern – Sounds so great in this style. Makes me want to try to figure this one out on the acoustic. Leo laying it down with the melodica and a singalong to close this one off.

Carolina – More acapella.

Down With Disease – Album version, short and very tight. Some rock to close the set.

Rocky Top – Fast and gritty.

Pretty songy second set (13 tracks) but overall an amazing performance from the band in their prime. I would have been 17 during the Summer of 94 and really wish I had jumped on the train earlier as this is peak Phish to my tastes. Total madness in Reba and Antelope, beautiful acapellas and acoustic tunes to break up the hose.

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And just so everyone knows I believe this Antelope was on one of the Live Bait releases, or an FTA. I can't remember which, though probably an FTA.
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Quote from: kellerb on August 02, 2009, 02:29:05 AM
You haven't lived until you've had a robot shart in your ear and followed along in the live setlist thread while it happens.